FARM TOKEN - Promotion of the food sector on the market.

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I want to introduce you Farm Token is a token that is modeled with a focus on growth and blockchain network expansion through partnerships with innovative food company that delivers value to skating with help they measure and label their assets.
We at FARM Group believes that we have a solution to all the problems associated with food products. As part of this decision, each year we strive to identify partners with some innovative food campaign and help them grow. We direct all of our group to open new markets to reach audiences bigger slide. In turn, they include chain blocks in their system and leads to greater transparency is needed in the food supply chain, providing slide with products that support how to live healthy, active and ongoing. In addition to that, our partner company will also provide a token value to the holder and support to community block chain by marking their assets and opening a new place.


Token token liquid FARM wrote in a teeny way menu for a development and network expansion blockchain yg will be on governance by means of focus. Token Farm will certify the assets of their partners to measure satisfaction, partner in skating take as pelancaran token FARM liquid food companies have innovative yg against giving of quality against the slide.

One of the most well liquid when in the company of successful partners so automatic token way Farm will grow up with how slowly following the success of the perusaan partners. the demand to buy tokens Farm will greatly affect the quality of the next value so the expansion of entrepreneurs in changing their communities.

Token FARM (gold and silver Tokens) issued by the FARM. The purpose of the Foundation is to find a token FARM and partnered with innovative food companies are simply playing a slide that is increasingly informed and involved at this time. When our partner companies work, Marsh FARM will grow up to create demand for token and guardian next in value while it is this our business partners and change their society.

There are two types of token-based reply as well as erc-20 of which were illiquid the farms (Silver) Farmg (gold).
Silver tokens to be issued on an absolute agenda when acquiring tokens Crowdsale and gold token to be issued when the pre-sale.
There are many different kinds of people in select to participate in pre-sales and sales that could you find in a whitepaper.

Community FARM TOKEN

As the community upholds the yg kedisplinan kejenjangan in the running of the FARM. So yg community forums on the integral stage of liquid mean swamp token FARM.

This forum is in teeny as the exclusive forum open menu for reply to the holder of the token FARM. not all holders of the reply were able to join but the holder of the propertied kreteria certain acupuncture yg is able to join into the community

Sparked economic expansion through investment Food Entrepreneurs

On discussing Farm groups wrote to accomplish and have confidence in the entrepreneur as a cornerstone towards an absolute change of suppliers has a positive quality yg and their transformational in several communities and economies.


Main sales (ICO):

The number of tokens will be on sale: 75 million tokens
Discounts in the can: 5% (for the first 24 hours)
Release date: 1 February sales ico 2019
Sale time: 28 days
The minimum necessary for participation: 100 tokens
The maximum amount of purchases per person: 250,000 tokens
Cap: $20,000,000.00

Pre-sales information:

Sign your name: FARMG
The total number of token token: 1.5 million
The number of token available to the public: 500,000 tokens
The price of Tokens: 0,005 ETH (200 token = 1 ETH)
Soft cover-USD 240,000. oo **
Payment: ETH
Launch date: November 15, 2018 presale
Presale period: 14 days
Minimum necessary to participate in the Presale: 600 tokens or 3 ETH
The maximum number of tokens per person: 20,000 tokens



Screenshot_2018-10-21  Farm Token.png

More information

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