The Origin of BitShares Rides Again

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The history of Steemit is intertwined with the history (and future) of BitShares. My original The Origin of BitShares series ended poetically with our developers riding off into the sunset in search of Satoshi Nakamoto.

BitShares developers ride off into the Steemit sunrise

...or was that the Steemit Sunrise?

If you are new to BitShares (or have been away for a while) and have questions about where it came from and where it's going, then this new series is for you! The original series covered the first 18 months of our history ending in February 2015. Now another 18 months have passed and it's time to extend the series, especially for all the new Steemians who are just discovering it.

We have to hurry before the next 18 months dawns ...this summer.

Here's a quick recap of our first 18 months.

Part 1 - It Began with ProtoShares
Part 2 - The Death of Mining
Part 3 - The Ideal Mining Pool
Part 4 - AngelShares and Virtual Mining
Part 5 - POW to POS to TaPOS to DPOS!
Part 6 - Sharedrops and Snapshots
Part 7 - BitShares Sharedrop Theory
Part 8 - Experimenting and Pivoting
Part 9 - What is a SuperDAC?
Part 10 - BitShares Unleashed

In my next post, the glorious history of our second 18 months will continue with...

Part 11 - "It is very cold in space"

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"I've enjoyed 40 years developing unmanned air, ground, sea, and space systems.
These days, I build unmanned companies."

Stan Larimer

"BitShares and Steemit are great, but they are not exactly rocket science."

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Thank you Stan for putting this all together. That journey is going in other direction than I (AGS investor) thought. I should be rich by now :). I'am glad that you, your son and Bitshares still leaving a trace in The Blockchain. And thank you for your vote for my little Steemit project. As a troll in the Bitshares forum I know that I did not deserve that vote.

You might yet still be surprised where that journey is going...

"It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to." - J.R.R Tolkien, Lord of the Rings

Very short after this dantehman downvote my project with all his power. I'm back to zero. May I ask why? I should not mention his name there or what? And again I'm trolling :). Sorry, I really did not want to.

I have no idea why he would do that.
(I'm not involved with Steemit and have no inside information at all.)

just bought 6000 bitshares :)

Good to read so much goodness about you and getting to know you a bit more Stan! Loving the great pics too. Keep on thriving and smiling. Namaste :)

Great recap of Bitshares history.
I mined some protoshares, participated in AngleShares,
Received BitshareX, DNS, and Vote. And they all merged to become Bitshares. And I am still waiting for the vesting period to end.

You are indeed very well positioned to be part of Future History.

Would you mind share some inside about the future of BitShares?

Stay tuned, this series is going back to the future.

New to Bitshares but interested holding a few

The amigos are far from finished.

Wow, wonderful summary of the history of Bitshares.

BTW, I also wrote a few articles about Bitshares, if anyone is interested, please have a look:

When I found out that Steemit uses the same Graphene technology that BitShares does, I had to stock up on more. Both have bright futures.

Thanks for the great summary of the journey of BitShares and the origin where Steem came from!

I noticed you have snuck a silver coin in on this post

Yes, for many reasons. It's really real money and suggestive of a beautifully perfect digital currency.
But the biggest is the Sic Semper Tyrannus state motto of Virginia!

Although I like Chris Duane's Silver Shield updated artwork MUCH better!

Semper Fi

Did you read my post on silver like a week ago? It starts off a little slow at the start with stuff you probably already know, but around half way down starts to get good and I also address what type of numbers for metals are actually plausible without hyperinflation, unlike some numbers you see tossed around by people such as Max Keiser and Greg Mannarino (it's past payout date, so no, I'm not trying to garner profits lol):

I also invited David Duke to your website to test it's censorship resistance LOL:

Upvoted your back up the truck article as soon as I saw it. Loved it.

We just have to get out of the era of paper silver which is siphoning off real demand on a 100:1 basis. That alone predicts a 100x pop when people stop trusting paper silver.

Don't tell Dan or Satoshi, I mean this blockchain stuff is cool and all, but my fantasy is to drive a boat around, then get off the thing and buy stuff with silver bullion haha.


«The value of an idea lies in the using of it.» Thomas A. Edison

Bitshares is the single most undervalued crypto-asset on the planet. I'm buying steadily and loving every BTS that hits my wallet - a great community, with great devs and great functionality. BTS will have its moonshot, just winding the spring.

as far as i know, they have only one guy for the GUI left. All the other devs working now for Steemit

"BitShares and Steemit are great, but they are not exactly rocket science."

Put they are for me... still very new to all this.
Thanks for the posts!

That's just a quote I use to yank the developers' chains.

Actually the technology behind this is every bit as tricky as rocket science.

Which is worse, a tiny smoking crater on Mars or losing the nest eggs of 50,000 grandmas ?

I'm totally new to this.
Obviously the money (or value) doesn't come from people writing valuable stuff here, it comes from interactions somehow. How this is made to produce value is beyond me. It's what baffles me about BitCoin or any other cryptocurrency. And truth be told, I don't really get how the monetary system works either. I used to believe I can just walk in the pank and change my money to gold, but it's not an option even. It's like every money is backed by hot air nowadays and big panks are printing each year billions more. Just crazy to think that money doesn't actually have any value whatsoever except the value we believe it should have.
Now... keeping all that in mind I had this crazy Idea for another cryptocurrency. What's even more popular than blogging? Gaming. Why not create a cryptocurrency which is tied to some gamestreaming or online gaming. I mean, why not? If we are already here.
Just my thought right now. I have so much to learn about the monetary system and cryptocurrencies...

Check out PeerPlays, also based on BitShares' Graphene technology.

Good series on your questions about money.

That's a good video. Thanks!!!

Commenting to keep this for later. I find all of this so confusing so thanks for putting this together. I'm trying to share what I learn with people as I go to help my friends keep up too.
Here's my post on where the money comes from.

[Mistake - Edited]

Great post, very cool video... After I watched it

Wonderful! Thank you

Hi! This post has a Flesch-Kincaid grade level of 13.9 and reading ease of 33%. This puts the writing level on par with academic journals.

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