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RE: Americans Are Getting Increasingly Skeptical Of Government (74%), Accepting Of Cryptocurrency (8%+)

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I’m Less worried about bitcoin being a Ponzi scheme than I am about bitcoin being a deep state invention.

I’m enjoying seeing the die hard trump fans, who really thought he was different, forced to be realistic about his job. He’s not the boss despite what you see on the television.

He is one guy capitalizing on an incredible opportunity & will do what is best for himself, like all billionaires in this economy. You don’t get to a billion by being nice & honest & looking out for others


I can see where you're coming from with the "deep state invention" belief. The actual identity of the creator "Satoshi Nakamoto" is unknown, sooo I suppose you could argue some FUD with that. I wouldn't though lol.

Trump is just another presidential puppet for the "The Deep State" imo. Yes, he is a business man first and a president second, which is spooky to think about if he's maybe making behind the scene deals with whoever. sPoOkY stuff ;)

The best line from the original post 👇

“However, I personally remain a huge fan of Benito Mussolini's definition of fascism as "the seamless merging of state and corporate interests."”

I don't think the Deep State would ever invent into anything that 100% transparent,decentralized and open platform.They could not keep their power without secrets and lying propaganda.

I don’t think they would do that either, but do you think the deep state would invent something & make it look like it was 100% transparent decentralized & open even though it was not? I sure do, would be a great way to keep tabs on certain people if I were thinking sadistically (like a deep stater)

You can't "make it look like".It is either transparent or not. They don't need a platform like this to keep you on the leash.They have every personal data of all of us.

You think it’s “Black or white”? Is anything black or white in this world? In my experience things get more grey the more I learn about them.

I do agree they have a lot of data on us, but not all..... yet. If they gathered all the data in the first place do you think they decided they have enough now & its time to stop? Not likely by my logic

Could you elaborate more about bitcoin being part of the deep state?

Mysterious origin, allowed to exist, constant disinformation, more than anything it would be a great tool for the deep state to track people who think they have & want anonymity.

I’m not convinced of this, but I do think it is a very likely explanation for what we have seen with bitcoin

the thing about blockchain is that when one gets corrupted another will take its place. they can buy some but they cant buy them all. also, in the process of buying out a crypto all of the early adoptors are made filthy rich. if they smell corruption they can jump ship with more power than ever before.

Early adopters who get out in time can make loads of money. Will all of them dedicate themselves to changing the system for the better or will they fall into the same trap that humans have fallen into forever.

Or perhaps they will be let into the club & change their perspective about the structure of things. Very easy to rationalize varying degrees of morality when you can have anything you want.

Transparency is sorely needed in this system

And then there are privacy coins that attempt to be the opposite of transparent. We are in the Wild West phase of crypto it's very hard to see where it's all going. The chaos will turn to order eventually, but what kind of order will it be? Will Big Brother come out on top or will we see something different?

Wild West phase of crypto & all of global economics!

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