Instagram Shadowban and Gorgeous Edible Flower and Wild Salad

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Life feels right again now that we are wandering the gardens gathering ingredients for daily salads. We like our salad a little wild! Today's recipe included: Sheep sorrel, kale, dandelion leaf, and petals, radish, pansies, oxeye daisy petals, chives & chive blossoms plus a homemade vinegarette using wild foraged herbal infused vinegar!

Meanwhile, on the social media circuit, I've been shadow banned by Instagram - can you believe it? I didn't even know this was a thing until talking to share2steem today. Having never really been banned from something before I feel like some sort of underground rebel. Such a slippery slope. First its misuse of hashtags and next it will be ... sugar in my tea.

Shadowbanned? What? So, basically, if you break any rule (I confess: I never read the rules - do you read the rules?) it can get you shadowbanned for an undetermined period of time. When you become shadowbanned everything seems normal but your engagement will go way down and if you search for your post under one of the tags you used, it won't show up. They don't send you a courtesy email or really communicate about it. The answer is to sit tight and eventually it should go back to normal. From what I can tell it's been two weeks so far that my account has been impacted. I would have never noticed but I was having trouble using the share2steem service and they let me know that this was the problem.

Anyhow, if you use Instagram, it's probably worth reading up on. I'd love to know exactly why I got selected for this honor. Secret censorship = not cool.


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Yay for salads and being alive! Yay for rebels! Might have something to do with the new FB crypto. Since facebook owns instagram, maybe they're censoring other blockchains?

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Could be ANYTHING - the secrecy of it all is irritating - mainstream isn't cool but we already knew that, this is just another example. I am such a goody goody so if I can get shadowbanned - anyone can! :)

Hahaha I used to try to get banned/blocked/whatever and couldn't.

I love the way you do your daily salads. They always look so beautiful and healthy. Shadowbanning is not cool and what the hell could YOU possibly do to get shadowbanned. Maybe your photos are just too damn beautiful for instagram. What the hell! Sorry you are going through this now.

It's no big deal. I decided to start trying a little more with all the social media profiles to drive some more traffic to my website but it's not that important - steem is still my #1. It is annoying though because I spent ages troubleshooting why the share2steem service was not working. I hate wasting time!! The salads make me so happy! I was feeling a bit dull after this past winter and just sort of lacking that spring in my step. These salads seem to be bringing me back to life again. So good!!

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yummy yum! love what you've included here :) we're on the salad kick lately too! i really don't crave much more during that midday heat.

and wow, now i'm super curious why you were shadowbanned? i use instagram a ton and have noticed my engagement fluctuate at times - i wonder if i've ever been banned!!... can you write them to find out why you were banned?

long live non-ban-able steem ;o)

I was using my computer to post (using an android kitkat browser) because I don't have a working cell phone right now. Being as they track every aspect of our actions I suspect that is what they didn't like. They can't track my location from my computer or gather data. Anyhow, if you click on one of the tags you use for a post, your image should show up in that list. If it's not there ...then likely you've been banned. Lots of people have had it happen and there is no recourse.

geesh! another reason to focus on steem... i wish it had reached a larger adoption, but i think people aren't ready to adopt it yet. i hate all this censorship! ugh!

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