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Setting Sights on a BIG 2019!

What are your crypto goals for the new year? - It's an exciting time for goal-making. Jan 1 is a clean slate to recharge and reinvigorate projects, ambitions, and new ideas. This is especially timely for the crypto world, after having survived a rocky and rollercoastery 2018. So, with the whole year ahead of you - what do you want to make of 2019?

With this first-of-the-year contest we're asking for your Number 1 New Year Blockchain Resolution.


Share your Blockchain Resolution - What crypto-style goals have you set for yourself in 2019? Are you a dev working on a DApp, App or interface idea? Are you an artist working on a cryptoart masterpiece? Keep in mind that for this contest, Mooning cannot be a resolution. What are you BUIDLing? Log your goals on the blockchain by sharing a comment of this post, below.

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Our curation team will browse the comment section of this post looking for creative and fun favorites. This contest will last 24 hours. Share your resolution in the comment section, below.

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  • Second Place = 50%
  • Third Place = 25%


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I am planning to start drawing my own children books finally this year. They are all depend a lot on STEEM mostly because if I will get more support here I can finish it faster. Maybe @fundition will help on that if I will start making project updates posts?

First I want to start from simple book made out of my eSteem sticker pack characters but I will redraw them to look more special and appealing for the book.

Some of the images you can find in my blog already as samples of what am I talking about...

This should be highly detailed compositions like I've created for one of my clients before:

Would be great to get delegation support from the whales like @blocktrades as well but this is only dreams right now. Well... who knows...


That would be amazing!

So, what I've noticed with fundition is that a.) They take quite a sizable chunk from each donation given to you (I think it's just over 5%) and you've got to have a really big following already. Basically they don't seem to do much advertising on your behalf... so, at this point, honestly, I'd run your own personal campaign off your own blog and run contests, etc to get more exposure. Using things like SteemBounty will get you more exposure.

Maybe you could draw up some characters (or promise to draw up relevant characters) for people who delegate to you? Your work is amazing, I'm sure people would love to pay to have your art in their footers, etc...


Thanks a lot for your ideas and suggestions, I will think on that more and see what to do!


Congratulations @dunsky! You've received the first place upvote this week :)

Thanks for participating in the New Year's Resolution contest. If you haven't already, swing by our Discord and say hello https://discord.gg/MacHHF9


Wow! Thanks a lot for your support! I guess this means I should go on with the project?


Haha, if that isn't a sign, I don't know what is...



Here is my New Year 2019 blockchain resolution. I want to do something to build up STEEM 2019. I have in mind to set up some kind of a "BeAMentor" Program to help Steem go from strength to strength. Many new steemians just get lost easily so if there is a Mentor program for them to join, they will not lose interest so easily and can find a path of success for them:

  1. BeAMentor Program for older Steemians to help new Steemians
  2. Mentor can select a newcomer who had come in for the 1st month
  3. Guide the new Steemian to use the @steemonboarding site
  4. Explain the https://steemapps.com/ to them - there is now a total of 42 DApp on Steem. This will be quite daunting for a newcomer.
  5. Since many of us are using many Dapps, a mentor can pick one or two Dapp that they are good at and mentor the new Steemians how to get good at the Dapp (partiko, actifit, steemhunt, busy, esteem, dtube, )
  6. Introduce @sndbox contest for them to join to get them involved
  7. The program moves on from month to month; so only need one month commitment from newcomer to a specified mentor.
  8. The newcomer can move to another mentor in the 2nd month for another DApp
  9. It is sort of an apprenticeship program so that the new Steemians do not get lost but have an older Steemian to guide them the way. A lot of times the general guidance is not enough for newcomers so a mentor can serve the missing links.
  10. I need to find funds to reward the Mentors for this Monthly Program. Does anyone know how to go about this?

I believe this is an awesome initiative.

Would appreciate if someone can show me how to go about this also. Or recommend any Steemians to consult with to kickstart this project.


Congratulations @rosatravels! You've received the second place upvote this week :)

Thanks for participating in the New Year's Resolution contest. If you haven't already, swing by our Discord and say hello https://discord.gg/MacHHF9


Fantastic idea @rosatravelsd

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Thank you @Sndbox for being an inspiring creative niche on the Steem blockchain in 2018. I have learnt a lot from you, particularly, the @Creativecrypto magazine which forms a part of the motivation for my 2019 project - @writeandearn.

@Writeandearn is a curation/support foundation for creative contents (poem, stories, drama, motivational messages, Christian education, tutorials, drawing, painting, music lyrics, graphic and illustrations).

Curated articles will earn our facilitation for online and offline journal and book publishing and printing for wider reach to audience beyond the Steem blockchain.

@Writeandearn will give rewards to authors of featured contents as royalties in Steem value based on Curators’ average rating of authors’ content.

I hope @WRITEANDEARN will earn a slot for @Sndbox incubation in 2019. It sure promises to be a creative project that @Sndbox would love to work with.


Summing it up, my New Year resolution for 2019 is to take creative Steem contents to Libraries, bookshops and reading clubs/hubs in Nigeria through @Writeandearn

It is pertinent to note that in achieving the above goal, @writeandearn will:

  • host several Steem Awareness Campaign in Nigeria;
  • host an offline school for newly onboarded users in the locality
  • create an offline hub for Steemit in Uyo, Southern Nigeria
  • Sponsor students' creative initiatives
  • Promote Steem in Nigeria

Congratulations @uyobong! You've received the third place upvote this week :)

Thanks for participating in the New Year's Resolution contest. If you haven't already, swing by our Discord and say hello https://discord.gg/MacHHF9


Thanks @Sndbox for your support.

#BUIDL is right there in my alley!

Working for an awesome crypto startup, My personal Blockchain resolution for this year is to create more contents to bridge the technicalities crypto-knowledge for the everyday person.

2019 will be the year 2018-cryptonewbies convert to Hodlers and Buidlers!

I decided that I am going to try and write at least 52 travel blogs this year (not necessarily one per week but that seems to be a good target). If I do more, I will be very happy and I will be able to keep a track of it by starting/continuing from number 2 in my travel diaries series.

I want to inspire people to see places or just think of visiting places they may not have considered before and hopefully entertain a few people in the process!

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Hey Nicky! Have you checked out @steemitworldmap and @travelfeed?


Hey @ninjavideo, yes I am in their discord and been speaking with them about their new dapp which looks pretty cool! Thanks for tip, it's a great community! Are you in there too?

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I've used Steemitworldmap a few times and have been really excited when I've gotten on their daily travel digest post. I haven't used TravelFeed at all... I didn't realise they had their own dapp. I'll have to check it out...


Haha yea it's cool when that happens! I featured once or twice on the digest! Makes you want to write more or do better content than before right?

Yes please join the discord, they are a great bunch and @jpphotography is developing the dapp with other members. Still very much in dev but it's looking ace already

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1 post a week over the year, sounds achievable! I tried something similar last year but my discipline did not keep up. There's 2019 though!

also, want to echo @ninjavideo's suggestion. Check out the 2 initiatives to help you!


Haha yes, discipline is the key really, I will create some sort of schedule to help plan things so it makes it easier to manage, just depends on how gung-ho I want to go on the content of each blog!

Thanks for the tips, I joined the travelfeed discord, lovely bunch in there and steem experts too, so much knowledge on lots of things in there!

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Actually I've seen that new year's resolutions don't actually work perfectly fine for me, So I call it A "NEW YEAR SOLUTION" There a lot of things that are bothering me and I think I can give a solution to them by starting somewhere.

I want to start up a blockchain bussiness

I want to travel to at least 5 different countries this year to share my knowledge on crypto.

I want to create massive awareness about the blockchain to the government of my country.

I want to get closer to God and know him better.

I feel serious urge for helping the needy, going to motherless babies and doing good to the less privilege and giving them life changing opportunities.

I want to know more and get more skills about the blockchain technology.
I'll be glad if I finish 10 books before the end of the year on blockchain, cryptography, and other related books that will build my knowledge on the blockchain.

I feel the urge of opening up a center for e-learning and skill acquisitions for young people and people can spend there time doing what they love on the blockchain.


I will persevere more to on-board more of my social media and personal friends in the steem blockchain, spreading the news about the advantage of using steem as a cryptocurrency, and I will continue to tutor them until they learn all the things they needed to moon in the blockchain.

i already boarded 4 steemians in the past 1month alone, namely: @payama , @fotograpiade14 , @romblomanon , and just yesterday, @hersmart4ever

I will inspire more people to post and curate more, and will be giving more upvotes everyday.

And i will buy more steem and powerup so that I can help more steemians.

That's my goal.

I'm planning on on-boarding a number of artists, at least one online community (if possible) and generally just keeping a healthy amount of content creation. Nothing special, just doing my work.


Big plans for 2019:

1.) Launch SteemMoon with Utopian
2.) Run contests (hopefully under the Sndbox banner) to get people to contribute pixel art to SteemMoon
3.) Develop it further so it becomes an actual front end to the Steem Blockchain
4.) Create a front end for Ninja Warrior enthusiasts
5.) Onboard a ton of Ninja Warriors to the Steem blockchain
6.) Create a NINJA SMT for this front end

I'm setting my sights (and freaking out slightly) to have something to show by the 4th of April for the Steem Creators Conference. I'm still very new to programming and coding (and pixel art to be honest) so there is a lot to learn... but it's really fun and exciting.

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