GridcoinStats updated with project news, historical graphs, more accurate voting and more.

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Another update of GridcoinStats has been made today.

Among other things here are the highlights;


  • Overview Page now has projects news. Displaying last 10 for all projects.
  • Overview Page also has Available and In Progress WUs since a while back.
  • Projects details page has last 10 news for the specific project
  • Projects details page also has nice historic graphs for WUs and Users distribution.


  • Voting page now handles multiple voting better. A voting for 3 alternatives divides the share by 3 and adds the share to each choice. This will make the ending result on the right more accurate.

CPIDs + Mag:

  • CPID details page now has a nice historic graph for the users Magnitude.
  • Page rendering of CPIDs with many staked blocks are now much quicker.


  • There has been some issues with the Faucet rejecting claims, this has now been fixed since a few days again.

Hope you enjoy this update. Visit us at

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Excellent developments, @sc-steemit! You're knocking it out the ballpark with each release! :D

Keep it up :)


Thanks :D
I'm not out of ideas yet either. I'm open for requests as well if anyone have any special requests for the page.

Excellent work. The site gets better each time I look at it!!