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RE: BuildTeam - Staking Performance Review of the BUILDTEAM Token

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I just received one of your tokens as a price in a contest. I barely understand this post at all because I am a weight loss coach who stumbled into steem.

I do not know what a token is in the first place.

Can you tell me what it means to "stake your tokens?" Is this some action I need to be taking? Thank you very much!


Hi! Yes ,we have a full guide here:

on how to stake the tokens, but it might be a little complex for you if you first don't understand what a token or staking is.

A token in this context is a digital cryptocurrency of sorts - Buildteam token is a digital asset that is issued on the Bitshares blockchain.

Staking Buildteam tokens is similar to powering up your Steem, it will become locked until you start powering it down. Staking Buildteam tokens entitles you to a profit share of the bi-monthly distribution. You can see the Google spreadsheet with distribution stats in the above post.

Good luck!

it might be a little complex for you

Hahaha! The story of my steem life!

So can I stake this thing once? Or do I do it every so often? Is it already staked when I got it?

Just tell me what to do like I am a 5 year old and I will do it. Several other people here give me the same help for their projects since you all are so complex.

Unless this token is worth a lot now, I am sure I want to leave it where it is and get the income. Does that income add to the value or come to me at steem?

I have a bitshares at least, but I cannot understand that thing at all. I can login, but that is about it.

If you are fat, I will help you lose weight for free lol.

Thanks for the generous offer, I am quite fit :)

If you already have a Bitshares account, log in there and send your Buildteam tokens to the buildteamvest account with you Steem account name in the memo, like in the example:

Here is the staking spreadsheet to gauge what the bi-monthly payout might be:

And here is the Bitshares market for this asset, if you want to sell it outright:

I'm glad you do not need my help, but I always have to ask :)

I will take the steps soon. Thank you very much!

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