I’m in a rough patch right now

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I’ve gotten pretty good at stepping out of situations I don’t want to be in. Because of that I’m able to maintain a pretty decent temperament most of the time, and life feels good. Still, every once in the while there’s something I can’t escape and it forces me to re-examine myself and see if there’s anything I’d like to change.

a bit stuck at the moment, image link

That’s how I look at bullshit now. Everything exists in order to challenge me and help me to level up. It’s not easy to maintain this state of mind. Last night I found myself cursing things like I hadn’t in months, or even years. It’s always bound to happen eventually. Things break sometimes. Nobody is in a perpetual state of bliss at all times. I don’t claim to be some kind of guru who is always at peace and I don’t really believe anyone who does. There are just those who are particularly good at removing themselves from their ego and seeing things clearly when they need to. I try to be one of them.

When there is something I can’t escape, I try to find meaning in it. I try to find a way to use it to my advantage. Sometimes it takes a few days. There have been times where it took months although I hope I’ve become skilled enough to go through this process quicker now.

I don’t really want to talk about the details of what I’m going through, but I can say that it periodically comes up and it’s nothing entirely unique, something many people go through but that everyone experiences differently. I’m not sure how to deal with it, I’m just trying to make sure I face it with a clear head and not worry to much, despite urges and provocations to react.

It’s more difficult for some than others. I’m trying to stay motivated to post and be engaged at steemit because sometimes this place feels like a light at the end of the tunnel. I know there isn’t REALLY any tunnel and so I don’t need to rely on anything to “get me out” of any situation but it still feels that way, it’s clear that steemit offers me a huge opportunity that I haven’t managed to find elsewhere.

Still, I’m sure my writing and my ability to give will be affected by what I’m going though, and I hope I’m back to full HP soon. Hope everyone is doing well.


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Whatever it is, we're here for you man.
Also, if anxiety's bothering you, I'd suggest you to try the Headspace app. Have you given it a shot yet?

For me, practising mindfulness works the most, I will check out what the headspace app is, I like the Calm app more though.

Trust me, you'll love Headspace. I'd say it's more organized than Calm app. It's the best guided meditation I've found yet. Huge impact around day 6 itself!

That sounds great, I will definitely try it out then.

Awesome, hope it helps you greatly!

I don’t usually feel anxious. I get a little depressed when I feel confined, either physically or emotionally. Everything is basically ok though. Thanks man!

No problem! Things that seem tough right now will seem like nothing at some point in the future. Keep reminding yourself of that! :)

This is an exercise to help you when you're stuck.

I hear lots of signals that you are on the lookout at the moment. Looking for something. Processing info in your head, and your heads looks like its giving reaction back to it.

The cursing is to me a good way, you are not really bothering other people but it is helping you getting stuff of your chest.

I hope you will get some emotional relief in your process, give it time and keep your head up!

Well i Always keep my eyes open.

Thanks for caring!

Sorry to hear things are a bit tough at the moment. I wondered if something was going on and you've not been publishing as much lately.

Sounds like you're taking exactly the right road to get you through. You know it will pass because everything always does, no matter what you do.

You know worrying doesn't help.

How about experimenting with not looking for meaning and not seeing how you can use it to your advantage? Can you just be with it knowing that this is part of the ups and downs of life and requires nothing from you to change?

Can you make your peace with not being sure how to deal with it? And just stay with the not knowing?

If I can support you in any way just give me a shout. 💙

I’m not sure. It’s worth thinking about. I think that’s kind of what’s I’m tryin go to do on another level....it’s hard to explain though. I am trying I am trying

Ah. But that's what I mean. Give up trying. Let it all be. Go about your business. Deep breath and all that. 😊 It's sorting itself out as we "speak". 😍 👏 💙

Don't let having a pineapple for a head bring you down, we love you just the way you are :)

Hope things ease off but just know at the end of it you will be a stronger person for it. Sometimes those tough times are almost like working out, your muscles get sore but you are better off for it.

Thanks! I’m over my insecurities! I know exactly what you mean about it being like working out. If it were five years ago, I’d be in a raging state of depression now. I’ve definitely bulked up a bit. Really great seeing you in my comments, I don’t make it to steemit.chat much anymore.

Thanks for sharing so openly @whatamidoing! Every word resonates. Let’s connect, I’ll pop into the Discord channel. #DeepShit

You are welcome any time!

Lots here, and lots not. Some gurus maintain their balance so perfectly that they can overcome extreme cold, and some Buddhist "mummies" appear almost to be in a trance-like state, somewhere on the border between life and death, even after centuries. But I typically agree with you that the people running around claiming to be gurus are most likely to be tricksters. I have come across one guru, however, who -- though not perfect -- has done what I consider to be psychological "miracles," just by knowing people and being able to see their true selves. His advice to "observe yourself without judgement" is the best I've ever received. Very difficult to do, of course, but worth the effort. I wish you the best of luck in your current situation. Peace!

I don’t see them as tricksters, some of them are “relative gurus”, as in they can maintain that state better than most and are quite far beyond the average person in terms of peace of mind and balance and have lots of insight about how to get there. I don’t want to make too big a deal of these people because they are just like us. We can all reach whatever state they have reached.

There are some who have reached incredible states though, to be sure. It’s always a huge learning experience to come into contact with them.

I’ll be fine!

Well, many of them are, but that's beside the point.

Self-control has a limit and it exhausts the more we use it.

The best thing that I can advise you is not to lose control and think through it, think from other person's perspective.

Imagine an image of yourself in front of you and think how an ideal you will get out through this in a way that works for you and for others.

Remember, the more you will lose control, the worse it will get. There is a problem, you can't dodge it now, be calmer and solve it by being yourself, not as an angry and out of control person.

I do that and it helps immensely. I can often find a compromise that works for both parties but there are some people and situations where they don’t seem to budge and you’ve already compromised as much as you can so you just need to deal with the consequences of not giving a fuck, and try to actually not give a fuck enough to stay in control.

Yepp, looks like we give too many fucks on unworthy things🤷🏼‍♂️

One of the things I like you for is your honesty. The opposite of bullshit.

If you need anyone to talk to, you know I'm here for you.
I really try to listen these days ;>)

Take care,


I hope my recent comment wasn’t too honest! I resteemed your post too. I will come find you in the chats when I get a minute for myself.

Another relatable post @whatamidoing . Sometimes when life throws me curveballs and I wonder, what did I do to pull this in, or what's the lesson in this, and I come up empty handed. I just try to console myself in that maybe the only reason for this, is to be able to empathise with others later on and help them through a similar scenario. Just keep levelling up. Peace.

Exactly. Sometimes I find my problems allow me to understand others or help others by providing an example of an alternative way to cope with them.

The reason for something occurring can lie in the past but it can also lie in the future.

I see what you did there :)

Beautifull post I like it.

Everything exists in order to challenge me and help me to level up.

Life truly is like a game, I feel like I keep learning and improving and understanding how to even navigate.

And I know the feeling you talk about, like just being in a funk that limits your ability to really want to create content and give your all for everyone. I think sometimes when we're working through our crap, we run into these feelings that need a bit more time to run out of our systems. I also like to try to see things clearly and get through, but sometimes it's not so simple, sometimes it takes me a few days to drop the weird feeling. I have trouble accepting what I'm doing with my life sometimes, so I'm working towards success here too.

I see a lot of similarities with you and will have to jump on be awesome and hang out. Good luck pineapple head

Sometimes we need a rest, sometimes we need more input in order to balance out the output when we give too much. I’ll get back to you on the chat right now!