The "Godfather of BitShares"

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What does that even mean, anyway?

It certainly isn't referring to some ruthless, dark, sinister figure. (I'd have a hard time pulling off such a role convincingly.)

No, it was simply a carefully chosen personal brand name for use as a catchy introductory title for the many media interviews I do every week.

It is meant only to imply for listeners a certain ability to speak authoritatively on the subject material without claiming to speak as a governing authority for BitShares itself. BitShares has no governing authority except for the token holders and any representative(s) they may choose to elect. I explicitly disclaim any governing role, responsibility for, or control over that archetypical Decentralized Autonomous Company (DAC). This has been true since I first coined that phrase back in 2013 with Bitcoin and the Three Laws of Robotics.

"Ultimately, to achieve complete incorruptibility, developers must be willing to let go of their own control. If there remains any centralized human control anywhere, it will eventually be exploited to the detriment of the DAC’s stakeholders. DACs need to be free to be trusted." -- Stan Larimer, Lets Talk Bitcoin, September 14, 2013

Google Dictionary offers this godfather definition :

So there you have it. I'm merely "a man who is influential or pioneering in an organization or movement."

(The other definition, taking responsibility for the religious education of a child, might also apply as you may have noticed my posts here and my four hours on Coast to Coast AM recently are an unapologetic mix of insights about BitShares and Jesus.)

The image I prefer to cultivate is a harmless old farmer sittin' on the porch in my overalls and pontificating about the world with whoever drops by for a visit.

It's true that I'm an officer in several companies including Cryptonomex, Heronomex, Hyperion Ventures, and Quintric, but those are behind the scenes firms with brands I don't need to promote. BitShares is the brand I want to promote. Because BitShares is my son, Dan Larimer's, first attempt to defend "live, liberty, and property" by developing "honest money and a level playing field" for all mankind.

To do that, we had to make BitShares free and independent of us. We built it, gave away the code and rode off into the sunset as I described two years ago in one of my first Steemit posts: The Origin of BitShares Rides Again

These days, I spend my time as the "Godfather of BitShares", writing, speaking, and rescuing dozens of startups from misguided attempts to use mere concept demonstrating prototypes like bitcoin and ethereum platforms when what they really need is the industrial strength scalability and real-time performance of BitShares. As a result of these efforts, we have more than a dozen exciting new companies planning to move to the BitShares platform.

When this happens, I am honored to be able to introduce them to the world in this forum and others. This never implies an endorsement or promise that any particular company will succeed or meet anyone's preconceived expectations. It merely means that I won't give up trying to achieve those original goals for BitShares, no matter how many attempts it takes.

In that sense, you might better call me "The Wile E. Coyote of BitShares".

When someone needs to hear the gospel of BitShares, who ya gonna call?

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Bitshares solid buy here


I would like to invest in Bitshares but I spend all my money in wine and with a girl whose name is Gina that charges 50 euros each time

In Latino culture Padrino is decidedly not a dirty word. In practice it is the Best Man at a wedding and the second protector, advisor and backer at a child's baptism; second only to the father himself. Viva El Padrino

Our community is not only lucky to have you in its corner, we are truly blessed that you and @dan have made the contributions to Bitshares, and the blockchain community as a whole.


I agree the more farmers the better... lol

You and Dan are game changers! I'm a big investor of both Steem and BitShares and will try to promote both platforms the best I can.

Here's my technical analysis of Bitshares price path:

BitShares (BTS) - Analysis (403% POTENTIAL PROFIT) — Steemit

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 00.19.01.png

You had me at the three laws of robotics lol.

Until this post, I have doubted you. I thought, my experience with bts is too good to be true.

No cop or agent or any of their a**lickers however would or could write something so fundamentally subversive to the type of technologies the current extremely corrupt forces require to maintain their idiotic, parasitic domination.

Today you've made a new friend and believer, thank you for giving me a little hope.

As someone who has been harassed by law enforcement and their private lesser-paid flunkies, part of the vast army of deceptive whres who for a lack of any ability to think of anything actually decent to do decide to sell themselves to the highest bidder in order to destroy everything in the world that might lead to an actual improvement for humanity, I must warn you to watch out for these utter shite people who will inevitably approach you and try to f*ck everything you are doing up.

I'm going to read more of your writings, you'll hear more from me.

Again, thank you for your work, I have for many years wondered where this tech has been and you and your friends were working on it the whole time, so you have my thanks and encouragement.

Let the good vibes get a lot stronger!

A dozen new companies on bitshares! Exciting times. Bitshares is the future and this is the year that Bitshares really takes off! Looking forward to that very much. I just need to work out how I can be more involved!

I’ve invested in bitshares, eos, from my earnings here on Steemit. I’m looking for long term scalable platforms and currencies that make sense to me. Your son’s coding skills, both of you have incredible knowledge regarding freedom, business, and a free market. I look forward to a future without centerlized governments, banks, and markets!

Perfect! I guess every community needs a godfather like you. When you watch the recent awesome EOS video, where Brock showed the one footage about the importance of the first follower, this explains the situation perfectly. I´m still no nearly aware of all the possibilities we have with bitShares and it seems too complicated and not practical for daily usage (due to low volumes and too few coins available at the DEX), but hey... time to learn from the godfather, right? Thank you!


BitShares niche is a behind the scenes platform for business not an up-front application for ordinary consumers. That's where most of the new businesses are moving to bitshares - and bringing millions of their customers along with them.


My interest in Bitshares is primarily because it's a decentralized exchange. Coinbase and all others like it violate the decentralization rules of Satoshi Nakamoto.


Interesting... I didn´t yet take the time to do much research on BitShares since I´m mostly invested in EOS & Steem and have not enough budget left to make a serious investment into BitShares - but I never heard before, that it´s a business platform. So you are saying, that it´s much more like Ripple (but really decentralized ;)) with the goal in mind, to be a protocol for business transfers and trading? I just saw it as a DEX with margin trading features. Anything I can watch, that will bring me up to date with the deeper business aspects I missed? Thx!


Thank you! Very appreciated - I already started to watch some vids and sort through the information. The first thing I learnt was, that you are Dan´s father and I don´t need to worry, that Dan has moved on to EOS and abandoned BitShares. It seems to be in good hands and since your son is a genius, he must have inherited it from someone, right? :))


You are very perceptive! :)


both you and your son seem geniuses and very good human beings......this world needs more people with that combination of characteristics


and this time I was not making comedy and I wastalking seriously....better not to do that many times

great stuff @stan, and I personally never associated the 'godfather' part with the (in)famous movie characters, it's understood implicitly in the true sense of the word, in what you provide to BitShares community and have given to the crypto world at large.

thanks to bitcoin to gave me the oppertunity to buy a new house and other wishes

amazing post...its very learnable and knowledgeable post. hope that everyone like it..good job

very cool post. Thank you sir.

It has many educative value.I think this is carrying many tipes of thinking that is important to us.You have included photos.Overall good presentation

wonderful post, hero of super, thanks for sharing

Its amazing that you have achieved so much success in your is remarkable.And you were officer that it was written in your post in cryptonomex and other also.

a very good post, talk about bitcoin is not endless, especially now that many find out about what is bitcoin, continue to be bright for beginners ,,,
regards to know from me @stan

The tag " God Father of Bitshares or Bitcoin typifies an icon in cryptocurrency world. They are the people we called the Gurus in money market. Wheather their claims are real or not is different thing entirely. I upvote you.

keep on!!!

Im learning small but knowledgeble stuff here.. Thank you!!

“Friendship is everything. Friendship is more than talent. It is more than the government. It is almost the equal of family.- Don Corleone”
― Mario Puzo, The Godfather

edit, sorry for the double post, I have been running out of bandwidth

Thank you for sharing, you are remarkable.

we are fortunate that people like them do acts thinking for everyone .... The vast majority think only of his pocket... as Mark Suckerberg.

wow this is very inspiring for beginners like me :)

Nice post Stan. I always enjoy hearing a little bit more of the backstory and future of BitShares. I downloaded it last week and I like what I see.

What about granddad? There is a lot to learn from granddads. I had one that made the straightest arrows I could dream of. Of course he was a carpenter, with the skills to do things I could only dream of. To top it, he added spikes to them. So they were not only the straightest arrows -they were lethal.

I had another granddad. Who loved his grandchildren to such a degree, he gathered them all in his orchard every summer. The sad thing about this particular granddad was that it wasn't until his funeral I learned how libertarian he was.

Granddad is a better term. It's connected to wisdom, skill and experience.

Those three qualities are hard to come by. And something to strive for. Granddad is good.


I'm a proud Granddad too. Can't use that name though - that's reserved for my Dad - Harold G. Larimer.

thanks a lot for discuss about crypto..thanks for sharing..carry on dear..

Thank you for all the time you spend making the world a better place. Finding words that do you justice is futile. A true hero to humanity. Go Team Larimer!

woooow its an inspiring word. thanks for sharing

Its the wonderful post, the Bitcoin is the hot topic for discussion.
Its really impressive and good stuff for us.
Thanks for sharing

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hello hello friend today I could read your message very interesting your point of view, I like this thought or philosophy life, freedom and property "through the development of" honest money and equal conditions "for all humanity.
If the changes are to improve and be more friendly, they will be welcome.
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Bitcoin is the hot topic for discussion.
Its really impressive and good stuff for us.
Thanks for sharing

Thanks @stan for your great job I look forward next one good luck

I've thought that Charles Hoskinson was the godfather...

@stan, thanks for the post! I've been researching Bitshares for some time now. I do recognize your role in the promoting the technology, but at the same time I see that it lacks some professional marketing. Would be great to hear yours and community point of view on this.


We are focused on bringing businesses to BitShares. They are responsible for marketing to their consumers.

Question, how does Arise bank interface with bitshares? Are they supposed to be the banking backing for bitusd?


On and off ramps, for one thing. Um. Two things. Joint customer support for another.


I see. Thanks for answering.


BitUSD doesn't need or depend on any banking backing. BitUSD are transparently collateralized with at least 175% of their target value in BitShares locked up on the blockchain. This is how they can function without subjecting holders to counterparty risk like competitors do.


I see, just been hearing a lot about Arise recently and wanted to ask if that related to bitshares or bts considering how convenient they are for many of us.

Great job, keep on! CHEERS

Meep Meep! I'd love to grab a seat on that porch with you Stan and do some pontificatin'! I'm really interested in the marriage of the crypto/digital and analog/physical worlds and I'm using the knowledge I'm gaining by being involved in this space to try to create a resilient community in my corner of the Earth.

Thanks for all that you do to help usher in a more just world. Can't wait to hear your piece next weekend with "The Real Deal" and more on the Billion Hero Campaign!


Where, where are you tonight?
Why did you leave, me here all alone?
I searched the world over and thought I found true love,
You met another and, pfffft, you were gone!

Hee Haw!

I heard a lot from last few days about that really has good future and worth ?

I'm encouraged to see you address concerns people have expressed directly with posts like these. Well done!

Also, great to see the Linux books behind you on the shelf on the last picture.

BitShares has no governing authority except for the token holders and any representative(s) they may choose to elect...
Yehhh...You are right and i agree with you..

Great one!!! For me you are a hero.Thank you for sharing this with us.Indeed it is good motivation for new comers like me

tell me the bitshare future prospek,
is it will be best coin?


Salutations. I am JaiChai. Delighted to make your acquaintance.

This is the first post by you that I've ever read.

I must say, your writing is as open and friendly as when you're doing a video interview - refreshingly sincere.

It still escapes me that Bitshares and Steem's blockchain activity (that eclipses bitcoin and etherum's put together on any given day) is not a well known fact in the cryptocurrency space.

Anway, following you now - so as not to miss your future musings.

May yu and yours be well and loving life today.



Bitshares & decentralized exchanges will be huge, please see an analysis from an expert cyrpto analysis here about BTS. After this correction it will boom, so get a truck and load it up at the dip.

I think i will call you an influential man pioneering bitshares

BitShares (BTS) In my honest opinion is one of the most undervalued blockchains in existence today. Educate yourself! Long-Term Hodler here.

Good to see the meaning of God Father in the post. It was a good read. Bitshares got lot of potential this year.

Lets start with the question if Crypto currency could be used as a normal curency like your dollar , baht , euro , or pesos . So first of all The worth of cypto currency is changing all the time so you could buy a house with your bitcoins oneday and on the following you would just be able to affort a Sandwitch with the same amount of Bitcoins. This does happen beacause Bitcoin or any other Crypto currency is worth anything beacause people think, beacause people believe in this projekt, Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Steemdollar do not have a worth, there are just worth anyting beacause people believe that this virtual money is worth anyting.
Second there is no equivalent in gold or anyting valuabe. ( Euro or dollar are equivalent to the gold reserves )

These reasons are enough to say that this currency, that way it exists today will never be able to be used as the "money of the future".


Well, we're ready to launch the Quint, which is a gold-backed legal tender. We also have bitAssets that are quite stable (bitUSD, bitCNY, bitEUR, bitGold, bitSilver, bitBTC, and the HERO.) Other coins are held by traders precisely BECAUSE they are volatile. Something for everybody!


The Euro and the Dollar are NOT equivalent to gold reserves, Euro and Dollar are debt money of the fractional reserve central banking system, that's why people hoard physical gold and crypto, of which Bitshares is light years ahead of the rest, and offers many possibilities, like the Quint our dear Stan mentioned. Thanks four your work Stan! BTW, @stan what are your thoughts on American agro-chemical business, as you mentioned you are a farmer, I also come from a farming family, and I think the blockchain offers many possibilities for sustainable farming (loans, logistics, decentralization).


Where does fiat value come from? Why is gold not worth only about 200X what iron is, based on relative abundance, instead of thousands of times?
ALL monetary value is entirely artificial- the only real uses for gold aside a medium of exchange (an artificial value) are due to its special combination of elemental material properties, such as corrosion resistance, malleability, electrical and electronic properties, stc.
Digital currencies could easily be used as the "money of the future"- EVERY supposedly "gold-backed" transaction is ONLY data anyway, unless someone actually shows up with gold to exchange for goods, and this has been true for decades.


"ALL monetary value is entirely artificial" Be that as it may, FIAT currency is controlled by a private entity, that "owns" the central bank, the main reason gold was adopted instead of silver (or iron or whatnot) is that silver has more everyday utility (conductivity, anti-septic) than gold and the discovery of huge silver reserves in the new world (which would introduce unstable inflation), the other "only" reasons you mentioned are precisely why gold is (was?) ideal. Bitcoin is "owned" by the two mining pools that manage over 50% of the blockchain transactions, as they can disrupt the system at their will (why would they do it? Because shorting Bitcoin is now, can be, viable). Delegated Proof of Stake is the "most decentralized" system of any blockchain we have today. I just wanted to add information, not to argue with your post, the bold AND italic words prove your wisdom. BTW the Quint will be actually redeemable for gold and silver.

You just HAD to go and include the definition of "Godfather", didn't you?

Now I can't help hearing it in my head with a heavy Chicago accent as "Gaadfaather"...
Wonderful work on Bitshares, you guys- unfortunately, a lot of us users keep having access problems with the "failed to sync with API server" error, but I know that's not your problem.

Michael Corleone: Luca Brasi held a gun to his head, and my father assured him that either his brains or his signature would be on the contract.....