Daily Dose of Sultnpapper 04/25/18> Cash cow, eggs & minnows all in this dose…

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So I had some time Tuesday afternoon to spend on the internet and like normal my first stop was my steemit blog, I cleared up a few replies I was owing some good folks who were kind enough to read and comment on some of my daily dose columns of recent days. I even had a chance to listen in on the “Talk of The Line” live chat that is put on over at @thesteemengine , some real nice folks in that group and I enjoy being a part of them.

I also caught an afternoon poker game and made it to the final table only to be knocked out it 9th place, pockets Aces of mine got beat by a spade flush and I had gone all in and lost out, I won $0.05 SBD for my effort though, so all was not lost.

I also checked on few people who I hadn’t seen posting anything lately, looks like they might have jumped ship, as the one has been gone for a month and the other two months. These were people that I engaged with when they posted their “introduce yourself “posts. I think the one had been here three months and the other one five.

There isn’t much you can say to people who seem to know it all is there? What I mean by that is steemit isn’t your typical social media and for most people they think it is some kind of “cash cow” just waiting for them to show up and lead it to the slaughter house.

The one person is a lady who knows how to write, she had been writing articles on the internet and won some awards for articles she had written and published elsewhere according to her. She just couldn’t understand why her stuff she was writing here just wasn’t getting up voted and re-steemed. It really doesn’t matter how many people you had reading your stuff elsewhere lady, her claims were about 250,000 people were reading her on a regular basis. My suggestion to her was to go bring them here or get in some groups and get involved with the people that are here. I tried to help her as much as I could, I made group suggestions, introduced her to a couple people in those groups that were well known, but she didn’t make the effort.

It wasn’t that she wasn’t driven, she’d write two or three articles a day, but no results in the payouts. Had she put more effort into curating and meeting people I think she would have done okay here, her effort was misplaced in my opinion.

This so called “cash cow” named steemit isn’t as easy as these people think it is to get to the slaughter house. If you don’t have a big feed bucket full of steem to entice it you had better learn some old rancher tricks or you’ll never get the cow in the livestock trailer let alone the slaughter house.

I don’t even think about the cash cow, right now I’m just collecting SBD eggs and meeting good folks on here. The way I see it is that right now only about 6% of the people who sign up on here are actually using it on a regular basis. There are over 940,000 registered accounts and only about 65,000 regular users. The reason I bring this up is because I ran across a project on here called “school of minnows” , have you heard of it? Neither had I up until a couple of days ago when a person a normally engage with, and hadn’t seen in while, had something on her blog about it.

The way school of minnows works, from my understanding, is if join in their bot monitors your voting power, you agree to allow them to use one of your full up votes if the bot finds your voting power at 100% sometime during the day, and only once per day. In return they will upvote your posts with votes from others if you have made a post, plus they will resteem your post. They say you can opt out at any time, and you don’t have to give up any keys.

I’m not recommending it, just mentioning it, do your own research and if you find yourself with voting power that is just sitting there waiting for you at the end of the day it might be worth doing. I think it takes less than 4 hours to recover back to 100% from one up vote at 100% if I remember correctly. It might also be good if you are going to be off of here for a while, at least your votes will go to help other minnows, and they keep track and “bank your votes” so when you get back you will get more upvotes to help you recover or something like that.

Just think how much voting power is going to waste on all those accounts that are sitting idle, even if it is 0.001 at 100% , that still $900 a day that could be going to minnows. So if you know anyone who is going to jump ship, tell them to go sign up and at least help those of that are here for the long haul.

I also found another thing called @steembasicincome this week, a person in a group I’m in did a post on it. It also does some upvotes and it works on people sponsoring other people for $1.00 steem to get in, I sponsored 9 people who I think very highly of on here and I plan on adding a couple more each week as part of me giving back to the community. I like doing things that don’t take a lot of effort and this fits me to a tee. Just pay and go on about my business.

That’s all I’ve got for today, other than in between typing this I have won 3 little one table poker games, that qualify me for some SBD games later in the week. So, I’m headed back to the poker table.

Until next time,


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Yeah, there's certainly a way to play the Steem game… I guess you get out what you put in as ever. I've never been sure about bots, but worth researching to see what works. Thanks for the tips and good luck with the poker!


Thanks for dropping in and saying hello. I've haven't been a fan of bots in the past but I didn't fully understand what it was all about either, and I'm not sure that I do now. But I do know that there are times that I have extra voting power just sitting on the shelf so to speak that could be put to work to help others, and from what I have seen the people who have joined this already are putting out some quality content they just haven't been around long enough to have gained a following, if my extra vote helps throw them a few extra cents on their post and that helps keep them on here to me that is a good thing. If I also end up getting some votes that is a good thing too.
We all know that there are whales on here that just upvote themselves or the close friends on posts that are total crap and the upvotes are massive amounts and no where near deserving of the amounts money they get, so why not help the little minnows who in 95% of the cases do deserve it is my thought.

That one lady blogger... I wonder how long did it take her to build that following of 250,000 people? I am sure she didn't have that many followers on her first day of blogging, or even first month, or maybe even in her first year! Things take time, but everyone wants instant gratification.


Yes, I'm sure it wasn't all peaches and cream or tea and crumpets where she came from or from day one on there either, if she wants instant gratification I would suggest she get herself a battery operated toy.

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I had not heard of minnow School and for some i know it will be very useful, or if I was on vacation and didnt have time to comment and upvote then it would be good for me, but i like to try and visit my friends on here and comment so my upvote seldom if ever reaches 100% but also seldom goes below 90%

Cheers and have a good day


Yes, like I said , it isn't for everyone but it is good to let everyone know these things exist, you never know when you might need to recommend that some one at least explore the options if they asking for something like it.


YEs it is good to share info like this some may find it very handy and use it

I relate so much to the question and statements you put in this post, I too yesterday thought about all the inactive accounts with spare sbd just sitting there doing nothing. We are a very low statistic aren't we it does make me wonder though does it seperate the good from the bad, and how many people come on thinking to make a quick buck. Good post sir.


Thanks man, we almost need a programmer to come up with a bot to welcome new folks and then tell them, if you plan on leaving at least be kind enough to help those minnows who are committed to staying by joining school of minnows before you jump ship. That way even the the vote doesn't amount to much, at least it would get used instead of wasted.
Thanks for the compliment, coming from a thinking man like you, it means a lot to me.

What goes on under the hood here is just a little too intricate for me to bother with Sulty. As long as the choices above board are intelligently weighed by intelligent people, that is fine by me.

Voting bots, nah. I have not noticed any of those clever enough to know the difference between poo and peaches, so using any of those for levering myself into a better position is out. It just does not feel right.

I came into this community trusting that the system was designed, nobody cheating, to work just fine in favor of those with good intentions. And I still trust this is the case.

Fact is though, just as in the real world you don't put on a bullet proof vest going to the local coffee shop and neither do you leave a guard by your table when you go to the loo, so steemit has it's vulnerabilities that innocent members of the community trust nobody will misuse.

But just as street crime in the real world is on the increase due to moral decay in general, for reasons not always easy to put your finger on, so on this platform a growing number of pick-pocket/shoplifting types have discovered as lucrative a place to ply their trade as on a thronging open market square.

A-a-anyhow, my policy is to keep plying my way as soberly and as 'clean' as possible, spending more time at it (as hopefully my part of the 3D world will shortly allow me - harrowing couple of months behind me, with a visit to my children living more than 2000km apart still in the pipeline!); the way things are, regarding those who cheat at scoring, the best I can do is to do what I can on the educational side and vote for big guns who could perhaps help change the rules and the environment in favor of curbing bad behavior.

Sorry for perhaps drifting little off topic here, but I trust you will understand.

Thanks for the clean looking tips!


Well there are bots now that can separate the poo from the peaches, one of them is @trufflepig or there might be an "s" on the end as in pigs. It is real good and I have look at several posts it determined were undervalued and upvoted them after reading them.
I understand but now you do pretty much have to have someone watch your table at a restaurant or don't leave anything of value on the table while you are in the loo, there are thieves that will snatch and run, especially purses and phones.
It is moral decline at its best and continuing to raise the bar on how bad it can get.
Free to rant here any time you like, and also enjoy hearing your thoughts even if I can't follow them along every time, I understood this today though.
Enjoy your upcoming trip.


Sorry for being a little vague sometimes - been tripping over my words for a lifetime..part of being an odd shaped peg in a round hole I suppose. Born that way, but trying my best not to get myself knotted in convoluted sentences, never mind those who have to tolerate it.

I have btw found only one truffle in my district all my life - very rare. Maybe @trufflepig can help me with that too - thanks for the tip!

I like your approach and attitude here on Steemit. I've been reading about the UBI project as well and I like it. Are you familiar with Mannabase?


I have read a couple things on Mannabase, but I can't really speak to it right now from memory on what country etc., it is similar though in principal to the steembasicincome if memory serves me correctly.
Nice of you to stop in and glad to hear that you like what I offer up here in my daily dose columns.


If you decide to sign up for Manna I'd be happy to give you a reference link. DM me on Discord.


I'll take another look at it and get back with you if I decide to go that route, thanks.

I joined Steemit in August 2016, but I didn't become active on it, or even write my first post, until November 2017! I just couldn't get my brain round it. I was one of those people who thought... "but where does the money come from?" even though I've been into crypto since 2012! Having wasted so much time, I'm trying to catch up now! It's a shame that other people give up on it so easily when it has so much to offer.