The end is the beginning

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So what is the meaning of the caption above? The end is the beginning? We all experience the time in forward direction right?

I would like to point out one habit, which i try to adopt nowadays. I found it very valuable to think about the end before starting a task. To work with the end in mind, makes me more focused and less disturbed. Lets' take blogging as an example. Usually we try to make an outline and try to plan our language beforehand. May be you have faced the same situation as well, which is drawing boundaries in such a task! The outline may go very detailed, and the sub-captions can grow rapidly. But we have limited time and limited word numbers. If not but at least we have to stop at some point, and start writing.

The solution?

The solution is to think the end first. What do you want to emphasize? And to which idea you will carry your readers to? For me, this method of thinking, can clean out the way to the completion of the task.

We can think about diverse examples and real life situations, where we couldn't take any decision and float. What about thinking about what outcome you expect from that moment of irresolution... That may help us to sharpen our focus and drive our thoughts on the right line. Sometimes when starting a task or in the middle, my head is getting crowded with ideas, alternatives or dislikes. If I listen all these, I can not continue. I have to filter and quieten the rest. And it has to be automatic. So if I ever get in trap of perfection or indecisiveness, I think about the end straight away. It works on me.

Work smart not hard, but you can play hard 🍺

Especially, if you are working in a competitive business or any job where there is "get it done a.s.a.p", then you have to learn to manage your time wisely. In my previous post , I mentioned about working smart not hard. Focusing is another way to work smart I guess.

Do you know 80/20 principle? It states %80 portion of what we receive is because of %20 percent of what we do. There are tons of different explanations according to business types, but the principle is the same. So may be addition to thinking the end, we can focus on %80 percent of outcomes we expect and try to find inputs most relevant that consist of %20 of all and make them our most valued.

Interesting thing is, we can generalize all this idea up to life long level. What do you expect when you leave this life, people to talk about you?


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Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards

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The most successful people work intensely about 3 1/2 hours/day. The rest of they day they socialize, network, exercise, eat, sleep and nurture relationships.

I agree @bennybelljr. That should be the way.

90 percent people will begin is the end.

Yeah, could be

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