Common Computer problems and their Solutions

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There are thousands of queries that your computer could have, from an endless list of possible error messages to various hardware failures. Most of those issues might have several possible causes as well. The problems most computer users encounter are common errors and omissions, seen by many others.

Following are the list of 5 General Problems:-

Computer won’t turn on or merely show no picture

If you are feeling such problem, there some things that you can do:

  1. Make sure that the power cable is adjusted to a working crack
  2. Try using different power cable if you have.
  3. Check and make sure that the power button isn’t stuck.
  4. If the informant has a power symbol light ON, but you still don’t have any picture, check to make sure the video cable is joined to the CPU.
  5. Try starting the PC in “Safe Mode.” Set the display context if necessary, then again Restart.

Blue Screen Error


  1. Technically this error is known as STOP error, where you see a blue screen with ‘dies’ written on it.
  2. Start your PC using Last Known Good Configuration.
  3. By using System restore, you can undo recent system changes.
  4. Modernizing hardware drivers.
    5.Reseat all internal data and power cables.

Page Not Found Error- 404 Error


This error indicates that whatever page you tried to reach on the Internet isn’t there. To fix this:

  1. Retry the webpage each manually or by pressing F5.
  2. Check for errors in URL, whether you type the correct web address or not.
  3. Clear your browser’s cache.
  4. Change the DNS servers.

Keyboard or Mouse stop working


  1. If the devices have USB link, disconnect all the accessories and then reconnect them.
  2. Try connecting them to different USB ports.
  3. Try restarting your computer, sometimes this helps.
  4. Try updating the USB drivers.

Windows Start button is gone


1.Hover your pointer about the area where the taskbar was. If it reappears, right-click the toolbar and unselect “Auto-hide taskbar”.
2..Press the “Window Key” to access “Start Menu.”
3.If the taskbar has moved, drag and drop it from its current section back to where you want it to be.

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Nice work it will really going to help in computers , thanks again for the solutions :)


Hey! Friend Do you know if my power button is not working how can I turn on my laptop?


Remove back cover of laptop and go to panel of witch on or off and touch the wire for tunring on

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Always seen 404 error.but known know how to tackle it


it means your hardware problem or window corruption

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Nyc troubleshooting tricks

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