The Shit Post Diaries 1/26/18 (#5) ....Hell hath no fury like a Steemian Scorned....

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I would like to thank @bitfiend for providing me with a shit posting parasite of literally biblical proportions.

I proudly present @kospi as the #ShitPost winner of the day

@kospi is a special type of reward pool farming knob jockey whom certainly does not practice what he preaches. His modus operandi is to spam post a single bible verse each day and then summarily act like any low level shit head and purchase bot upvotes for them in order to continually farm the rewards pool.


As he is still in Genesis he has yet to come to verses that apply such as:

Ephesians 4:28

Let the thief no longer steal, but rather let him labor, doing honest work with his own hands, so that he may have something to share with anyone in need.

That is the problem with the self centered dickheads that come to Steemit with sole intention of slowly bleeding the platform a nickel at a time; they have no intention of “doing honest work”, or reaping the rewards of that honest work so as they could appreciate the true labor required to be successful here.

As they have no appreciation for the dedication put in by good authors like @aussieninja, @ervinneb, @bethwheatcraft or a host of others that bust their ass everyday to deliver meaningful and engaging content, they are not inclined to curate, upvote or otherwise help the platform grow. Nope, they only care about one thing, enriching themselves through manipulation of site features, spam posting and spam buying votes on their shit posts.


As is the case with all of these soulless dickheads, their profits go straight to the exchange for cash out be it bittrex or poloniex; in this case poloniex is his launderer of choice.


So how much has this turd extricated from the site thus far? About $693 USD, not bad for less than a month’s work, posting bullshit one verse articles over and over, self voting them with leased SP and also going the extra mile of purchasing bot votes for a bit of variety.

Also of note, look at his self vote percentage; 94% of his votes and voting power (including the leased SP) go to promote his spammy bullshit content that dilutes the platform of potentially meaningful content by authors that are willing to put in the work, do it the right way and help out the community and platform.


Compare his self voting percentage to mine; I sit at 20.44 %, meaning I write an article, I upvote it and the rest of my voting power is used to elevate my followers, curate good content or downvote dickheads.

Lucky for us, we seem to have caught this self serving Pickle smoocher at the beginning of his rewards farming career as he only joined this month. Let’s put an end to his abusive behavior now. At current he 251 verses into the 31,102 total verses of the Bible. He is currently collecting $2.00-$20 SBD with each post; an amount that will surely increase dramatically as he rolls his ill gotten gains into more leased SP and Bot votes which will dramatically increase the amount he is able to pilfer by the time he makes it to Deuteronomy. Also unsurprisingly and as is the case with most of these self centered fucks, the payout amount increases dramatically the closer the post is to the payout date; ergo he is late voting his posts with bots to deprive the community the opportunity to counteract his abusive behavior.

As a community it is up to us to call out self serving dickheads like this and make their schemes considerably less profitable. As site leeches like @kospi only manage to shave small percentage points of profit with each bullshit post and self vote on leased SP we can do considerable damage to his earnings and profit margin by standing together as a community and down voting the rewards on these posts.

Do Join me, and as always I have cast my downvotes, stand with me, and for the community and lets protect our stake and dissuade this type of abusive behavior. Go for the posts that are due to pay the soonest and work from there.

Wow he is even more of a shitbag than I originally thought, look at all those spam comments and self upvotes for himself.. We need to be more aggressive in our methods

I would like to thank @fbslo for generously donating SP via delegation to help me in my cause to fight self centered platform abusing dickhead spammers and bot upvoters like @kospi or any of the others that have made it into my #shitpost diary series.

Lastly and not to sound like I'm peddling something or a beggar, as I have made it one of my objectives within this community to hunt down, call out, and proactively and aggressively go after members like this; any amount of delegated SP to help me in the cause is always appreciated.

My voting record as one whom promotes others, curates and downvotes spammers on a regular basis is solid and can be checked here

Also feel free to use the neat badge below (created by @erodedthoughts) to call attention to other shit posts you find along the way. Typically if you comment his name he will help downvote GRADE A SHIT POSTS...


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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! This is amazing!
How freakin' good is that logo! I'm so using it! It's freakin' incredible!

That's where my excitement ends (thanks for the shoutout by the way... coincidently my last post features your brilliance too)... but this account is truly heinous. It's all just so douche-y and exploitative.

I will be using this logo and we will clean up this platform. My council back home would get onto graffiti straight away... if people feel like they're wasting their time, they'll stop it.... maybe not 100% but enough for us all to benefit.

I agree... As these idiots only make percentages, it's not to hard to cause damage by knocking their posts down to less than what they paid to have it upovoted.. I'm going to track down his delegate and inform him of the good news and see what that accomplishes... :) and no worries on the shout out.. I see @bethwheatcraft went ballsy today with her latest post and is testing the dangerous waters of controversy and kicking the whales.. Lets make sure we show her some love as well for standing up in spite of what the likely consequences will be.. Most likely upvote her other posts as the one will likely get crushed...

There are plenty of hard-working individuals on Steemit, who work theri ass*s off to bring good, quality content to the community. They sacrifice their free time, so they have time to make reseach and try to gain a following. THIS LEACH is raping and milking the cow, until the cow drops dead. Such a disappointment. If I was a whale, I would be very very very concerned and MAD ! If this desease spreads, we are all done.

I agree with you and I do what I can to out them and make what they are doing more visible for the community..

(you hear an engine rev and horn honk)
(the window on the humvee rolls down to reveal a warm smiling face)
"Hello! I'm @shadow3scalpel and with the help of my protege, @chairborne, we are actively assisting veterans, retirees and active servicemen and women here on Steemit. We feel it is our 'duty' to support each other. Any questions or comments you may have, simply respond to this comment, thank you!"
(the window rolls up and the engine roars as it drives to the next person on the list)
Comment by @killerwhale. This is a opt-in bot.

@pawsdog is always at it..

Keep up the good work ,we need to fishout these guys deliberately so we have a fair to better community on steemit.

I agree, one shit head at a time..

talkin' bout hypocracy 😉
time will tell if this 'lost soul' will be guided back to the righteous way of honest, upright quality content...

We shall see for sure, I will certainly do my part in "not sparing the rod so as the child does not become spoiled"

as usual, looking forward to it!

Will do...

Sweet I will check it out when I have time..

"hell hath no fury like a Steemian scorned"
Hot damn this title was like, written for me today. I shouldn't get on Steemit when I am in a bad mood and reply to posts criticizing my content. It doesn't end well. There is no possible way that could have ended well. OH WELL. You are killing it with these shitpost posts. I wish I could give you all the SBD's. Alas, I shalt give you .06 as that's all I have to give! I should probably also not post when I'm on pain meds! ALL THE SBD's!!! Ya know what, I am going to send you some right now, because I love you and your posts and think youre amazing! Here goes....

seems to of worked out, I would give a nice shout out to @troglodactyl for stepping up like he always does and helping you out... :) Dude is the bomb and as saved my bacon on controversial posts when needed as I do believe he sees the bigger picture of what we are trying to accomplish

Yes. He is awesome. I made a ponzi scheme video for him, for all the basic bitches like myself to understand. Thought it might gain him some traction on his article, which I FORGOT TO LINK. Crap. I'll do that now! Keep on keepin' on!

Yeah, link me in the article here...

I think I'm going to give this a shout out in my BuzzSteem vid today instead, as it might get buried on my post if no one is reading it.

Sweet, I'll check it out...

Kids bday today and I'm on my way out, but thanks for writing this one up! One at a time. I just hope that his payouts get flagged in time by people with more power.

Keep up the great work! I enjoyed the way you worded this one.

Thanks... have fun at the bday party..

Hehe, your use of words men. This was enlightening to read, passes the point across and still fun. Solid content

Thanks, I try to be amusing and keep the reader interested..

This is incredible ! I haven't seem someone so insolent. I am genuinely stunned and pissed ! I want to use all my VP to downvote this guy. The incredible thing is that he is beneath the mask of a "godly man". What a fuckin hypocrate - If he was so godly, he would act in such matter !

Look at his response to you

"Be a generous person" he says. UNBELIAVABLE ! I am pissed !

@pawsdog I've been reading the shitpost articles, but this one really got on my nerve. @kospi is going to get what's coming for him.


Re-Steemed and I would like to get your approval for a article myself on the same topic, concerning the same user for publicity.

Of course, go ahead and write it up.. I'll resteem it as you create quality content..

Totally love that you are doing This, keep it up.
Question tho, I'm not a fan of bots based on my impression of most of the people using them, but should I be fighting fire with fire here? Meaning I think I make good content, should I be using a bit to beat out this shit posters and get seen?

That is a call that you will have to make my friend, and reap the rewards of or suffer the consequences of. There are a ton of studies on them if you search and they are not actually profitable as it is being the general consensus. Also they are not a necessity.. I have never used a single bot and do just fine. In fact if you check my million dollar challenge that is one of my rules..

Do you report these guys to Steemcleaners?

I did as well as his crazy comment spam here:

Here's a nomination for you Cut and paste crap from Youtube.

And a mini-haejin in the making -
( every post has one chart and the same crap content) + $100 upvotes

The first one I may be able to help with or dissuade, the second one is too rich for my blood at the moment.. :)

Almost all the upvoting on the 2nd one is through @upme:

Apparently the management of that votebot is trying to have some quality standards, but I still think it's a major problem. Selling votes like that would still fall under the definition of a Ponzi scheme in my opinion:

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I would agree, I did leave a comment message on @upme alerting them and asking them to add him to the blacklist, I also hit up @minnowbooster and steemcleaners on discord, as well as messaged all his delegates..Doing everything I can to attack the problem... I will do an update post on the effect we have had on past winners..

Also you have to look at the financial incentive for the vote sellers and gauge their motivation to change as he is spending a lot of SP to promote his TA..

I think the vote selling is shortsighted, but convincing people of that may take a while. Selling voting power means that the purchaser has the control but not the consequences. The seller is subject to the vesting schedule and can't dump instantly, but the buyer has no incentive not to harvest short term gains that wreck the value long term.

It's like renting a fast car out to a teenager with no collateral or insurance.

I agree and likewise believe that vote selling is extraordinarily short sighted and in the long run only serves to damage the platform. Moreover it is not really a viable path towards success, in the end the % gains are minimal for the purchaser and its more fallacy than reality.

Granted there is a point at which the ends do justify the means in regards to gaining small percentage points, as profitability of a % is based upon capital invested so if your spending 100SBD to make 105 over and over, then it could be viewed as a profitable venture regardless of the fact that it hurts the long term health of the platform. Also at that level it becomes considerably more difficult to combat and the shrinkage of the pool when say hundreds of members get to that level could be quite substantial.

Hell even some of these low level shit heads I go after have skimmed 5k or more during their run. My goal is to catch them toward the beginning and keep crushing them down and prevent them from growing into something more sinister. My ability to do so will increase as my SP increases and I have ever more influence to enforce community friendly behavior and dissuade these startups before they become and enterprise.

Now is a somewhat critical time as the site is not entirely fucked yet, but with each passing day and each new shit head.. it gets more and more difficult to combat. Now is the time to take a hard right, fork the site or pursue some other radical venture that will eliminate the issue in its entirety.

In all honest I just want the site to get back on track and get back to the point were its purist ideals are in full force. Those being that the best content is promoted based upon its merit. That is what will keep the site interesting help it grown and increase steem power dramatically.

I think the devs are trying to open a lot of different avenues, Dtube, the streaming thing etc. but have yet to address simple problems affecting the parent site, problems that will only migrate and infect other platforms built in the same fashion. They cannot expect to create something better until the figure out how to fix the prototype and make it function as designed first.

Keep up the good fight!!

On it everyday.. :)

This post just made my shitty day awesome. I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments and love that shit post badge. I will definitely use it in the future, once I power up I would love to help, still a noob here. Thanks for sharing this!!!

No worries, individually our power is limited but together we can accomplish much... :)

To the following delegates:

@tantrum, @simondocherty, @cryptoeera, @coinfund, @investegg, @msp-foundation, @noisynooky, @jellenmark, @geronimo, @luismy

Please cancel your delegations to the shit posting spammer @kospi

I love the work you are putting in on this.
Keep it up.
If we can get rid of all the useless shit posting goin on it will be a lot easier to find the quality content that actually deserves to be read and rewarded.

I agree, shit like this, only hurts the community as it has absolutely no value whatsoever...

Check out my latest piece on the mysterious Boleskine Manor if you get a chance.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)Reveal Comment

LOOK THE TURD HAS COME HERE, AND ACTUALLY UPVOTED HIS OWN SPAM COMMENT AFTER BEING CALLED OUT. I WISH @steemcleaners @partrice @mack-bot would take serious interest in this dude.

I see they hit a few of his posts but here is another one

with a hundred bucks in spam self upvotes on 20 or so of his own comments.. Also could we blank his comment here as well...

Basically every comment on every post, and every post of his needs to be downvoted...

Did you really upvote your comment, after being here because of that same reason. @pawsdog good luck bro, arguing with this one. It's 4 PM here, so I don't have the nerves for this today.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

He's really stepped up his game, and has resteemed a bunch in an attempt to bury his self-voted posts too

I don't know what to say. Now ho edited his comment. Lol... All you have to do is create worthy content, but people prefer the much easier path to bittrex. Well...

I never saw his original one, thought - was his response. Still didnt surprise me.

His initial response to me was something like "Im sorry, I am just waiting to find the principle" but since I never responded to those, he deleted them.

I think it was "Be a generous man" or something in that line