Need for Speed Little Mouse your Wheel is Waiting, Love America!

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Back in Europe I remember that life was much relaxed. Yes we had plenty of stress and I am in no way stressing that it was fun. But we did at least one thing right. And that thing was morning espresso. One cup of delicious morning elixir with the perfect shot of Italian roasted coffee, a drop of sugar and just a splash of warm foamy milk! Perfect morning starter and it only took minutes to drink, or in my case as long as my cigarette lasted! Mmm perfect start of morning!

Getting back to reality, things weren’t so dreamy as I imagined when I first arrived to the Land of the Free.
I remember like it was yesterday, my first day in this country! I woke up at around 8 am, jet lagged and all and soon enough I found myself sitting in a car on the way to get coffee! What other way to relieve yourself from the stress of traveling, than a good cup of coffee after such a long flight?! Right? Wrong! What I called a morning coffee and what it actually turned out to be are two different situations..pff..I in my naivety I imagined actually going IN a coffee shop, sitting down, having an espresso, preferably with milk and sugar, in my case smoke a cigarette and only after that, go on with the days activity! Boy was I dead wrong! Who knew that Americans have drive thru coffee shops?! So instead of the coffee shop, there was a line of cars in a drive thru …I was soon informed that that's how things work round here and the price for the early bird was to get in line at this drive thru..I reluctantly approved, since the statement was so outspoken. Finally our time came and I was asked what was my coffee preference..espresso I mumbled, what the hell else? Turns out this was a bad, bad choice as well..instead of my morning elixir I got this paper cup with a shot of espresso at the milk in sight..and yuk! damn sure no sugar! download.jpeg

And hell the coffee was dark roast as hell, that is if hell here was dark..nothing till now proved that I actually knew anything about this land. I managed to mumble something about sugar and soon enough I got some packets of the sweet dust and a wooden stick to mix it all up! By the time that I managed to figure out anything we were already long gone from the coffee shop and speeding on the highway. And let me just say this, it is fucking hard to pour sugar out of those little packets and mix it up with a wooden stick, all while speeding down the highway! Damn fucking hard! All I could think of was, what in the bloody hell was burning, that we absolutely needed to rush too?! Only thing I wished for, after my morning expectations were shattered to pieces, was a cigarette. I figured that it might tone down the darkness of the coffee and somehow calm me down. Wrong again. Turns out the Mercedes Benz that I was traveling in was not a smoker friendly one. Well fuck the Germans and their fancy ass cars, is what I thought then and there, being careful not to express my total disregard for this so called rule. So with my paper cup in one hand and my morning routine out the window of the speeding Benz, I was heading who knows where to extinguish an obvious fire somewhere. Needless to say that my initial excitement had burned out, at the same speed it takes a German engineered vehicle to shoot out gas down the exhaust pipe! Hilarious as it may seem now, it felt like I had just been kidnapped and heading to some undisclosed location with the speed of light.
That was my Good Morning America! Land of the Free! Free to run around like a mouse on it’s wheel, to be more exact. mouse.gif

Since then a number of years have passed and I have learned, the hard way, obviously, the proper way to order a coffee. The trick is to wake up early enough to make your own. Enjoy it at home. While you still have time and take the rest to go, since you are going to need every drop of that elixir!
The story of the little mouse struggling to get ahead of it’s wheel is not a metaphor in this case. We are mere mice in someones wheel, trying to make a living, by pushing as hard as we can to spin that wheel. Nothing seems to get us to stop and look around. There is no time for that. We must get the wheel going! Every day, only stopping to replenish our exhausted bodies with fast, most of the time drive thru meals, just to get our energy up enough to keep the wheel spinning for the rest of the day. And we do it, struggling, with no grand future expectations, a mere routine of living in this cage we call life.
There are mice that have gone rogue and quit the wheel and have, by their mentions, found some sort of Nirvana.n.jpeg
But those are few and I do envy them a lot. Yes, I am not embarrassed to admit my rodent flaws, I feel envy sometimes, but it is short lived, since I have no time to spare and contemplate others success stories. But every now and then, hope comes along and a new master must be chosen. He or she promises to look after us better, to give as a break from the wheel and provide different types of nutrition, so we are more healthy and happy to spin the wheel. We always give them a chance, not because we believe them, but because we don’t have any other choice. By the time the new owner appears, we kinda figure out that the mouse and it’s kind will not get a break. There is no time for complaining.
I have heard of some race of rodents, in other parts of the world, that had enough with those empty promises and went on strike and even full on revolted!mice revolutin.jpeg
It has never turned out well for them. So we go on spinning and rolling, looking forward for the late evening when we can relax somehow in the few hours that we have, before the wheel needs to be spinned again.
There is no moral to this story. We are what we are. Mere rodents. But I ask you one thing? Who is to stop us from smelling the flowers once in a while? Who is to say we are not allowed to do that? At the end of the day be it not our effort of spinning the wheel, the whole circus would not exist. Not the master, not his assistants, nobody! Who can stop us to actually enjoy that one drop of life once in a while? Be it a coffee or a walk in the park? How many of you, my fellow rodents, have actually stopped and smelled the roses once in a while?mouse rose.jpeg

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Excellent writing! Congratulations ! And I hope you're a happy mouse in your new wheel.

Thank you! I am a mouse happy as I can be in this wheel just making the best of each day! Thanks for stopping by!

Nice story! I know I’m lucky... I runned on the wheel for about 10 years and after feeling as a slave for a decade I finally finish paying for my house and never again worked on something that makes me feel that way... for the las 4 years I’ve been traveling and working all around! Life is so beautiful outside the glass box! I wish that was the reality for everyone... keep the good writing coming 🙂
just one advise... say at the end of your post where you got the images from!

Thank you @lavidaesunviaje ! You are one of the lucky ones aren’t you? That’s the plan here too, but for know I still have some spinns left..happy to see people out of the glass box and out in the real world! Keep in touch!😁

Yesss!!! but im one of those that can't live in the box... i would of died inside there if i stayed longer... :/
It looks to my that there are some beings that can actually be happy like that... weird but i know i don't know so much... just my small point of view :)
Always nice to find people who shares good thoughts... i'm your follower now!
no need to follow back ;)follow_small.jpg

lol... most times I say that because I like to share this drawing :)

I was already following you but yeah the drawing is cool! Your point of view works just fine! Same here!

Wonderful writing! I like the way you start with a personal story from real-life, one to which we readers can understand and relate! That made plunging into the rest of the writing much more enjoyable and easy to keep reading. I like the wisdom of equating us to rats on a wheel, for that is certainly how life feels sometimes. This whole piece is presented in a very down-to-earth way! Bravo! 😊


Thank you @thekittygirl ! Glad you enjoyed it! It certainly feels like we are little mice on a never ending wheel sometimes..keep in touch!

Damn, for once I am in total agreement with you, I had better get to a doctor quickly. I tried to message you on discord, but it got blocked. Is there something I should know?

Yes I got disconected from the steem engine and thats why you can’t contact me..send me an invite again..

I watched all the "hamsters on a wheel", as I've always called them, but your mice work just as well :) I always wondered why people where their "busy-ness" like a badge of honour, simply working but as you say, not stopping to smell the roses or enjoy life.

My husband and I got off the wheel and moved to Mexico where life is relaxed and simple...and a lot cheaper than Canada. You should think about it too :) Cheers!

I love the story and the photographs are great too.

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