EOS Asia achievements & MEK (MyEOSKit) your one-stop shop for everything EOS!

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Hello again to the EOS and EOS Asia communities! The last few months have been really busy for us here at EOS Asia:

We are so happy to have such a strong and engaged community supporting us, and that the greater EOS community at large has recognized the effort we have put forth. Here's a list of some of the organizations and BPs that have recommended us as a BP that deserves your vote.

vote for us (eosasia11111)***

Comprehensive list - Where we come as recommended as EOS New York, EOS Canada, EOS Authority and EOS42
Sonata Systems
EOS New York
EOS Cafe
and many more

And it’s with this trust and with your support that we found the strength to create one of the biggest, safest and the most user-friendly EOS portal:


Introducing MyEOSKit ~ a one-stop shop for everything EOS


MyEOSKit is the answer to a strong need we've seen. The purpose of MyEOSKit is to serve as a one-stop shop for everything EOS. You'll be able to use it as a Block Explorer, to Monitor the Network, to vote, create accounts, manage vote proxies, search and monitor accounts and wallet balances/transactions/blocks/public keys, and even bid on names in the auction market. While these are already a solid set of features, this is only the beginning of what MEK will be in the near future.

Everyone is familiar with MyEtherWallet (aka MEW), and everyone feels trust in that system. We want to give EOS holders the same degree of trust with MyEOSKit.

The original work for the “Account Tools” section was based on open-sourced project from Genereos, they are an exceptional EOS Block Producer Candidate based in Australia. Their portal is very well trusted and has been used by the community with great success.

We understand that it’s hard to trust “another new tool”. But please bear with us, as EOS has just launched and has yet to establish a standard toolkit. When a tool just works, you’ll know it. That's the feedback we've gotten so far -- many people loved our portal preview. And to provide you with an extra degree of trust, MyEOSKit has garnered the support and the endorsement of the top Block Producers and organizations in the area. I'm happy to present them here:

EOS New York
Meet One
EOS Sw/Eden
EOS Talks
EOS Gravity
EOS Cannon
EOS Store
...and more to come

EOS Asia wants to thank you, as we appreciate each and every one of you for giving us the strength to make EOS the best DApp platform in the world. This is just the beginning and we want to show that choosing us is choosing you.

Enjoy using MEK; a trusted portal for the EOS blockchain ;)


Twitter @EOSAsia_one
Business: [email protected]
Tech: [email protected]


Nice MyEOSKit, is there a feature where I can see all the tokens I have in the account?

Not directly but you can see them as incoming transfers.

Thanks! Total balance and transfer of each token has just been implemented. Let us know if you have any feedback

Yes, you now can see all the tokens you have in your account and transfer any token. Look for "View all token balances" here: https://www.myeoskit.com/?#/tx/YOUR.ACCOUNT

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