Five Photography Posts to Read on Steemit this Sunday!

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Would you like to see five photography posts on Steemit with beautiful photos that I liked this Sunday because you may like them as well?

Five Photography Posts to Read on Steemit this Sunday!

Sunday is the day I take the time to read more posts on Steemit and every time I explore I discover new authors who are doing a great job writing excellent posts with beautiful pictures.

Today, I just explored the "photography" trending page here:

Below are the five photography posts I'd like to share with you.

Five Photography Posts to Read on Steemit this Sunday!

These photography posts I selected are on different topics, you will see photos of a very cute little dog, colorful drinks, antic British cars, Buddhist Disciples statues and pyramids in Mexico.

You are encouraged to read them all, but also to upvote them and comment.

(Not in any specific order)

I Got a Pembroke Welsh Sable Corgi for my Birthday!

Author: @adonisabril

In this post the author writes about his new Pembroke Welsh Sable Corgi and I found the story and the dog adorable. I am sure you will like it too.

I Got a Pembroke Welsh Sable Corgi for my Birthday!

Alright, guys here's the deal. I haven't really been traveling around the world for the last 7 months. I've been grounded in the Pacific Northwest for the time is working on a tech contract to replenish my funds that have been depleted from constant travel. Don't get me wrong, travel is cheap, and could have continued traveling for years on end.

"Pom-a-Melon" Slushies - FOOD PHOTO SHOOT

Author: @gringalicious

The author is sharing with us photos of these delicious fruit drinks, which I would be happy to grab and drink.

"Pom-a-Melon" Slushies - FOOD PHOTO SHOOT

On the super sunny Summer days (say that 5x fast, lol) it’s nice to make simple recipes that don’t require much difficulty. These slushies have a bit of summer fruit, a bit of winter fruit, and some spring fresh mint so I guess they are kind of an all season drink. They will cool you down if it’s summer or they’ll make you think of summer heat when you make them during the winter.

Classic British Beauties

Author: @roused

In this post the author shares with us photos of beautiful antic cars that you will enjoy seeing. I remember having a small replica of this one when I was a kid.

Classic British Beauties

The Brits produced some awesome sports cars back before there was even an European Union – or for that matter, rigid environmental or safety concerns. This AC Cobra is a case in point. This was actually a British/American joint venture with AC Cars and the American car designer, racer, and entrepreneur Carroll Shelby – best known for the Shelby Mustang. In some versions this car had a 427 cubic inch (7 L & 425 bhp) engine!

The 16 Disciples Sculptures Of Buddhism I Saw In Bongwon-sa Temple

Author: @slowwalker

The author is showing us several photos of 16 Disciples sculptures in Bongwon-sa temple. I haven't seen sculptures like this before and the photos are amazing.

The 16 Disciples Sculptures Of Buddhism I Saw In Bongwon-sa Temple

It was on occasion that I could find out the 16 Disciples sculptures in Bongwon-sa temple on the way to my home. The 16 Disciples were located near the entrance to the temple though, I couldn’t noticed them when I entered into the temple. Those sculptures were covered by the trees, so it was not easy to notice those sculptures at once.

Visiting Pyramids in Mexico! Contributed by @TangerineTravels

Author: @TangerineTravels on @communitycoin

This post has several photos showing the pyramids in Mexico, which I find amazing and that I believe you will like.

Visiting Pyramids in Mexico! Contributed by @TangerineTravels

We hopped in the car and drove about an hour outside of Guadalajara to visit Guachimontones. It's an archeological site of which not much is known. But it consist of circular pyramids and other prehispanic structures. In this post, we're going to give you a little photo tour of the place. But if you're interested, we also posted a video about Guachimontones on our YouTube channel.

That's all for today.

I hope that you will like reading these posts.

Have a nice Sunday!

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Thanks for compilation of good posts for us....
Pictures are very amazing specially the little puppy and car....I have fond of both....Keep compiling good stuff for us... Thank u....

I am glad that you like it. Thank you very much @thenos for commenting.

wow michel all pictures are informative & it is so attractive that you can tell you about to write an article on it.

I am glad that you like the post. Thank you @tanveerali for commenting on all my posts.

Photography is a art very few has this god's gift a photographer have to see the things in different way

@avijeetthakur, thank you for your comment.

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Very nice....thanks for the detailed compilation.

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Thank you for your comment @mrgeeksunited.

Thanks for the list of posts! I particularly liked the one on the British cars. I'm not particularly into cars, but it's nice to see all these classic form of cars and those I've never seen before. The post of the dog was very cute as well! Maybe as I improve my post quality I'll get featured on your Sunday post one day :D

Thank you @zhuwa for commenting, I am glad that you like my post. You will be probably featured one day as I look at my followers' posts.

Hi Michel I am new here and recently I come across to your posts. I must say till now I have found your posts are the most researched one. Some are educational as well and I am trying to learn from them. Thanks so much for putting so much efforts. Would love to be in touch and seek guidance from you. Thanks and good luck :)

Thank you very much @nids209 for your kind comment that I appreciate.

really a good picture i like deeply from my heart

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