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RE: STEEMPUNK-NET -- MMORPG on the STEEM Blockchain -- already in open beta testing -- attracting players from outside STEEM

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I fully support the cause, but it's a bit unclear what you're are looking for regarding the 300 SBD...
Is this a call for funding? Are you looking for a donor?
Or did Jerry Banfield already donate those 300 SBDs?
Thanks for clarification.


Yeh i have the same questions...

hi all,
here is the originating post from jerry banfield where this is a reply to

Thanks, would really help to add a short explanation and this link to the post...

I already added it see the ps section under the post. Or should I make this more visible?

Yes, maybe you could use a hr and a br to make it more visible.

I would have started the first sentence with:

"Hi all,

we are asking for a weekly budget of 300 SBD following this offer by @jerrybanfield to help us with the server costs and further development of our Steempunk MMORP."

That would make it much easier to understand the reason for your post.

Well true @shortcut but Jerry was clear in his format he wanted to have the 300sbd as first words. I can put after that a clarification. And by the way it's not a weekly thing its currently only this 300sbd to move forward and relieve a bit the pressure of our shoulders
Kind regards

Thanks for clarification Jan. You see, I even got that wrong.. You still can use "350 SBD needed for development of Steempunks" as the fist heading... Btw: I just wanted to provide feedback to make everything more readable und clear. Hope you will get the 300SBDs, they are very well spended within the Steempunk project :-)

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