Proposal: Quickly and easily add a Creative Common Attribution International License watermark for sharing

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100 SBD or even less ro make this.proposal come teue -I truly whatever if it can help steemit. I believe with all my heart that I have a great proposal!

I have made a webpage with php code that super quiclky adds a watermark to pictures and creates a common licence attribution license with its matching logo at the same time. These could be combined to put the licence logo as a watermark on pictures. It a great way to share and to protect the rights of the creator and grants the redistribution of it if desired but steemians.
The other day I have participate in a contest and adding a referral to that type of license was part of the requirement. Adding it as a post was rather difficult and I can understand that many did not enter the contest because of it. This would help alot in these situation and could truly help improve the trust on Steemit!

The code is already made with its working form. It is already running on one of my webservers. The php code could either be adapted to fit a steemit presentation or I can give to you guys so that you could integrate it or something to steemit (I never been good in marketing or english). All I have left to do is to adapt the two codes to work together!
Seriously consider this, just to be able to help out would make me proud but I truly believe that it is a great idea. Im sure that steemians alike would enjoy the security of having their posts protected from thieves and spammers if they desire.

Thank you for your time and hopefully this post will be seen by the #budget Proposal. I have learn of it by @jerrybanfield from his post at I hope that they see and like the idea!

Please help by upvoting and restemming this post to make it gain visibility !


Special thanks to @alexandravart for resteeming the idea, I appreciate!

Thank you for making this project as a budget proposal! We are primarily funding proposals that add value to the Steem blockchain. I am unsure how this proposal helps Steem to grow?

I though it could help to link a creator's right to his pictures/drawing. Even if the creative commons licensing is getting bigger (3d models for example), they would not serve well as publicity. So I guess it won't not help Steemit to grow, but mostly an useful addon. I guess I didn't get the concept right after re-reading it (sorry!). Hopefully it didn't waste too much of your time and that it could spark an idea for your guys.

Maybe a profile symbol/cryptoart with bits of the user's post could design and built itself over time. A little bit like cryptokitties, they could exist in the blockchain, it could help in keeping the profile as long as possible, the creations of groups that ends up with the 'same sryle' image, gaining pixels with numbers of posts. Etc. But that is way over my skills...except the drawing part maybe. Hope it helps

I just want to say that I appreciate the replies of all, they really support this point. Maybe it will give a spark to @jerrybanfield for him to combine small ideas like this and make the world a better place. Either way, Steemit is great :-)

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki article about Creative Commons. Thanks and good luck again!

I like this idea. It would be a simple way to improve the steemit interface if we could more easily attribute things.

I'm looking around on the internet and surprised to see that there is not an easy way to do this. Creative Commons themselves do have an attribution generator but it is clunky.

Thanks for your support!

Hola @heymattsokol muy bueno tu articulo aunque se me dificultad la traducción del ingles al español, sin embrago puedo entender algunas cosas.

En mi ultimo Post me dice muchas preguntas, las deje plasmadas alli para que alguno de ustedes, los que saben generar STEEM me ayuden con sus respuestas. Aqui el link

Ayudame Por favor

We have fully funded this proposal with 300.539 Steem which is equal to 100 SBD worth about $1,000 USD today from @budgets with

Amazing and unexpected !! Feel so motivated too :-D Time for me to do my part!

I've been working on it and published a furst draft on . The core is there and it will only get better (programming first, looks are for after). Eventually when it will be perfected, I will try to approach CC to see if they can add Steemit in their search community for all the posts that are tagged by the licences.

Also I was thinking of a possibility to add an interface for users a way to make their customizable forms that they could use for their contest (Slothicorn for example), its taken in consideration in the programming. I'm glad that I can work on this, thanks again !

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