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We are always busy and always running for something. Well, if we can't say all of us, at least majority is under huge "urgency" attack!

Remember people say: "Don't work hard but work smarter!". I like this saying, but on the other hand, it is not really applicable if you didn't develop some habits. Because for me, habits are links between your psychology and physiology. For example, taking coffee before your breakfast can be a habit. You don't think about it much. It makes you feel refreshed and your are used to do it over and over again during the days of a week.

Being proactive

Alternatively, to succeed in something, we need to develop habits about that task. The task, project or job will require certain effort from you. And most of the time this effort has to be given periodically. For instance, to work smarter, why not we develop a habit to wake up 1 hour early and think about planning the day ahead? It will be hard at the beginning, but when it becomes a habit, you will not feel it anymore. Instead you will build a link between your inner world and the task at hand. After a certain amount of time, if you skip it you will feel lacking. Like adrenaline addiction.

Being proactive is a habit that we can implement in our lives. Personally i find it valuable since it brings some relief. This term, "proactive" is very appealing. There are also siblings of this term: active and reactive. I see it as; being proactive is to prevent something form occurring. Of course with a planning in place. But lets say it happened... Then you switch to active state, and try to mitigate negative effects afterwards. Still you had a mitigation plan. Reactive is like explosion. No plan no forecast, and something happens. The fuss.

Reactive mindset

People with reactive mindset would talk like:

  • "That's me. That's just the way I am." I am determined. There's nothing I can do about it.
  • "He makes me so mad!" I'm not responsible. My emotional life is governed by something outside my control.
  • "I can't do that. I just don't have the time." Something outside me -- limited time -- is controlling me.
  • "If only my wife were more patient." Someone else's behavior is limiting my effectiveness.
  • "I have to do it." Circumstances or other people are forcing me to do what I do. I'm not free to choose my own actions.
  • There's nothing I can do. That's just the way I am. He makes me so mad. They won't allow that. I have to do that. I can't. I must. If only.

You feel the smell of blaming the environment? Not taking any responsibility of any kind?

Starting point

May be, to stay in proactive zone it is good to start with changing everyday language. I think the thin red line is "do you have to ?" or "do you choose to ?"

The bottom line is, we have to be able to give response, if not to all of the events but at least to the ones that we count as important. And to be able, we have to be prepared. Emotionally, technically, organically, mentally etc. I am not saying that we have to sit down and start taking notes about our best guesses forward. A little bit of planning, some awareness and sharp focus will do the trick.

response + able = responsible


Exactly Bro, Thank you Very much to written this post this post is very help full for that person who haven't a idea about smart work they are only focus on hard work @m1alsan, what is your opinion about that people who don't know about smart work?

Thanks! Life is short @sutihar, we need to live it !

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Es una buena forma de organizarse! el post esta muy interesante!

well really a guy who is a proactive thinker is more likely to succeed than a normal guy.

I agree @dhabal, generally the mindset we have makes the difference...

yes buddy its true

positive thing brings positive word and healthy thinking

This is a great article but I need one suggestion I work smart. but I can't communicate to others how to over come this problem.

@vishamber, my two cents for root cause is: to get worried is easy and people like it, fast return of interest. But on the other hand, to hope something good is difficult. You have to wait for it...

Great article @m1alsan - it is about managing priorities. This topic is one of my pet topics when coaching leadership. I will share of my insights shortly and hope to hear from you.

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