Endless beach

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Back at one of our favorite places, Waterside beach NB. We really love this spots sand and huge vistas. This is one of our areas true sand beaches, but you can still find a lot of stone.


This peaceful shot was taken moments before a dinosaur rampage leveled the fortress.




The unnatural formations in the sand are the pilings of a once huge wharf that served the area. It was called the Anderson hollow wharf, they were doing business of all sorts here when sailing vessels were the main purveyors of goods. Parts of the wharf can be found everywhere along the coast now, an annoying reminder of the size of this wharf.

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This is a very beautiful area. You said there was a huge wharf there once, suggesting it was a sailing, shipping or bussiness hub. What happened?


steel vessels, the decline of the lumber trade, and possibly damage from the Saxby gale.


Wow! I see steel ships replaced wooden ones, the support industry for the wooden ships dies and the wharf needs capital improvements, then a storm and it’s cheaper to just send steel ships somewhere else. I never heard of the Saxby gale, I hope it didn’t kill to many people. I wonder if the government ever thought of rebuilding a commercial shipping center there?


No, we just fish the bay now for Lobsters and, scallop and there is a more accessible wharf in Alma. Best Lobster and scallops you'll find anywhere on this earth!


This place sounds like a seafood lovers delight. Do they have a busy shipping port in Alma?


No, just fisherman and the usual cocaine trafficking.

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