Gridcoin Community Hangout #022 - 21th Jan 2017 @ 9PM GMT (RSVP & Suggest topics!)

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Gridcoin Community Hangout #022

A massive shout out to the BeyondBitcoin community & @officialfuzzy for providing the Gridcoin community a room in their mumble server for free.

Another massive thanks to @peppernrino for editing the hangout recordings! Follow him on Steem! :D

What is Gridcoin?

Gridcoin securely rewards BOINC computation on top of Proof of Stake. Reward allocation is distributed, not centralized unlike other distributed computing related cryptocurrencies.

More info:

Where can I listen to past hangouts?


Past episode details

021 RSVP & Topic suggestion thread

Why are we holding these hangouts?

  • A mumble conference call can provide significant advantages over communicating via forums and IRC.
  • To create opportunities to inform the public of new Gridcoin, BOINC and related services & their development progress.
  • To bridge relations between the cryptocurrency & BOINC communities.

How long will the hangout last?

If there are not many topics suggested then hangouts won't last longer than an hour, on the other hand if there are many topic suggested then the hangout may last 2-3 hours!

When the Gridcoin Community Hangouts start really picking up traction we can become more strict with allocated speaking time if need be (so you're not waiting hours to talk).

Want to suggest a topic to discuss?

Reply with your suggestions in this Steem post & order of discussion will be from highest to lowest voted suggestions.

Can we discuss anything?

It's advisable to stay generally on topic, attendees are distributed around the world so they may not (likely won't) share the same views regarding controversial topics not related to Gridcoin/BOINC/Cryptocurrency.

That said, this 'on topic' guideline fizzles away once official recording has ended & the hangout becomes a more relaxed environment.

Proposed time for Gridcoin Hangout #021:

9PM GMT 21th Jan 2017.

Compare 9PM GMT to your time zone!.

How to join the Gridcoin hangout

Step 1: Download Mumble. [Windows Client, Android Client]

Step 2:

Step 3: Configure Mumble & join the server!

Label: BeyondBitcoin - Gridcoin
Port: 64738
Username: Enter your username
Password: w0rldCh@NG3rsUN!t3

Step 4: Join the Gridcoin channel!

Step 5: Configure your audio wizard & setup Push-To-Talk. Join 10-15 mins before the hangout starts to test your audio configuration.

I hope you decide to attend the hangout - everyone is welcome to join, especially those who suggest topics of discussion in this thread.

Best regards,

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Continuing to attempt to get ShapeShift to integrate Gridcoin.

Please like/retweet:


customminer CM tweeted @ 08 Jan 2017 - 14:53 UTC

@ShapeShift_io @CoinomiWallet Gridcoin is supported by Coinomi but not Shapeshift, would massively appreciate integration! @GridcoinNetwork

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Despite Coinami's help, the continued response from ShapeShift is that Gridcoin is on a 'discovery list' and that they are not looking to add further coins in 2017, how disappointing.

Here's hoping coinvert can show up shapeshift.

More BOINC challenges!

I'll update this post when the current challenges end (can only have 3 upcoming challenges on boincstats at a time).

Proposed change to the hangout format: We will hold 5min bio-breaks every hour; it's not healthy to sit for 4 hours straight (hangouts usually only last 2-3 hrs but has lasted 4-5 hours before).


This, this, this. Cannot agree more with this change in how we do the hangouts. Except, maybe instead of every hour we could see how people feel 15 mins before the end of every hour or so. 5 mins should definitely be enough time to get up, stretch, use the bathroom, grab a drink, etc.


I like that idea, rather than going for an hour full on.


I think political polls are pretty much superfluous and can even harm our USP: crunch for science, support science, it's for the good of the humanity etc. Sure, political stuff can be intriguing for some people, but many BOINCers investigating Gridcoin will simply think 'WTF' when they see such stuff and leave. Ultimately, you cannot be attractive to everyone and such attempts are usually not realistic.

This is compounded by the fact that such polls are based on mag+balance voting power, so some people might even think that Gridcoin whales are trying to push some political agenda here (because users with plenty of GRC and/or high magnitude can easily tilt the poll).


Not to mention: WTF has the hack to do with Gridcoin, why should it be of any interest for anyone, esp. outside the US (which is btw. the vast majority of people on this planet)?

Keep non-blockchain and non-BOINC politics out of Gridcoin.
Says someone who has run as candidate in the past.


No need to get angry, there's really nothing anyone can do to prevent a user from creating a poll within the gridcoin client (decentralized), so any poll we have regarding what types of polls are allowed will ultimately be up to the discretion of the poll creator.

The topic is a world political issue not just US, and we've got to get users voting in the first place so eye catching polls will hopefully grab their attention. The hack topic is a world political issue, not just an American issue.

Getting Gridcoin added to


I have paid the $700 for integration into

We will likely have to pay $100/month for continued support unless we can maintain more than $5000/month transaction volume on coinpayments (we have to get services to add Gridcoin as options, and users have to start spending their GRC haha!).


I really think this should be one of the main targets. The quam, the Avalon of all the crypto coins: Usability.
I think Gridcoin is great in the way it generates and stabilizes, how it creates a solid miner/holder/verifier net, but i think we need to make this fine group of gentlement to spend their GRCs other than simply hodl or echange for BTCs. Is there any initiative going on currently? thx


I've paid for the integration to take place, so we'll be added to soon!

We'll need to contact shops that currently use coinpayments (there's a handy store directory on their site) to accept Gridcoin once it's integrated.

We should also try to get each whitelisted BOINC project to add a GRC donate button which uses coinpayments. That'll help with meeting the min trading volume.


Gridcoin has been integrated into now! Woo!

Working towards open-sourcing the Gridcoin website for future collaborative/distributed development.


Sounds good. Maybe it is also a good idea to move content that changes frequently to the wiki. The whitelist for example. Then the focus of the website could be to provide a simple and informative overview of the coin and link to the wiki for the more in depth knowledge.

I also noticed that some coins have an official blog on their website. I think that could be nice for posting important stuff like announcing project additions or removals. Or mandatory upgrades.


Yeah, sounds like a good idea re:wiki-link.

Perhaps we could do a blog, but I don't have the ability to install additional software on the gridcoin server, it would have to be either external or static.

In the mean time, I've open-sourced the gridcoin website (Sans paid kit):


Cool! I think a static page would do fine since there are not that many posts if the focus is on the important stuff. Or it could be like a monthly summary of whats going on in the gridcoin space. I believe there is also less overhead with a static page.

the DrugDiscovery admin will join this mumble session


DrugDiscovery has been added to the whitelist. Still no workunits. SSL not working in the scheduler.

Decentralized Exchanges!



We should apply to: (Hangouts: ) (CCEDK associated) (Just a whitepaper for now? SuperNet's EasyDEX) (InstantDEX vs EasyDEX vs Iguana?) ( Unsure of validity, but they mention the addition of altcoins). (Site down!) (If we partnered with one of their gateways then GRC may be traded with tokens on their platform, low likelihood though).

Any more anyone knows of?

Some of these platforms could result in whales moving into GRC from major alts.

I want to raise a concern about the age of open pull requests on github.

I know that reviewing code takes a lot of time but it would be nice if more people could have the power to review and accept pull requests. As a developer it's discouraging to make a fix and submit a PR when you know it might take weeks or months before anything happens, and in the meantime you have to maintain the change to avoid conflicts.

This is especially important when the PR is denied (for whatever reasons).


Additional github administration rights being distributed could probably improve this process.