Into smithereens

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The best things in life we get for free. This hugs and smiles, our friends, gentle kisses, friendly family, good sleep, love, laughter and good memories.


I think that feelings and emotions are always a bright part of our life. At the same time, feelings can be both positive and negative.


Today my drawing is not quite usual. I tried to show the way out of the negative emotions that arise against the background of various obstacles that take place in our lives.


Each person has their own methods that help to throw out emotions. Someone chopping wood, someone pounding a sports pear ,someone running or dancing.


Emotions are experienced by every person, but to be their prisoner or master is a personal choice for each of us.


I used watercolor paper (A3 size, density 300 g), watercolor paints, graphic pencil, soft eraser, round brush synthetic №№7,4,2.

I wish You more positive emotions. Thank you if you took the time to look at my blog. I'll see you soon...


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Thank you! Much appreciated :))

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Thanks for the encouragement :))

Very powerful work, and thank you for showing us the step-by step, @madlenfox. Your painting is sure opposite to your opening words :)

Yes, I imagined that this is an extreme degree of manifestation of negative emotions, if people are not able to keep them under control :)).
Thank you, @fitinfun !


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Thanks for encouragement :))! How nice to see the support from Your team.
Thank you, @georgeboya !

You are very welcome 😊

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Excelente dibujo, tiene mucha fuerza.
Saludos cariñosos amiga Marina. 🤗 Te tengo presente.

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Gracias, Louise. Es un placer ver tu apoyo. Estoy muy agradecida, abrazos. :))

WOW what an awesome painting so powerful

The best things in life we get for free.
its a pity for so many they do not realize this or it takes a long time to learn

and yes I do agree its very important for each person to find a way to handle their emotions both good and bad

Doctors and psychologists say that you do not always need to restrain everything inside yourself, it is bad for health. Control is undoubtedly necessary. Thanks @tattoodjay !

Ohh yes I do believe that is true, the same with any kind of stress or sadness you need to let it out somehow, I know that from experience, we all need to find our own form of release

It´s very impressive how the emotions are not just black or white, they are frequently mixed, as you say in some balance between light and darkness and it's always for some reason we need to know and make our choice. Great drawing, @MadlenFox, full of meaning and signs! I love that you are enjoying your drawings so much!!
Great hugs and many kisses!! Thanks a lot for your support!!
Much Love and Light always!!

You have chosen the word balance very precisely. Sometimes it turns out to be too restrained , then too emotional. So I think balance is the right thing to do. Thank you, my friend, for taking the time to visit. I wish You many happy moments and a pleasant weekend. Hugs. :))

The pleasure is mine for visiting you!!
Good vibes for you too, my dear Friend. Always the best!! :-)

Enjoyed your descriptive art on feelings, this sums up well breaking through emotional turmoil @madlenfox

It is possible that sometimes you need to vent the excess emotion, the main thing that it did not give devastating effects :)
Thanks for visiting, @joanstewart

Мне понравилось как ты нарисовала стекло.
Очень эффектно получилось, Мариночка!

я сама не ожидала что получится:)
мне было интересно попробовать передать прозрачность :))
Спасибо, Светлана!

A brilliant description of shattering negative emotions here my friend!
Life should be a tree where one can pluck the fruits called hope every new day!
Blessings and great art here!

I like that expression -Life should be a tree where one can pluck the fruits called hope every new day!
Thank you, @papilloncharity ! There is something to think about :)

Hope glass is not a Steemit :-))

Oh, heh, no. As long as he doesn't make me feel that way and I'm still going on my way here with everyone :)

Yes of course. Let's hope for a better fate :-))

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Thanks! Very nice to know about it :))

This is great. I think the piece conveys one who is angry and couldn't control his temper then started destroying things

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