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After the Closed Beta comes the Roadmap :)


Hi all, this week we have started the closed Beta with our MMORPG on the Steem Blockchain called STEEMPUNK-NET.
So far it has been a start without many bugs and we already have a lot of fantastic people playing! Iam really proud of how things are evolving currently.
But our ideas dont stop at the current functionalities, they go far beyond that!
And also we learned that the crowd that is coming to our Discord Server is super creative and has a lot of ideas as well. Therfore we think it is the right time to unwrap our current Roadmap for the game.


Like always we are looking forward to hear what you think, where the game shall turn to in your opinion.

Keep tuned in, we are opening the closed beta soon for all steemians out there!

By the way, if you want to help us by spreading the word, supporting us with a delegation or simply by providing guide and advice you are always welcome. Come talk to us in the Steempunk-net Discord Server

Still in Beta Fever...

Nach der closed Beta kommt die Roadmap :)

Hallo zusammen, wir haben diese Woche die Closed Beta unseres MMORPG's auf der Steem Blockchain namens STEEMPUNK-NET gestartet.
Wir sind mit dem Start hoch zufrieden und wir haben schon eine fantastische Community innerhalb des Spiels! Ich bin sehr stolz wie die Dinge sich entwickeln.
Unsere Ideen hören allerdings mit den bisherigen Funktionalitäten längst nicht auf, sie gehen weit darüber hinaus!
Ausserdem haben wir schnell gelernt, dass wir in unserem Discord Server eine sehr kreative Gruppe an Menschen zusammen haben, die eine Menge guter Ideen aufbringen. Daher denken wir das es jetzt an der Zeit ist unsere Roadmap für STEEMPUNK-Net zu veröffentlichen.


Wie immer freuen wir uns auf eure Kommentare und eure Meinung wo das Spiel seinen Schwerpunkt setzen sollte.

In Kürze werden wir die Closed Beta für alle Steemians öffnen!

Übrigens, wenn ihr uns helfen wollt das Spiel bekannt zu machen, uns eine Delegation verpassen wollt oder einfach Hilfe und Rat anbietet, ihr seid uns immer Willkommen! Kommt einfach auf unseren Steempunk-net Discord Server.

Immernoch im Beta Fieber

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Ilike the game, just levelled up to 3. but a tool to find ennemies (without having to go to discord) would be a very appreciated feature

Anyway, @jedigeiss forgot the links. ^^
If everything is worked out in more detail, you will find more information here.

English version:

German version:


upvote for visibility :)

IF the constitution drops due to fatigue, then if a lot of players attack one player, that player could be weakened unless constitution only drops when being aggressive (attacking).

I'm almost of the mind that this could be a way to level the playing field. If any one person gets too powerful, the entire community could gang up on the powerful player and bring his/her constitution down, thereby eventually winning battles against the powerful player. This would require team-work, but would definitely add a new twist to the game.

Seeing that we can now only initiate 1 battle at a time (or is that message showing because my constitution is too low?) that may alter my perspective about ganging up on someone. It could end up that popular authors are targets for battles and they would be constantly low on constitution. That would make it rather depressing for them.

It is difficult to assess a situation without all the facts.

Cool ideas, not really sure what the point of the house is, will that determine what items you can craft...?


We need to work it out a little bit more. We know that :-)
Housing should work like this, you need a workshop to build things for example. If you want to build things that contain chemical elements you need a chemical workshop.

If you want to store things, you need a storage room or two. Housing is the first Step for the crafting part.


Yep, that makes sense :)

Quests will really help out to make this game fit the RPG label better. Writers can bring more life to the game by adding stories, characters to dialog with, and special events to progress a story. A lot of mmorpgs put story as not important, and the game just becomes a boring grind.

having a lot of fun playing and in discord....its even spilling over to other channels where people are telling me they will get be back lol.

Keep up the good work

Ein klein wenig ausfürhlicher hätt ich mir es schon gewünscht.

Schön, wird halt meine Vorschlagsliste länger und viel detaillierter als eure Roadmap :D


Für die einzelnen Punkte müssen wir die Whitepaper (Konzepte) erst noch erstellen. ;-) Aber das ist jedenfalls mal unser Ablauf. Heißt, ihr wisst ungefähr welche Features in welcher Reihenfolge kommen werden.


Dann werde ich mal ein großes weißes Papier vollschreiben mit meiner Vision ;)

Great work!

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excellent! I think it looks great, the only one that slightly worries me is the shopsystem, I think a lot of thought will have to go into how to balance that. But, overall I can't wait to keep seeing this game grow!


see the shop system rather than a kind of bazaar. maybe it makes more sense to you.
the bazaar is not only for buying things from SPN, we also want that you are be able to offer things. :-)


that's a good idea. I'm not worried, I think you guys will make good choices :)

Sehr cool!
Gibts schon Screenshots/Videos von der Beta?


Kenne ich ;)
Habe gemeint z.B. ein Video wie es wer benutzt z.B....

Bin sehr gespannt auf das Spiel... bin schon ganz hibbelig und ich kann nicht warten!


Schau mal im Discord rein. Ist bestimmt noch platz für dich.


Mach ich...

Sounds very cool. Looking forward to seeing more about this project.

Great post @steempunknet I'm excited to see more.

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Will the shop allow us to sell our articles for sbd too ?


i think so. it will be more a bazaar.