Americans Are Getting Increasingly Skeptical Of Government (74%), Accepting Of Cryptocurrency (8%+)

in #bitcoin4 years ago (edited)

The bad news is: things are getting worse.

The goods news is: people might be getting angry enough to stop accepting it.

DS 1.jpg

Image per @Daltono, check him out!

In a just-released poll by "Monmouth University Polling", a supermajority, or 74% of Americans, now believe "The Deep State" is running the United States. For the survey, "The Deep State" was defined in context as "a collection of unelected officials who run policy."

Yeah, I'd say that sounds in the ballpark to me.

However, I personally remain a huge fan of Benito Mussolini's definition of fascism as "the seamless merging of state and corporate interests."

Only 21% of those surveyed believed the group did not exist. This is a huge step up from even a few years ago, where I recall being routinely called crazy for even insinuating that the US Government had something in common with every single other government in history and may not have always acted in the best interests of its "subjects".

Nowadays, I can regularly get away with a statement of provable, outright-fact like that - even around normies who think Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme!

If you take one look at the increasing cost of living in just about every part of the United States, it's not hard to guess why people are increasingly frustrated with the status quo.

cost of living US_0.jpg

I know there's no past data here, but this chart is only getting worse.

If you do want to see the historical trend...well, it ain't pretty.


Millennials are responding exactly how you would expect them to, game-theoretically speaking. They are rejecting the rigged game of the current financial system, and choosing to enter the market of cryptocurrencies rather than try to play Monopoly starting on a board where every single property has already had 4 houses and a hotel.

DS 2.jpg

In a separate survey released just a few days prior by "Finder", 8% of Americans report having already purchased cryptocurrency. As I mentioned earlier, Millennials are leading the way at 17.4% (and being dragged down by Baby Boomers at 2.4%.) 11.86% are men and only 4.27% are women, simply showing once again the female preference for security vs the male preference for risk and gain. (Hey, don't shoot the messenger.)

For the record, this survey was conducted through an online "pay-for-survey" website and I would thus assume it to overestimate the actual amount of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, owing to data sampling bias (higher proportion of tech-savvy-online types.)

The expected result of running a corrupt government serving the corporations and politicians.

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Copyright: @Daltono (cover image - check out his blog and art site!), CoinTelegraph, Wall Street Journal, Zero Hedge


The worst thing that could happen to America is that world embrace cryptocurrencies.

Imagine what would happen to 300 million people that consumes 50% of the good and communities in the world, when the dollar will no longer preveail...

Lots of happy and fat chinese in the other side of the world :D

In the other hand, it is good that you guys start using some brain to see that America is not the most powerful country in the world... that theres no such thing as "countries" when it comes to money...

So, i really hope USA finds more trouble recluting young guys to kill people around the world for the sake of "democracy"

I’m Less worried about bitcoin being a Ponzi scheme than I am about bitcoin being a deep state invention.

I’m enjoying seeing the die hard trump fans, who really thought he was different, forced to be realistic about his job. He’s not the boss despite what you see on the television.

He is one guy capitalizing on an incredible opportunity & will do what is best for himself, like all billionaires in this economy. You don’t get to a billion by being nice & honest & looking out for others

I can see where you're coming from with the "deep state invention" belief. The actual identity of the creator "Satoshi Nakamoto" is unknown, sooo I suppose you could argue some FUD with that. I wouldn't though lol.

Trump is just another presidential puppet for the "The Deep State" imo. Yes, he is a business man first and a president second, which is spooky to think about if he's maybe making behind the scene deals with whoever. sPoOkY stuff ;)

The best line from the original post 👇

“However, I personally remain a huge fan of Benito Mussolini's definition of fascism as "the seamless merging of state and corporate interests."”

I don't think the Deep State would ever invent into anything that 100% transparent,decentralized and open platform.They could not keep their power without secrets and lying propaganda.

I don’t think they would do that either, but do you think the deep state would invent something & make it look like it was 100% transparent decentralized & open even though it was not? I sure do, would be a great way to keep tabs on certain people if I were thinking sadistically (like a deep stater)

You can't "make it look like".It is either transparent or not. They don't need a platform like this to keep you on the leash.They have every personal data of all of us.

You think it’s “Black or white”? Is anything black or white in this world? In my experience things get more grey the more I learn about them.

I do agree they have a lot of data on us, but not all..... yet. If they gathered all the data in the first place do you think they decided they have enough now & its time to stop? Not likely by my logic

Could you elaborate more about bitcoin being part of the deep state?

Mysterious origin, allowed to exist, constant disinformation, more than anything it would be a great tool for the deep state to track people who think they have & want anonymity.

I’m not convinced of this, but I do think it is a very likely explanation for what we have seen with bitcoin

the thing about blockchain is that when one gets corrupted another will take its place. they can buy some but they cant buy them all. also, in the process of buying out a crypto all of the early adoptors are made filthy rich. if they smell corruption they can jump ship with more power than ever before.

Early adopters who get out in time can make loads of money. Will all of them dedicate themselves to changing the system for the better or will they fall into the same trap that humans have fallen into forever.

Or perhaps they will be let into the club & change their perspective about the structure of things. Very easy to rationalize varying degrees of morality when you can have anything you want.

Transparency is sorely needed in this system

And then there are privacy coins that attempt to be the opposite of transparent. We are in the Wild West phase of crypto it's very hard to see where it's all going. The chaos will turn to order eventually, but what kind of order will it be? Will Big Brother come out on top or will we see something different?

Wild West phase of crypto & all of global economics!

Why dont they make a simple law: The top guy in a company cannot earn more than 100x what the bottom guy in the company earns. That would improve Company morale and National morale.

simply showing once again the female preference for security vs the male preference for risk and gain. (Hey, don't shoot the messenger.)

You already know this is offensive so I'll just say it's a pretty bold extrapolation to make. I'm sure more women will take the plunge when there is more of a social and community element to the blockchain.

Women didn't start playing video games until MMOs and they won't get into crypto until platforms like Steem get their shit together.

There's nothing offensive about stats. Blame the stats, not the messenger. P.S am not trying to be offensive either, just agree with him from my own experiences.

The assumption made was that less women are in crypto because they are afraid of taking risks. Could easily be rephrased as, "Women are cowards."

Maybe if women were paid as much as men and had more disposable incomes they would jump on the crypto train. It's hard to say. My personal experiences talking about cryptocurrency are that most people don't understand/trust it regardless of what's between their legs.

To tell you the truth, I'm a firm believer in our lifetime we will be witness to some revolutionary event, that could be incredible or catastrophic. The difference of wealth distribution is sickening.
Yes, I agree that the data might be a little skewed from the site it was conducted on, but imagine what the crytpo-verse could be like if we got just 25% of the population to adopt it into their lives. The volume pump alone would drive most established coins 4x or higher. Those days are coming though soon enough!
Enjoyed the post, resteemed ;)

I think crypto would still be there no matter what. The only options is to accept it now, or accept it later.

One day the whole world and especially Americans would recognize the freedom and opportunities presented by blockchain and cryptocurrencies and when that happen, sites like steemit et al. will replace the likes of facebook and co.

Keep up the good work @lexiconical.

SBD prices weaken, exchange rate weakens and we become weak

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thanks for this useful info @lexiconical :)

As time goes, more people will accept cryptocurrency and turn away from the government

dear @lexiconical All your posts are good, which can be learned a lot, thank you

Yes,people finally realize the root of their struggle is not the neighbors...

Yes... 9 out of 10 crypto currencies investors are Asian or White Men.

Thank you for providing such useful information. It was an interesting read.

useful post. carry on.

Do you think the deep state has their hands in bitcoin? I mean they are obviously aware of the concepts and mechanism behind cryptocurrencies, and have the money and power to influence the market/laws regarding crypto.

Would it make sense for oil and coal companies to have interests in bitcoin, due to its enormous electricity usage?

Are crypto currencies, in your opinion, the best way to reduce income inequality?

Wow, 8% already purchased crypto. That is apretty big percentage in my opinion.

I would have expected to be much lower than this considering that cryptos are still relatively at the beginning of the journey and that we still have a long road to go towards wider public acceptance.

The United States is based on a capital that devours the resources of the world

Great information. I got a lot of flack talking about crypto with people but I don't really see the difference between that and the banks we already use besides I have more control over my accounts with less interference. I don't actually think the USD actually is backed by anything unless we are digging up trillions of dollars worth of gold to keep up with printing.

Very large topic discuss it little

Nice post, countries be fighting bitcoin countries fight everything that makes non politicians rich.

That's a big change. I think for the first time in history, a president is using the words Deep State, so it's becoming familiar. I've been reading about it for years in financial newsletters. I wonder with this clearly changed belief just how it will affect elections. In truth, there is almost nothing an individual can influence with the government or the deep state.

I also think it is exactly the Deep State who is preventing Clinton, and the past Obama criminals from being investigated. How else do you explain that the current Trump investigation goes on and on when in fact just about every thinking person knows the real collusion was with Clinton and the excessively liberal cronies.

well helpfull information for all steemit user..

Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable post....
Carry on next
Best of luck..
I will still wait for your next post....

"A perfect marriage of corporations and state."

The military industrial complex runs our government, they arm both sides of the conflicts, as always, and reap the profits of death.

By the time people realize they need to resist, it will have been too late for decades.

Around my social circle everyone thinks I'm crazy. The new media definition of the "Deep State" is groups within the government that do not have congressional oversight.... I think thats more appealing to people and dosent shock them out of their reality.....

People still believe they have rights even though they distrust the government a little more... Its all Obamas fault , err um I mean Trumps fault etc etc...... But they must be right We are the crazy ones

I like you pots

No way out of the government, though. I'm one of those females who falls into the risk preference rather than the security preference (If you look at my presences on other services, you can see that righoff). What about the fact that all holders of cryptocurrency of any kind are required to report their findings to the IRS? At least for those living in the US such as myself.

Great News ~ :)

I'll leave this food for thought:

We all claim outrage at inequality in the World, but at no time before has there been collective efforts to raise the standard of living till industrialization.

We openly criticize America, but it remains the greatest nation on earth with the best system yet. Seriously, if you doubt me try living anywhere else.

Things aren't perfect, but they're better and will continue to be so.

I am sure you will be harassed for comment men prefer risk and women prefer security. But, it does explain why so many welfare harlots marry the government

So you mean to tell me that the government is accepting crypto?

nice very informative post...thanks for sharing..

nice post. cool

Stop using THEIR money and the planet is free !!

With the talk of china issuing there own gold back currency, what will happen to the petro dollar?

Is that so.

Things seem to be heating up, this whole thing seems to be nearing the end, these are some interesting times we are in for!

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As people lose trust in government's monetary policy, they will obviously turn to unregulated currencies in the same way black markets exist for contraband. The real question needs to be about the externalities of cryptocurrencies as compared to "regular" money. I somehow doubt that most people who voted in favour of crypto are aware of its potential for misuse, high energy consumption and more.

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