Gridcoin: Securely rewarding BOINC computation on top of POS

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Gridcoin was the first block chain protocol that delivered a working algorithm that equally rewards and cryptographically proves solving BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) hosted work, which can be virtually any kind of distributed computing process (ASIC/GPU/CPU/Sensor/Etc).

BOINC is an open-source volunteer oriented computing grid that combines the processing power of all individual users for the purposes of scientific research. It's free, and harnesses the unused clock cycles from processors and graphics cards to attempt to cure cancer/aids/ebola/malaria, map the milkyway, crack enigma codes, etc.. (Whitelist: )

Gridcoin rewards BOINC computation using the Distributed Proof of Research (DPOR) reward mechanism, which is a combination of Proof of BOINC (POB) and Proof of Stake (POSv2).

Proof of Work (POW) consensus mechanisms are not utilised by the Gridcoin network, making the Gridcoin's consensus mechanism network far more energy efficient than existing POW cryptocurrencies.

Anyone can create a BOINC project & campaign to get whitelisted in the Gridcoin system. If you've got an idea for a distributed computing project, we can reward your users on your behalf. Gridcoin users have the capability to 'project-rain' onto projects as a form of tipping; project admins can easily distribute gridcoin rewards as a reward (or to facilitate a commercial BOINC project).

We've created an Marked Pegged Asset (MPA) on the Bitshares platform:

We await integration to the witnesses price feed script:,22733.0.html

I've created a Gridcoin foundation poll for approving the cost of integration into CCEDK/Openledger as Gridcoin's bridge/gateway into the Bitshares platform:

Gridcoin community allstars:

Gridcoin links:
IRC: freenode #gridcoin #gridcoin-otc #gridcoin-sweden #gridcoin-german #gridcoin-irpg #gridcoin-games
Gridresearchcorp: explorer:
Gridcoin pool:

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Thanks for posting this, about time to get Gridcoin represented on Steemit. :)


No worries, I'm open to any questions regarding Gridcoin or BOINC :)

Great post, having GRC on Openledger is a great idea.


Yup I approved in the Foundation vote now :)


Thanks :)

I have used computer for BOINC a year ago and got some coins but it can not cover the cost of electric. Nice hobby and usefull, but I do not believe that cost reward ratio could change.


The vast majority of BOINC users crunch without receiving any rewards (gridcoin/other), it's only a small minority of BOINC users (team Gridcoin) that have begun earning rewards.

I remember thinking the same about Bitcoin when you were able to mine Bitcoin with weak CPUs. Who knows where Gridcoin will be in 10 years time.. BOINC will likely still be around, It's been around for over ten years already.

If we manage to work out how to remove the need for the mandatory team requirement, the distribution of gridcoin may increase from 2k users to tens or hundreds of thousands of users. There is no coin cap though.