PowerUP Fitness Challenge: Motivation Monday

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Motivation is the energy that moves us forward toward our goals. The spark of excitement that creates belief in our potential and energizes us to take action. Consistent action results in behavior that will, over time, become your lifestyle. YOU can CREATE the life you desire.

Motivation Monday: What Is Your Why?

With any goal, you must have a strong enough WHY. If the reason you’re taking action on a goal is not strong enough to the point that it moves you emotionally, then it’s not strong enough to keep you moving forward when obstacles appear—and obstacles WILL appear.


Many people start working out because “they want to lose weight”. But, that’s not your why. WHY do you want to lose weight? “To look better”. But, why? Why do you want to look better? This requires you to go deep, layer by layer, to find the root reason. Only from this emotionally charged WHY will there be enough energy to move forward.

My WHY is longevity. I’ve watched as close relatives struggled with mobility, energy deficits and pain as they aged. Just yesterday, my ex-mother-in-law had a heart attack. I want to live a long life, vibrant with energy, and fully mobile.


What Is Your WHY?

Week 2 Power-Up Fitness Challenge Team:


I want to hear from you! What’s your WHY?

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You hit on many very good points.... I used to go to the gym a decent amount and was vanity and the "high" of it, now I dig deeper and see it's about life, actual LIFE
we can look good on the outside and be the opposite inside and I know that even though I am not eating as well as I should/could....that I am taking supplements and doing things to have the ENERGY to do for others as well as myself versus vapid reasons that in the end mean very little
nice post
battleaxe <3 and thank YOU for using the @teamgood tag for being an excellent Steemian and role model/content creator

Thanks @battleaxe! I was the same way in the beginning...shallow motives. It takes growth and life experience to learn what’s REALLY important. I’m glad you’ve made the discovery and taking action toward your goals!

I did REALLY well for exactly one year of changing my unhealthy eating habits, my bingeing, beating myself up. I changed my disordered thinking and body image issues (FINALLY) and lost a bunch of weight in a sustainable way.

Then I hit the one year mark and completely... well... gained almost 10 pounds back in the course of a couple of weeks, had a mental/emotional melt down and just... Um, did that. I kind of fell apart. There was some stuff going on with my life/relationships, but I think in part it was hitting that "1 Year" mark that I've never hit before.

I'm trying to work back to sustainable things that I've done for the past year without stressing about it. That in and of itself is astounding for me. Usually I would kick myself so hard for the "failure" that I'd spiral out of control for months. I feel good that I caught it and adjusted.

I'm starting a "Mindfulness in May" challenge through a group I'm in and I'm going to put away the scale and not track calories this month. I'm still going to do intermittent fasting and work up to exercising more.

I'm going to post tomorrow with my exercise plan/challenge for myself and I'm going to join you guys for support as well!

Thanks for bringing this to the forefront of my steemit self as well! My Why... well, that will be a good part of my post tomorrow!

I'm trying to gather my thoughts, and I'm probably not very focused at the moment, but I'm trying! Here is my beginning post with my own goals/challenges in it, if you're interested. https://steemit.com/health/@byn/mindfulness-may-fitness-and-emotional-health-challenge

I read your post. I identified with it on several levels. It’s progress that you caught yourself so quickly, didn’t condemn yourself, and self-corrected. I’m excited to see this next part of your journey unfold and I’m happy to have you with us!

Good post. I suffered a heart attack myself last year. I am in the midst of recovering, and find it so hard to find motivation with the medications draining most if not all of my available energy.

Medications can absolutely make it challenging on so many levels. And having adequate energy is huge in terms of health. But, even just a short daily walk is good for you. You should consider joining our Challenge, then you’ll have financial incentive and a team alongside of you. Check it out if you’re interested:

My WHY is because I have a dream and because I want to teach my son that anything is possible if you trully believe in yourself.

Yes! To be that example for your son is a powerful motivator!

I am so sorry to hear about your mother in law.

My why is that I want to feel happy in my body. Have some weird stuff going on right now and getting fully in tune with my health is very important.

Thanks @mariannewest. She came home from the hospital yesterday and is doing well.

If you ever want to talk about what’s going on to just vent or for advice (I may or may not have any), I’m always willing to listen.

Thank you so much!! Appreciate it!

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