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Gridcoin Community Hangout #021

A massive shout out to the BeyondBitcoin community & @officialfuzzy for providing the Gridcoin community a room in their mumble server for free.

Another massive thanks to @peppernrino for editing the hangout recordings! Follow him on Steem! :D

What is Gridcoin?

Gridcoin securely rewards BOINC computation on top of Proof of Stake. Reward allocation is distributed, not centralized unlike other distributed computing related cryptocurrencies.

More info:

Where can I listen to past hangouts?


Past episode details

020 RSVP & Topic suggestion thread

Why are we holding these hangouts?

  • A mumble conference call can provide significant advantages over communicating via forums and IRC.
  • To create opportunities to inform the public of new Gridcoin, BOINC and related services & their development progress.
  • To bridge relations between the cryptocurrency & BOINC communities.

How long will the hangout last?

If there are not many topics suggested then hangouts won't last longer than an hour, on the other hand if there are many topic suggested then the hangout may last 2-3 hours!

When the Gridcoin Community Hangouts start really picking up traction we can become more strict with allocated speaking time if need be (so you're not waiting hours to talk).

Want to suggest a topic to discuss?

Reply with your suggestions in this Steem post & order of discussion will be from highest to lowest voted suggestions.

Can we discuss anything?

It's advisable to stay generally on topic, attendees are distributed around the world so they may not (likely won't) share the same views regarding controversial topics not related to Gridcoin/BOINC/Cryptocurrency.

That said, this 'on topic' guideline fizzles away once official recording has ended & the hangout becomes a more relaxed environment.

Proposed time for Gridcoin Hangout #018:

9PM GMT 07th Jan 2017.

Compare 9PM GMT to your time zone!.

How to join the Gridcoin hangout

Step 1: Download Mumble. [Windows Client, Android Client]

Step 2:

Step 3: Configure Mumble & join the server!

Label: BeyondBitcoin - Gridcoin
Port: 64738
Username: Enter your username
Password: [email protected]!t3

Step 4: Join the Gridcoin channel!

Step 5: Configure your audio wizard & setup Push-To-Talk. Join 10-15 mins before the hangout starts to test your audio configuration.

I hope you decide to attend the hangout - everyone is welcome to join, especially those who suggest topics of discussion in this thread.

Best regards,

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team challenges in January:

review past ones: MOO WRAPPER, ENIGMA
upcoming ones:

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

invitations accepted by BOINC admins to speak in mumble:

exact dates/times have to be still arranged

Foundation expense poll for sponsored funding of Gridcoinstats Faucet


I think this is a bad idea. Faucets are to be user-funded. Way too easy to abuse... and it's been suggested before. I think using foundation funds to get new users off the ground is an idea fraught with perils no one seems to be thinking about. I know your heart is in the right place, but we have to admit hard facts sometimes. Look at what's transpired with irpg... people can't help but take advantage of things like this, and it's sad, but real.

If people want to donate to a faucet for noobs to sip from, that's fine.

But, having a pre-determined limitless supply is just asking for trouble.


I think the gridcoinstats faucet is less vulnerable to abuse than irc bots.

I support the idea of funding the faucet, on a small scale.

main dev Rob has started a roadmap (2017-2019), please review/contribute:

BOINC Project whitelist guidelines/checklist - requesting peer review and suggestions:

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Recent reduction of RAM requirements and where I want to take the data structure inside the wallet:

In my utopia we would have the block chain stored in the wallet as an SQLite database. Instead of keeping the entire, growing blob in RAM we would query the DB as needed.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

polls in January:

  • 4 whitelist polls:
    removal: BURP, CPDN ?
    add: TN-Grid, Drug Discovery ?

  • 13 casual polls

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I think we've to understand in the whole discussion:
Rob is against removing team requirement, and he'd be currently the only one to actually implement it.

Besides his preference, he also listed probs of that being implemented already. As long as we don't get more devs (and I hope Rob would accept then the pull request also) the situation won't change.

New devs need time to understand; the implementation of the change probably will bring unexpected probs, which also costs time to fix; ... <- I don't expect the feature to come that soon

Personally, I am also for the team requirement to stay.


Thus far, Rob has responded to the topic once in the last few months - continuing to discuss the topic rather than shutting it down based on an initial post is healthier for the community.

Just because it isn't something that's possible in the immediate future doesn't mean it should be dismissed entirely.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

conference boinc:fast 2017 (August 28 - September 1) in Russia


Are there any Russian Gridcoin representatives we could send?

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you!
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Regarding the proposed advertising campaign on BOINCstats:

This has received plenty of support through Foundation vote, but unfortunately Willy from BOINCstats hasn't replied to my e-mails yet, about this latest advertising deal. I don't know why, perhaps he is on holidays someplace nice, spending his Gridcoins :)

Or he is thinking that's perhaps too much trouble - disabling AdWords, putting our banners up, disabling his AdBlocker detector and then re-enabling all that stuff again, 30 days later. I tried to contact him via [email protected], but if anyone has something better, maybe we can try that too.

Anyway, we are also advertising on BOINCstats via AdWords almost all the time, but we cannot avoid AdBlocker that way, so it's not 100% effective. However, we have to work with what we have, so if he doesn't reply, then perhaps we should increase our daily AdWords budget from 5 USD to 10 USD.


I support this google ad proposal.


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

What is status on investigation of (see hangout #20) ?


I have been thinking about this, we created a poll and it passed but then it was suggested that we should use instead. Has anyone contacted them regarding integrating Gridcoin? Is there a quote available for the integration work?


my bad, I meant gourl. Yes, I'd be also in favour of gourl if they can do the same for free or less.


Less than free? :P

But yeah, it isn't obvious from their website whether or not they provide integration for a fee.


this might be the section you're looking for.


Works out to 4BTC to get added to then :S

Coinpayments @ $700 is less than 1 Bitcoin, the 3 equivalent BTC would cover several years of monthly $100 server costs (if we didn't meet the $5k/month trading volume through coinpayments).

Let's go for it! It passed the foundation expense in the past!