True Flip’s Steemit Challenge

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Ok, here are the rules of True Flip’s Steemit Challenge. After all, we’ve decided to accept pictures, drawings, videos and gifs. Flip's greatest passion is to explore the most suprising places of the universe seeking for a new treasure. Just show us how you imagine this cute dolphin in his quests.

The Challenge starts now!

The Prize fund is divided among three places:

  • 30 000 TFL goes to the voting winner
  • 15 000 TFL – the advisors’ choice
  • 15 000 TFL – the team’s choice

Btw 1 TFL price is 0,0005btc.

Also, we will give 3000 TFL to a random participant, commenting the contest's post.

To participate:
• Publish your artwork in personal Steemit blog with the following tags: #trueflip #flipadventures #art #contest
• Submit a link to your post in the comments section here below
• Every 2 days, starting July 14th (till July 28th), we’ll publish sets of your contributions in True Flip’s Steemit blog – everyone is welcome to vote in comments by posting the beloved artwork’s number


Good luck everyone! Show us your talents ;)

True Flip Team

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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

This is planet GreenCash where it rains cash and gold every night, Flip the cute dolphin and the three robots have discovered the steemit moon. They decided to pay the moon a visit very soon.
trueflip contest.jpg

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First of all I'm stoked to find @trueflip integrating the steemit platform so well with their own token! VERY INSPIRATIONAL! Was made aware of this through my daily email from CoinTelegraph.

I love the steemit logo shining bright with True Flip dolphin and its story/offer surrounding it.

But, I'd like to feel as though the story is in the picture without explanation. Feel as though I need it at this moment.

I'm not sure there are enough $$$$ / Money in the picture as the great reward to humanity.

Also not certain why the robots are in the picture? Who do they represent?

Great start but I'd like more clarity!

Much congrats on your submission, I wish you nothing but the best success @eltooni !

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

@jknsmiles thanks a lot,
I guess I need to give you a better explanation because it is true when they say that when the artist him self sees an art doesn't mean the others will get it.

Flip is right now in the planet GreenCash as I explained, he is an adventurer who goes from planet to planet to spread his love and his money of course, what you seem to not know about Flip is that he does not travel anywhere without his robot companions (the True Flip amazing team). Right now at their adventure they saw an interesting moon (representing True Flip and their interest in Steemit). So they decided that their next adventure will be in the Steem moon.

And I can asure you that the love and money they will spread in the steem moon (steemit comunity) will be more than welcome and will change their lifes for sure.

Thanks! What is behind Flip in your picture and what does that symbolize?

I'd also like to see more tokens with @steemit and @trueflip more pronounced rather than paper dollars.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

It's the landscape of GreenCash, you do not see steemit tokens there because they are still not in the steem moon, regarding @trueflip, you have Flip there the three robots, the cash because not just the logo is part of the brand, everything I mentioned is. For my opinion it's pronounced enough :). Thanks for your interest

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shouldnt be aloud to pay to boost contest content.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Booster is a lottery it self just like True Flip you gotta try your odds don't you see the irony here. Btw I like your picture lol it's genuine very creepy and disturbing but still creative :)


lol thanks man

Great work! I follow you now 😊

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Thanks a lot appreciate it :)

Green gold

That robot looks like Eva from Wall-E!! Love that Movie!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)
  ·  3 years ago (edited)


My second attempt, @trueflip: I hope is possible to send more than one

You know that you are posting at my comment right ?

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

yes, is wrong? I posted on bottom of the tread, but i like your work, and i comment it too

You are spamming, if you want to be part of the contest make an entry and a comment in the article not in my comment. You already made three comments here. No body loves spammers.

True Flip's Hologram Ad in Kuala Lumpur City, Year 2053. Inspired by Blade Runner cityscape.

That's not a real city btw, it's a photo-manipulation art. A composite image of big cities.

You guys can visit my original post in my blog to see behind the scene process and FREE HD WALLPAPER specially made for True Flip team & fellow Stemians!

Nicely done! 😊i follow u now.

Thanks a lot Erickson! Go Team Philipines! 👍🏻

Have to believe @steemit and @trueflip have an awesome relationship in 2053!

Would like to see @steemit within the art.

Great concept and awesome layout of the city! Would like the writing and the message much more clear.

Wish you the best of luck on this submission! Congrats!

This is awesome! Great job hahaha

Green dolphin

Very nice!! The idea and the result!

Hello everyone, I present my design for the contest sponsored by @trueflip.
Flip teaches everyone to get their treasure, regardless of whether it is minniow or Whale in the world of the cryptocurrency.

Here the link of my post TrueFlip
If you liked my art, please give me Upvote and Reestem, greetings.

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I made an entry for this competition here.



I was wondering, is there a limit on the amount of entries one can make? I have a couple of other decent ideas.

badass, good work man.

Still prefer your leprechaun killer one, lol. Thanks though.

lol you da man.

@son-of-satire - I think this is marvelous!

People know it's @Trueflip and FAIR gambling while you've creatively incorporated the @steem , bitcoin and ethereum logos into the work.

Also, great iconic pictures that everyone can relate to! JACKPOT SPIN STOP SLOTS FLASHING LIGHTS - but none are overbearing. Perfect choices along with the big $$$$$ under JACKPOT.

Also a very subtle space choice with the robots framing the top. Love it.

And the additional statement of fairness is very important!


I actually took the jackpot image straight from the website. That is their current jackpot I believe. Thanks again for the words of support though.

  ·  3 years ago Reveal Comment

Ahahah you did a really great job!

Very nice. I think the True Flip home page need some effects like that (slot machines) to get more appeal.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Flip and Chain embark on an exciting journey through the universe in search of treasures, together they went through great challenges!

What will be the fate of Flip and his friend Chain?

Discover it in.... THE ADVENTURES OF FLIP & CHAIN !!

Produced by: @osmerj

You like this post, do not forget to give it upvote

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Hi, here's a link to my submission:
I'm posting the drawing itself here just in case :-)

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I like this 😊 Made me smile

como coloco imagenes?

Simplemente arrastrándolas a donde escribes los comentarios :D

hahah good one rainbow fish:D

So good 🐠

good idea

Nice. it look so pretty

DAMN! stole my idea. lol. brilliant.

That is very.... cute 😁

it's look so cute, i like it!

Prize fund is divided among three places:

30 000 TFL goes to the voting winner
15 000 TFL – the advisors’ choice
15 000 TFL – the team’s choice
Btw 1 TFL price is 0,0005btc.
Converted to bitcoin value as following
15 bitcoins and 7.5 and 7.5
Am I calculating correctly or there is some mistake i have made in reading TFL price?

It is correct, no mistakes!

nice job=)

That's a lot! You know that, right? 😏

People invested almost 1500btc to True Flip project so far and there is still more than 15 days left. They are going to be very popular in the market and these numbers are not that big for @trueflip ;) Let me put it this way, just the True Flip lottery jackpot is going to be about 3000 BTC alone after ICO process. You can visit following sites for more details

It's time to announce the winners

Let see our adventure with True Flip's Dolphin

Very cute one. Nice work mate! Good luck...

thanks :)

İt's look like Nassau :D

Black Sails👍 Captain Flint's dream 👌 For the freedom🐬

  ·  3 years ago Reveal Comment


Very nice artwork... congratulations....

Thanks for your support

It looks really nice and professional great job and good luck :)

thanks :)

Hey guys just participating steemit challenge from this blockchain based amazing lottery company True Flip

took me 6 hours to make this gif not sure how it looks but my small time dedication to all steemains and True flip followers.

Hope you all doing well, If you like this art please follow me @steemmanju re-steem it and comment ..

Thanks regards


This is a great piece of work.........Classy and imaginative. A true Steemit original.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Is that... blood? Woah! A killer dolphin is... unique! 😁

HAHAHA!! did not expect to see something like this. It's too good

"Keep yer hands off me TFL"...scoffs the dolphin

lol thanks :D

This made me shit my pants, dude. I will see you in court where I will be seeking reparations for a new set of tighty-whities.

Funny shit, man.

lmao thanks man, was hoping people would think its funny. lol.

My Artwork...
if Flip's greatest passion is to explore the most suprising places of the universe seeking for a new treasure...This place is ideal for this...
Çalışma Yüzeyi 2-100.jpg

I liked the idea :)

Thank u so much...

looks awesome , good luck in the challenge :)

I am so happy that u like it. Thnks.

This is how I see fishes lining up to buy lottery tickets from flip!


this is more like a real life scenario but in the pond

Your post is promoted. Promotions help every steemians.
Your reward is an upvote and 1.181 SBD extra promotion.
Good job, see you next time in Promoted! ;)

Mind providing some Flip images with transparency? For the photoshop artists ;)
(and also, for easy reference for others)

Please, check our Mediakit.

cool, not sure why i missed that link earlier

A great question! Will up vote for visibility.

Trueflip 2.jpg

Flip took his astronaut suit and with the little robots are seeking for their next adventure.


That is really great! Welcome to steemit world flip... beep beep beep...😁


It is valuable to me that you can help me in this post, so that the dedication and the love that I put in him is worth.
Greetings friends.

Nice! I think you and I were on the same wavelength for this contest...

True Flip really likes to fly, so he's going to travel across the Universe in his trusty Paper Airplane!



  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Now thats how True Flip gets all his coins...sneaky lil.....

Go go go! Super flip!

I want to participate and do something wonderfull!


my third attempt... now is a mania. Upvote me if you like!

Finally Trueflip lil cute dophin, I finished it!!

Flipper explored the world and he found Crypto City where people normally use crypto in their everyday lives, so he decided to have his office in the city serving local people and others all over the world...


here is my post

Dear, @Trueflip Is the deadline really the 28th ?
If so I am going to improve my work and submit the 2nd one before that
thank you so much

Is this here really the official contents post? So maybe with this question I could win 3000 TFL just by luck? there are "only 254 comments in here" .. so its a big chance :D
but its already 11 days ago ^^ maybe too late.. I dont care ^^


Hi people, this is my second attempt to #trueflip #art #contest. My first is here - Please, upvote here and on trueflip original post - is nice from you reshare or commet

TrueFlip ATM.png
So Dat How U Got Such a Big JACKPOT!

After months of flying through strange galaxies Flip, Sandy and Roby finally arrived on Planet X307 ...

Very nice work, no copy & paste, impressive.

Yes, it's a drawing.
I made a speedpaint to show how I drew it.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)Reveal Comment

Hot damn, those are some crazy prizes! Wish I had some artistic talent to try for the big stuff, but I'm just friends with artistic people, lol. This is a wonderful idea and contest, keep up the great work!

Flip continues his amazing adventures, discovering more and more surprising places and uniting players under the world's largest blockchain lottery. The planet, soon and inevitably, will be renamed to 'FlipEarth' !

Me and my beloved girlfriend spent about 15 hours, thinking over drawing's concept and making it. Hopefully you'll appreciate our efforts and vote for us on July, 14th in TrueFlip's Steemit Blog. Thank you all in advance!

Image of trueflip3

Sadly Steemit decreases actual size and as result quality of our drawing, but it looks much better in my blog:
Actually the drawing was made on A3 paper and the photo had 5.3k x 3k pixels resolution. You may open it in a new window for better quality.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Hello, @Trueflip when is the deadline? is it 28th?

I'm working on it so I want to know to finish it in time :D


thank you in advance

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Goodluck with your art! :)
This looks like a fun contest, I will join in too.
Incentives are amazing, being a broke student, I'm definitely giving this a shot as well.
Btw their deadline is not posted here but it is July 27 23:00 UTC so you have a little over 10 days!

You too Kenny! Good luck :D
And thanks for helping me make sure about the deadline. I hope you are not broke now if u bought crypto at the bottom cuz the market is recovering :)

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Awesome contest. 30000 TFL are worth 15 BTC in the ICO. The prize is too good 😃

  ·  3 years ago (edited)Reveal Comment
  ·  3 years ago (edited)Reveal Comment

I follow for quite a while, and I see how you're doing a great job!
I did not win that dispute over the BlockChain-themed quiz that was a partnership between and Cointelegraph, but I hope I'm that random participant to win the 3000 TFL! Hehehe

Ps: Only provides this kind of interaction among your fans.

#trueflip is best ICO ever in history #distributed #blockchain #lottery

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Kinda altered my last entry a added a few..things..

True Flip killed mario with a turtle shell, and had his trusty robot sidekick hide mario's body behind a bush so they could steal marios coins.

Dang just noticed i messed up, up top. gotta fix that.

Hello I have a disability but that is not a reason not to go forward but I have many more desire to continue progressing I am new on this page I hope to look at my biography and help me with the lucky votes

good luck to you too !

@trueflip I think art needs to be around that dolphin. As mentioned in post "Flip's greatest passion is to explore the most surprising places of the universe seeking for a new treasure. Just show us how you imagine this cute dolphin in his quests." Right?

Of course, you are right) Flip should be present in the picture anyway)

I posted already. Here is a link of my painting

Am going to try my best. Need the 30000 TFL

Good luck!

good luck and hope for the best !

Awesome...nice post and very useful...i appreciate your work...wel done...thank your sharing your valuble knowledge with us... i upvoted and followed you...kerp it up friend @trueflip keep it up bro..GOD BLESS YOU

That is some jaw dropping rewards.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I'm not that great at art but I'll have a shot haha.
Good Luck everyone
What is the artwork supposed to be like exactly?
Is it just a piece of work surrounding the trueflip dolphin since I've seen some entries which have nothing to do with TrueFlip.

It should be around the trueflip dolphin . As mentioned in post "Flip's greatest passion is to explore the most surprising places of the universe seeking for a new treasure. Just show us how you imagine this cute dolphin in his quests."