BuildTeam Announces Groundbreaking Partnership with Coingrid!

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Greetings to the Steem community! It gives us pleasure today to report on a very exciting development. We are proud to report that yesterday, announced their partnership with BuildTeam across their social media channels. BuildTeam intends to play an advisory role to assist Coingrid in listing Steem on its New Zealand exchange as well as provide promotional support within the Steem Community.

For those users unfamiliar with Coingrid we'd like to go over a few details about who they are and how they intend to impact the global cryptocurrency ecosystem going forward.

Coingrid is responsible for launching one of the first ICOs in New Zealand with a whitepaper confirmed by local regulatory bodies.

The Coingrid Token (CGT) will be used for transaction fees. Beyond that they are revolutionizing the industry with their competitive transaction fee 0.05% per trade.

One of the most important aspects about their offering is their unprecedented legitimacy which is made evident by the fact that they are officially registered as a Financial Service Provider in New Zealand and sought FMA guidance on their ICO and whitepaper.

Their simplified UI has been optimized in a way that makes it extremely suitable for the masses and also offers an "advanced mode" for veteran traders (prototype of "simple mode" available).

Now here is the most exciting part; it is not too late to get involved with them. Their private sale is already underway and their public ICO is scheduled for the 23rd of November 2018 to the 23rd of January 2019. If this sounds interesting to you, we urge you to visit their official website at and read their whitepaper located here:

Beyond that you should also have a look at their prototype MVP:

And of course go ahead and follow them on their social media channels:

Join the Coingrid Steemvoter Guild in support of an expedited Steem listing on their exchange:

For more information you can also have a read through a recent post they've published here:

BuildTeam is very pleased to be an official partner of Coingrid on behalf of the Steem community and look forward to playing a strong advisory and marketing role for their organization going forward. If you have any questions also feel free to contact us through our discord channel or leave them in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: FMA advice has been sought by Coingrid and no concerns were raised regarding the drafting of the whitepaper at the time of writing, however please note the FMA has not assessed the substance of the offer, nor Coingrid's business processes, nor other documentation.

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I am a big fan of BuildTeam.The service they provide is simple fabulous.I have used their @minnowbooster service for promoting my post. Undoubtedly,it is the best in the market.

Lately,I have been thinking of using Steemvoter as I can assume it is just another great service of them.I feel so happy that the Buildteam has got the task of marketing 'Coingrid' platform in Steemit. I hope becomes a long lasting partnership.

All the best for the BuildTeam and Coingrid.

@buildteam, Great news for sure and hope that Partnership between Buildteam and Coingrid will going to boost the Steem Economy and will going to add the value to Steem. Team, if Steem listed through the Coingrid then for sure more flow of Transactions are on the path. And i believe that Steem will going to become the opportunity creator and it's back with the effective communities and members who are putting day and night efforts to boost this Economy. Thank you so much for sharing this Development news with us. Keep up the great work team. 👍

Thank you for sharing this, very informative and interesting to see how the global reaction/acceptance to crypto can vary greatly. Cheers.

Coingrid in listing Steem on its New Zealand exchange

Awesome stuff :) In the prototype you can buy crypto for fiat - sweet!

Anything that increases Steem awarness in a good thing in my book.

Good promotion for both platforms. I will check them out as well, thanks for sharing!

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