The Blocktrades Contest | Why the Digitex Futures/Plasma Partnership is Important for Crypto

I'm writing this post in response to this contest from Blocktrades. I found myself nodding my head at this paragraph:

The last group of people have an advantage over the first two: They understand that even though the price of Steem is at its lowest point in 2018, this is the best time to post and to earn cheap Steem in post rewards.


Image originally from Pixabay.

Every Steemian should view themselves as an investor. If you post to Steemit, you are investing in the platform. You're investing your time and your ability to create a post. Your talent. Any rewards you earn, no matter how small, are dividends. Those dividends, if you keep them where they are, could (because there is always a risk that it won't happen) result in an increase down the road when the price of STEEM and SBD rebound. I say "when" because I believe it will happen. However, there is no guarantee that it will happen, hence the "investment" part. Every investment incurs some risk, but savvy investors understand both the upside and the downside. The upside is, if you keep posting, you'll do better on the rebound than those who quit posting. If you quit posting, you won't do any worse than those of us who are still posting should the blockchain go belly up. In other words, the potential reward is greater than the real risk.

And that's why I'm entering this contest.

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Why I'm The Best Steemian Ever

While I've been busy lately with my business, and some family things (because of Thanksgiving), I have managed to maintain at least three posts per week. And if you'll forgive the hyperbole, I believe I am a model Steemian for three reasons:

  1. I love posting to my Steemit blog and interacting with my readers
  2. I am supportive of other Steemians who take the time to write quality posts
  3. And I am committed to posting the highest quality content I can muster, as evidenced by this post made on November 15, 2018.

In my posts, I share bits of myself as well as my talents in writing fiction and poetry. I also engage other Steemians with hosted contests and interactive story lines. My contributors frequently attract @curie votes, as do I. At least one or two got their first Curie votes as a result of participating in my games. And of that I'm very proud.

steemit bloggers

Get your weird lit on:

The Biblical Legends Anthology Series

Garden of EdenSulfuringsDeluge
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Limerents in the Bog

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steemit bloggers

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