Structures of the Eye Part 4: The retina

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The last structure we will explore is the Retina, it is an area with layers of nervous tissue that converts light energy into signals into your brain where we are able to interpret it as images. The middle of the retina is called the macula and to one side consist of the optic nerve and blood vessels. The Macula is a dark dimple spot, in the center of that is called the fovea, this is where most of the light should be the sharpest quality and that is where it contains photo-receptors called cones (color vison), surrounding the macula are photoreceptors called rods (black and white vision). Towards the nasal side of the eye ball consist of the optic nerve and blood vessels, the optic nerve (also known as the blindspot), it transmits impulses to the brain from the retina, and is surrounded by blood vessels which in turn supply nutrients to the retina.


The retina itself consist of 10 layers, starting with the Internal limiting Membrane, Retinal Nerve fibre Layer, Ganglion Cell layer, Inner Plexiform Layer, Inner Nuclear Layer, Outer Plexiform Layer, External Limiting Membrane, Photoreceptor Layers, and finally the Retinal Pigment Epithelium layer.


As you can see the retina is very complex and holds the key to what you see and how you interpret this world.

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