Your Vote Matters #5: Examples of Good Block Producers

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Good Stewards of the EOS Network

The following list of Block Producer Candidates contains excellent examples of what good stewards of the network should look like. In our opinion, these candidates embody leadership in technology, governance, and community building, and stand the best chance to act as successful ambassadors on behalf of the EOS network to the rest of the world. We have either worked with them directly or have observed them making a difference in a positive way.

We have included ourselves in this list because if one does not firmly believe that one can be a good steward of the network then one has no business being here at all. For more information about why we've listed ourselves as "Global" please see our ownership and corporate structure here.

This is our list for today but tomorrow it could change. In our code of conduct we state very clearly that we are always open to collaboration with Block Producers and candidates and we hope that the best models and ideas will rise to the top.

These lists are presented in random order by geolocation where the teams actually reside. We will provide a more up to date list with the server and legal entity locations as well as BP voter ID as they become readily available.


  • EOS New York (eosnewyorkio)
  • eosDAC (eosdacserver)
  • EOS Vibes (eosvibesbloc)

North America

  • EOS Tribe (eostribeprod)
  • EOS Nation (eosnationftw)
  • Saltblock (saltblockeos)
  • EOS Canada (eoscanadacom)
  • EOS CAFE (eoscafeblock)
  • Greymass (teamgreymass)
  • EOS Detroit (eosiodetroit)
  • Blocksmith (blocksmithio)
  • Liberty Block (libertyblock)
  • ShEOS (sheos21sheos)
  • Cypherglass (cypherglasss)
  • EOS Silicon Valley (eossv12eossv)


  • EOS WTZ (eoswtzeoswtz)
  • EOSYS (eosyskoreabp)
  • HKEOS (hkeoshkeosbp)
  • EOShenzhen (eoshenzhenio)
  • acroEOS (acroeos12345)
  • EOS Gravity (eosisgravity)
  • EOSeoul (eoseouldotio)
  • EOS Cannon (eoscannonchn)
  • EOSIO.SG (eosiosg11111)
  • Oraclechain (oraclegogogo)
  • EOS PH (philippinebp)
  • LiquidEOS (eosliquideos)
  • EOS REAL (eosrealbpcsg)
  • EOS Asia (eosasia11111)
  • Meet.One (eosiomeetone)


  • Cryptolions (cryptolions1)
  • EOS42 (eos42freedom)
  • Tokenika (tokenika4eos)
  • EOS Dublin (eosdublinwow)
  • EOSw/eden (eosswedenorg)
  • Bitspace (bitspacenode)
  • EOS Authority (eosauthority)


  • EOSIO Africa (eosafricaone)


  • EOSphere (eosphereiobp)
  • GenerEOS (aus1genereos)

South America

  • EOS Argentina (argentinaeos)
  • EOS Rio (eosriobrazil)
  • EOS Meso (eosmesodotio)


EOS New York is a Block Producer Candidate for the EOS.IO Blockchain



Thanks @eosnewyork - you do so much for this community, we are grateful to work alongside you!

Missing EOS Amsterdam!

European Union (after Brexit) only have Sweden now in top 21! (EU has a larger economy and more people than the US.)

Hey guys, the biggest concern by the community is they feel entering their private keys into third party software to vote is too risky.

If @dan could endorse some of the most popular tools that would really help speed up the voting for sure.

There is no way to access your tokens on the blockchain without your private key. Even when we finish developing the hardware wallet integration you will need to access your current address with your private key and move your tokens over to the hardware held address.

I agree 100% and have already cast my vote (you guys were one of them for sure). My statement was for the wider community who need some 'warm and fuzzies' to make them feel more comfortable was all I was saying.

Maybe a joint statement from the BP's would help regarding the tools?

Unfortunately, as a group, we could only recommend cleos. Individually, however, is another story. EOS New York recommends Greymass or

Thanks for the reply guys, appreciate it

I have already voted, my statement was for the wider audience who are not technical and do not have the ability to read the code and verify it's safety for themselves.

I used scatter at first but I do love the simplicity of the greymass app.

Sorry to see the EOSauthority missing from your list. I thought they were a dead cert for block producer. I suppose time will tell.

That was a typo when copying and pasting! EOS Authority has been added back in.

Excellent. Iam not associated with them but from what I have seen, they should be a great asset to the community.

Thanks for the list.

I just have a suggestion. You should include account names next to the block producers to avoid issues with people spoofing block producers.


EOS Meso in GUATEMALA are the first speakers on this video.

EOS Meso has a bootcamp where they train, certify, and place young students from Guatemala in jobs of value.

MesoAmerica is Southern Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras

Absolutely. EOS Meso has been added to our list.

they got my vote , ty

Great list and great teams. Didn't realize how many BP's are from Asia. I was only familiar with EOSeoul and LiquidEOS. I'll have to do more research on the others.

Thanks for the list, EOSNY. You should check out Worbli too. I'm not part of their operation, but have been impressed with their traction and what they're attempting to do.

Thanks for including us in your list! @eosnewyork has been an amazing representative for the EOS community and we look forward to working with you!

Due to some technical issues, we are not listed. But now, we are. Could you please list eosnewzealand as well?

Thanks -

All BPs are listed on . EOSpark is a EOS block explorer, you can check out the voting process in real time . There are fully BP list and BP's detail.

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