30 Block Producers Who Have Put In Thousands Of Hours For EOS

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30 Block Producers Who Have Put In Thousands Of Hours For EOS

We have received a lot of requests from the EOS London community and beyond for our view on good Block Producer candidates - aside from ourselves obviously! Opinions are always subjective, that is why EOS Go devised a set of purely objective check mark criteria - unfortunately almost everybody could attain these, so it rapidly had limited value in enabling token holders to discern between the many candidates.

We have chose 30, listed in random order and split by region, that have almost entirely been long term members of the EOS community, putting in thousands of voluntary hours to build and launch to where we are today. We feel they deserve recognition from the token holders. Key criteria for us include evidence of technical expertise, long term testnet involvement/leadership, long term thought leadership, dApp development and building community in their respective regions.

Note: there are other high quality candidates that we respect highly, this list is about picking 30 and in many cases others have only been part of the community for a very short time (defined as two months or less).


  • EOS Cannon (eoscannonchn)
    Cannon has been one of the biggest community builders of EOS awareness and support in China since 2017, as well as thought leaders on contentious issues relating to BP conduct. Very strong technical team and application expertise, EOS Cannon are one of the top Block Producer candidates in the region.

  • HKEOS (hkeoshkeosbp)
    A founding member of the alternative mainnet boot process, elements of which were utilised for launch, HKEOS have built out the community in Hong Kong, shown technical expertise and promise to be excellent stewards for launch.

  • EOS REAL (eosrealbpcsg)
    The EOS REAL team have a strong team, built many applications and been active in the testnets.

  • EOSYS (eosyskoreabp)
    The first Korean BP candidate, EOSYS were involved in the first testnets and established as a major potential block producer.

  • Meet.One (eosiomeetone)
    Singapore based with a high quality technical team, dApp development and thought leadership.

  • EOS Gravity (eosisgravity)
    The first major BP candidate globally, Gravity reached out beyond China to begin connecting the EOS community, and took part in the earliest testnets as well as being huge community and dApp builders. A very strong team promising to be a high quality block producer.

  • EOS Asia (eosasia11111)
    Founded by technically excellent community members and self funded, Asia have established a major presence from HK as well as building a number of EOS essential applications such as the BP portal for EOS Go.

  • EOSeoul (eoseouldotio)
    Strong team, major community builders across Korea and Asia with an excellent technical presence.

North America

  • EOS Tribe (eostribeprod)
    Long term founders in the community for 6mths+, set up the Arrowhead testnet, participated in many big dApp projects including core team development of Chintai, Tribe are a high quality, authentic, self funded community candidate.

  • EOS Cafe (eoscafeblock)
    Shown very strong technical expertise and high levels of involvement, as well as an innovative business model. Cafe are self funded and have all the fundamentals to be excellent block producers.

  • EOS New York (eosnewyorkio)
    Second global candidate to announce in Dec 2017, NY have shown consistent global thought leadership, community building as well as high technical expertise in all the major testnets and throughout the launch, additionally building out community dApps.

  • Greymass (teamgreymass)
    While a late entrant, Greymass are founded by two high ranked Steem witnesses; previous DPOS expertise shows already with a high quality wallet and voting portal and other key deliveries, they have everything required to be a fine block producer.

  • EOS Silicon Valley (eossv12eossv)
    This diverse team have been a crucial bridge between east and west for the global EOS community, bringing high technical expertise and solutions, along with a major role in the launch.

  • EOS Nation (eosnationftw)
    A global team, Nation have been amongst the biggest community builders globally as well as playing a strong role in governance discussions and thought leadership.

  • Liberty Block (libertyblock)
    Although a late announcer, this core team have been active within the EOS community since 2017, showing crucial leadership and security expertise during the launch to enhance solutions, Liberty also built the first functional EOS voting portal ahead of the mainnet launch and have the expertise to be a top block producer.

  • Saltblock (saltblockeos)
    Very strong technical team with a bare metal server solution for launch, Saltblock have been influential members of the community throughout 2018.

  • EOS Canada (eoscanadacom)
    Most well known for leading an automation of the mainnet launch through a 'Boot Bios' process, Canada demonstrated great technical expertise and subsequent leadership. They have the credentials to be a high quality block producer for the network.

South America

  • EOS Rio (eosriobrazil)
    A founding member of the alternative mainnet boot process, elements of which were utilised for launch, EOS Rio are one of the top candidates in South America with exceptional technical expertise.

  • EOS Argentina (argentinaeos)
    A strong team with previous experience in DPOS, their technical strength was demonstrated by coding the Firestarter validation tool for mainnet launch, used by BP's globally to test the integrity of the network. Community builders and technically strong, Argentina provide a second high quality S.American option for the network.


  • EOS 42 (eos42freedom)
    EOS42 formed in early January 2018 as a diverse, global team from the EOS community itself. Published the Chintai token leasing whitepaper in Feb and have since launched and run the largest community dApp project in the EOS space (www.chintai-eos.io). They run the EOS London community, have been active on the testnets since Jan, and have a strong technical team who were involved in both the bios boot and Ghostbusters initatives for mainnet launch. EOS42 have been very active thought leaders on governance and block producer issues all year; they published the first BP Code of Conduct in April. Currently leading the EOS 911 efforts to rescue token holder funds compromised during registration.

  • EOS Dublin (eosdublinwow)
    Dublin have been leaders in community, thought leadership, shown strong technical capabilities and announced one of the most exciting dApp projects in Parachute, a targetted token airdrop dApp. They have been central to helping the global BP community reach consensus on many occasions, as well as providing leadership and structure during the mainnet launch.

  • ShEOS (sheos21sheos)
    Flying the flag of diversity in the crypto space and based in Spain ShEOS have an incredible line up of founder talent across the world with high technical expertise in the background.

  • Bitspace (bitspacenode)
    Deep DPOS expertise from Bitshares, the Bitspace team have been community leaders in Norway and ran the first ever EOS hackathon, as well as having a very high performance bare metal solution that will make them a high quality Block Producer.

  • Cryptolions (cryptolions1)
    Most famous for running the Jungle testnet 24/7 since March, the Cryptolions have been active in the community, showing high technical expertise and involvement in thought leadership. They have kept a lower profile but have demonstrated through actions that they are amongst the technically best in the global EOS community.

  • Tokenika (tokenika4eos)
    Substantial previous involvement in DPOS, Tokenika are application builders as well as premier technicians with proven ability as block producers.

  • EOSw/eden (eosswedenorg)
    Sweden launched the first EOS testnet in January, providing essential technical cohesion for the community. Since then they have built a local community and played a crucial role in the EOS mainnet launch.


  • EOSIO Africa (eosafricaone)
    EOS needs nodes in Africa, the most consistent, and technically strong is EOSIO Africa with the founder Khosi active across the testnets and participating in continual debates on governance and mainnet launch over the last 5 months.


  • EOSphere (eosphereiobp)
    A long term BP candidate with a high quality team, EOSphere made great inroads to linking the entire Australian community before going on to engage in the earliest testnets onwards, and were the first to link the EOS east and west global community.

  • GenerEOS (aus1genereos)
    Showed strong technical expertise and high community engagement for several months.

Middle East

  • LiquidEOS (eosliquideos)
    Bancor are providing crucial liquidity to EOS and the protocol has been integrated into EOS. Their Block Producer offering comes with the highest grade server offerings, security and technical expertise.


  • Huobipool (eoshuobipool)
    A contentious area for some, but the Huobi exchange has brought much to the EOS ecosystem in the past few months including building out exchange based voting, active involvement in the testnets and thought leadership. Their strong technical expertise and investment in the success of EOS means they will strengthen EOS.



2018-06-10 10.47.57.jpg
EOS42 is an EOS Block Producer Candidate based in London, UK


The fact Bancor (LiquidEOS) has been working with EOS right from the start with the EOS Ram Allocation Model is a big plus for me. There in-depth knowledge and expert team is really reassuring.

Personally I do not stand by an exchange being voted in, but my knowledge of Huobipool is limited. The fact they have a exchange based voting system is cool though!

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Thanks for your recommendation. We will do our best for EOS. In EOS we trust cannon.

Great list, thanks for sharing!

Amazing list with great BP's. I've already shared this article in a couple of groups. I love how this list is split into regions. Geographical and political diversity are crucial for a healthy decentralized network.

2018-06-13 14.48.02.jpg

This is a terrific list. Everyone in the EOS community has benefitted from the contributions of these BPCs. We have taken part in many calls and conversations with these block producers over the past many weeks.

EOSAmericas (eosamericas2) is also a block producer candidate. We run our own secure servers - not just cloud servers. We aim to provide a secure, decentralized network and spread EOS throughout ALL the Americas so no one gets left behind. Our views on the EOS Constitution are here: https://steemit.com/eos/@eosamericas/eosamericas-block-producer-code-of-conduct . Please take a look at our candidacy at https://eosamericas.com and also consider voting for 'eosamericas2'.

BP info: https://eosamericas.com/bp.json

Great list! Although we believe we bring something to the table as well in Central America. We are:
Bare Metal
Disclosed ownership,self-funded
Geographically diverse/strategic location
Politically stable
High education work force and developers
Clean renewable energy
Experience managing nodes
Experience w Bitshares/Steem witness
In main & jungle with 6 nodes

We will continue to make ourselves known and work for the consideration!