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Here's a cool way to increase your twitter following and leverage this unique social marketing platform with us...



According to Wikipedia - Twitter was launched on the 15th January 2006 and has since grown to over 335 Million active users.

Are you leveraging this unique social media platform?

If Yes... Great!
If No... Why not start today...?

How to increase your twitter following and leverage this unique social marketing platform with us

First you'll need a Twitter account, if you don't have one yet you can simply just head over to Twitter and create your account.

Next - Be sure to follow us... and look for our post's in you Twitter feed, We will be sharing some really cool and interesting news and reviews with tool's and resources you can use to build and grow your own following on Twitter and create more awareness to your campaign's or blog's etc.

Twitter Builder & Who to Follow?

Use the search bar and # tags to find people who share common interests or who share the kind of content you are looking for.

Some #tags to consider searching or using #steem #steemit #steemblockchain #steemsavvy #steemvotes #steemphotochallenge #steemrewards #steemitrewards #bitcoinadzclub

Here's how to build your twitter following: Follow us and Fellow Steemians (Post a comment with your twitter link below to be featured in our next Twitter Campaign - Free for our Followers & Steemit users).

You might want to follow these Twitter accounts:


Comment below with your twitter link to be added to this list in future twitter campaigns.

Finally... Post often and be interactive as much as possible for the best results.

Get Featured on Twitter (Re-Tweet's and Promoted Campaigns)

Twitter offers a unique advertising promotion service and you can learn all about that here however we would also like to offer our services where we will Re-Tweet your ad promotion or general tweet for a small service charge.
Just send us a DM - direct message on Twitter to submit your request.

Free Re-Tweet's

Our PR Team will be consistently searching through our twitter followers tweet's looking for tweet's that hold value or provide great information and will occasionally Re-Tweet our followers tweet's for free.

Follow us on Twitter

Get rewarded for viewing adz

There are multiple ways to earn, win prizes and be rewarded for viewing adz and this is something we will be looking in to further with a view of sharing some reviews and deeper insights in to this subject in future posts and press release articles. Be sure to follow this blog for more news and insights @bitcoinadzclub and sign up to our free newsletter for more information n the service we provide.

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