Blockchain Music Contest Round 1 - A DSound Community Initiative.

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Blockchain Music Contest Round 1!

10 Days To Enter And Earn Points!

Time to shake things up a bit, and throw a new music contest into the mix for the New SMA! So welcome one and all to the Blockchain Music Contest! This will be a multi-platform contest, so if you are on Steemit, Whaleshares, WeKu it's all good.

For the 1st round, we are going to go with today's hot topic.. Halloween. As such, the theme will be "Creepy, Dark & Scary" LOL. You can produce your song in any genre, whether it be Rap, DnB, Ambient... what ever does it for you, works for us.

You can use these videos for inspiration, to get your creative flow going:

You will have Ten(10) days to produce your entry!

The official contest days are: October 31st 2018 to November 9th 2018 at 11:59 PM EST! That leave us 3 days to judge the entries, and get the winners selected. Each new round will be on a 14 day schedule, so keep your eyes peeled for new information about new rounds.

Posting Your Entries

The preferred method for uploading your song is DSound, the decentralized sound platform harnessing the power of the STEEM blockchain. Dsound and @prc is a big supporter of SMA and music contests on the Blockchain, and is an official sponsor of this contest.

When you are making your post about your song, might be a very good idea to let us all know the story behind it, including what DAW you use, plus plugins, and what ever else you do to make the magic happen... just sayin... hint hint! Be sure to include the tag: blockchainmusic on Steemit, Whaleshares and WeKu and etc.

And whatever blogging platform you decide to go with, once you get it all together, make sure that you drop a link in the contest room in the SMA Discord Server, which you can find right here! Look for blockchain-music-contest in contest land, and hit us with that 411!

And seeing as how there is a 7 day period for song uploads, it is also suggested that you use a backup for the judges to hear your song. Feel free to use Choon or SoundCloud as a back up source. If we cannot hear your song, we can't give you points!


The prize pool for each round is as follows:

FIRST PLACE WINNER: 10 SBD + 10 Whalecoin + 40 Points
SECOND PLACE WINNER: 5 SBD + 5 Whalecoin + 32 Points
THIRD PLACE WINNER: 3 SBD + 3 Whalecoin + 26 Points
FOURTH PLACE WINNER: 2 SBD + 2 Whalecoin + 20 Points

Each round's SBD prize pool is courtesy of: @enginewitty, @guiltyparties, and myself :-) And if I have some other crypto on hand, I will add that in, like the above Whalecoin.

Grand Prize

There will be a Grand Prize for the overall winner who earns enough points to bring home the win! I will be starting a fund with 25 SBD to kick it off, and that number will grow each and every week with the liquid post rewards from each post getting added to the fund. And how big that fund grows is entirely up to each and everyone of you who is up for the challenge! So the more love you show to each post, with an upvote and resteem, the more the fund will grow. The contest will run for 20 weeks, on a 7/14 day cycle, so that should add up quite nicely.

Judging Entries

All entries will be judged with a focus on creativity, sound quality and technicality. So bring your A Game! The judges will be @d-vine @jeffleinwand and myself, plus a guest judge... which will be announced when we have one for any particular round.

Live Contest Show!

There will be a live show on the SMA Discord Server each and every Wednesday at 9pm utc, hosted by @d-vine and myself, where we will discuss entries and play them for the audience. Arrangements will be made in advance to make sure that we can play your songs. We are looking forward to you joining us for the show!
The Rules of the Road:
  1. Your song can be of any genre.
  2. Must be your song! If you are collaborating with someone we need to know.
  3. Make a post about your song/entry.
  4. Add a link to your post in the contest room - blockchain-music-contest!
  5. Your entry must be posted within the Ten (10) day time period.

Contest Sponsors

Please take a moment to vote for our Witness Sponsors, who are supporting the contest and the SMA... Click the banner images and show your support!

Good Luck To All Who Enter
Looking Forward To Hearing Some Awesome Entries!


For @prc thanks my friend. :)

Oh we could throw some NOTES in there if people are in Choon😉

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Kewl!!! <3

Hmm, I am sure we can work on that. ;-) Gots any ideas, holla.

Thanks for entering in the contest! Good to hear a tune from you, have a great day.

thanks :-)

This is absolutely bone chilling, making me scrunch up my back as I listen to it and type this up haha.
Much like krazypoet's entry I really think you need to find some movie or game company to submit this to.
I don't know if you [or many people for that matter] played the game Extermination on the PS2 or Hybrid Heaven on the N64 but it reminds me of some of the creepy atmospheric music in those stupendous games.

thank you very much, the comment really pleases me! :-) I've heard that before, that I should produce music for games, especially the dark and creepy atmos are very good for me. Unfortunately I don't know anybody from the games industry... And I'm only a musician, I can't take care of such things. Greetings LFO-ONE Project bushradio

You should check out Hitrecord. There are some video games [and I am sure film studios as well] that are looking for music on there that you can easily submit to. For instance the sequel to Beyond Good & Evil is looking for submissions here and here . I plan on submitting a few to it.
Also this site may be a really good one for you to look into as well.

cool, thanks . i will luck id :-)

Thanks for your entry my friend, appreciate it a bunch! :-)

Right on bro, thanks for having it, they are a complement to the community.

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This legit creeped me out as I was listening to it! haha
I think you need to find some movie company that makes horror flicks to submit this to!!!

Haha that is for real, cool bro you made me laugh while making my day, I guess that makes for a good song if it creeps you out like that, alot of people tell me that my music would be great in films. Thanks for your input my man. That would be legit. Be well...

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Awesome! Thanks for entering my friend. :-D

Solid initiative good sir... keep it up! Hop I was able to spook you a bit with my entry ✊🏾

i will have to jump in on the next round! miss you guys!!

Yeah, that would be freakin awesome! :-D Hope all is well with you.

Yes things are well and getting weller!
keep rocking it! chat soon!!

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Looks like a great contest.

If you would like me to feature it in next week's radio show listings post send me a graphic and a couple of lines of text on Sunday and I will add it in.

Sorry for the late reply, I was away for a few days my friend, thanks! Much appreciated, have a great day.

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Hi :-) Yep you are good to go, thanks for entering!

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