SmartSteem - The Most Flexible, Quality-Focused Vote Buying/Selling Marketplace On Steem

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SmartSteem is an all-in-one vote and delegation market for Steem that is a cut above the rest of the bid and vote bots. Whether you are looking to buy or sell votes, delegate SteemPower to earn, or make a few extra Steem by referring other users, you can probably find what you want here. There is also a 24/7 Discord channel for all questions and other support needs.

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As you can see, it is a thoroughly-staffed operation.

SmartSteem is the pet project of @therealwolf, who I am pleased to say engenders more of my confidence each time I see him post or comment. It has a very professional looking website, which explains the many functions SmartSteem can serve.

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One of the key differentiating features of SmartSteem is the implementation of their whitelist function across most of their services. In order to buy votes directly from SmartMarket, you must first apply and be approved for the SmartSteem whitelist.

Smartsteem's whitelist feature isn't a binary on/off. There are 3 star levels granted to each approved user (1-3) based on the quality of their posts, as reviewed manually by hand-selected curators from SmartSteem. This can take time, so be patient - my whitelisting took several weeks, if memory serves.

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A shot of the SmartSteem profile page, with voting log.

Those who choose to sell votes on the SmartMarket can decide to grant their votes to anyone, to 1+ star users, 2+ star users, or even only 3 star users. There is even an option to create a custom whitelist and restrict your vote to only those users! This makes SmartMarket one of the few vote-selling services that meet the stringent quality standards of many (myself included) who have been, or were initially, anti-vote selling in general.

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SmartSteem Bidbot

This is the most familiar of SmartSteem's functions. Bid and receive a proportionate share of the bots votes every 2.4 hours. Simple.

Delegate to The SmartSteem Bidbot

This is simply the reverse of the above function. Delegators accrue 95% of the bot's profits as a credit to their SmartSteem account, which can be setup to automatically credit to your Steemit account or be saved. You'll have a tough time locating a better return percentage.

Buy votes directly from @Smartmarket

SmartMarket allows you to buy votes directly with a fixed ROI range (1.8-2.1x) without bidding. This is where the whitelist really comes into play, as without it, SmartMarket would be unable to offer such profitable bidding options.

Sell votes directly on @SmartMarket

Again, the inverse of the above. Slightly lower ROI than delegating, but flexibility in vote thresholds, vote targets, and no need to wait 7 days to undelegate.

SmartSteem also provides a referral features, and the bonus they pay comes out of SmartSteem's share of the profit, rendering it an actual act of generosity (or loss-leading promotion, depending on one's view.) If you wish to receive the benefits of signing up with a referral link, and start producing your own referrals, you may use the link from my signature or click here.

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Join us at the Minnow Support Project! (click me)
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...and a 10,000+ active user Discord Chat Server! (click me)


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A great and Profitable service. I am using it for last three months. Great post @lexiconical.

Nice to hear from another satisfied customer.

Yes, this service is good but looking at the current price of steem, I have one question.

Is buying votes from the bots profitable now? what I have seen if you buy votes with your SBD's you lose money instead of making some profits on top of that.

You will not make a liquid profit in SBD on any bot, although you used to be able to. Pretty much all the bots I see are usually a loss now, that's one thing that's different about SmartSteem.

thanks for your post here in support of this amazing service @lexiconical. I have joined the team also precisely for these reasons.

It is fair, its not a money grab, counters spammers and most importantly, its not going to make you rich but you are not going to lose either.

it provides visibility

I met @therealwolf when he was still a puppy on steem and its cool to see how this is evolving.
There is a lot of effort behind the scenes trying to improve service and answering questions on discord

So if anyone has any questions, just hop on by our discord

i really like @smartsteem and @therealwolf is great. It's probably the best thing Ive come across on steemit this far.

Agreed on all counts. He just recently got my witness vote, after I made some room in the rolls.

I have learnt a new way of earning but are there any risks involved

Yes - if you are using the bidbot, you are subject to the normal risks involved in any auction. Careful with your bids.

Too much of shilling going on for smartsteem and I am wondering why.

I post about any service that I think will help people earn more on their blogs.

I'm sure you've been here long enough to know how tough it is to scrape more than a few pennies up for your content otherwise. When I don't use SmartSteem, my posts make about $6 after curation (look at my recent Dmania fix post that was rejected because SS thought it was a Dmania meme - $14, since yabapmatt must have liked it since I last saw it at $9.

I am not talking only about you. These days I can see at least a post about smartsteem on trending or hot page daily with full of positive-decoration.

I think we had a conversation before too about how I stopped using bots. After seeing too much positive posts about smartsteem I thought to give it a try, and I did but I am not satisfied and found this as just another profit bot, nothing more. Then I tried vote selling with smartsteem(i think it's been two weeks) and I can see it's not like how it was advertised. there are too many flaws but nobody has mentioned a single.

Come on why should we really care about all those highlighted points like quality control, whitelist bhah bhah things if we make quality posts, what's the benefit of those features for a random user if the ROI factor is same as other bots. Yes owners can highlight it as their advertisement and promotion but why every users are hightlighting those features on their review post as if these are profits. Do the whitelisted users get bigger upvotes than others?

Hmmm... Does this actually work?
This makes a lot of sense you know.
Organizing the vote-selling properly and re-distributing the rewards in a way that benefits the community and not just the actual service-providers.
I'll have to sign-up and see because lately I've not been using my votes wisely. Love how the services and platform keep evolving for the benefit of all to enjoy in

When in Rome...we can't expunge the market, but we can exert some degree of "regulation" by judicious application of the prevailing trends.

In other words, if you can't beat em, join em but try to do it better.

Shill moment: Don't forget to use my referral link above, heh.

Ite bro you got it x
I'll go check them out now

Edit: et voila

How do you buy the votes without bidding, is this a subscription program?

You can directly buy votes, similar to MinnowBooster. It will tell you the amount you will receive in return before you do so. Checkout (not posting a link for phishing safety).

Thats is awesome. I am using Smart Steem service for Last one Month. it is very profitable and flexible voting system. and Here I am telling to all if you want​ a flexible​ system then must use Smart Steem Platform.

Does it really work buying votes.. just feels like you are cheating to get fake vokes , just like fake likes on FB

Unfortunately this is the way steem works now. A lot of the posts on the trending page got there by buying votes. Personally i dont think it's a good thing but the market has spoken. At least Smartsteem is putting in some sort of quality control.

Well said. I agree wholeheartedly.

I agree with you in principal, but this is the way the market works now. You can adapt or die (figuratively speaking, that is.)

Even if you put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig. And a bid bot is still a bid bot first and foremost. There's nothing really "smart" about this whole model.

The only reasons bidbots work is due to poor UI/UX choices on Steemit's part and they don't really provide a service that works to the best interest of the social media platform in the long run. Why use a pay-to-play model when other models are free to use? I would imagine that ordinary people would care about this more than "centralization" or "censorship" issues.

Bid-bots just funnel money from attention-desperate individuals into the pockets of investors. I don't really find that function particularly useful or helpful or anyone (beyond the ROI of the investor).

As for quality, that tasks is left up to a few individuals whose best interest would be to whitelist as many people as possible to increase profits. And even if they are fair judges of quality and strict standards, such panels have specific biases in certain directions. Given these circumstances, rather than market it as "quality-focused" it makes more sense to call it primitive spam filter.

But for a product to truly be "quality-focused" you would expect to see the trending page be filled with improved content. But now more than ever, people are complaining about the trending content. They aren't getting what they want.

Hopefully Hivemind and communities adjust the UI/UX experience to give us pages that are less susceptible to these bots. That way the system can be more mediocratic and wannabe entrepreneurs can stop trying to centralize the holdings when at this stage they should be decentralized to help growth and encourage new users.

Do the delegation payout happen daily @lexiconical?

It lets you select from a variety of payout options, and one of them is automatic daily payout.

Sir @lexiconical no doubt smartateem is operating smartly. I have been member of it and wanted to delegate ..however i have notice many user still at pending it good anyway...?

I'm new to the delegation side of the market, but I think this is because the users haven't claimed their balance yet. You can login to your account at SmartSteem once you sign-up and select how often you want to receive payments. One option is automatic daily. My guess is these users decided not to login and claim until they had a little bit saved up.

I have applied for review some days ago but its still pending. I hope they will make their review system faster.

You can see updates about the backlog at the site, which can be reassuring. They are picky which is the only way they can guarantee ROI. I had to wait several weeks, perhaps a month, if I remember correctly, but it was worth it.

the site is amazing, good work sir

Is very useful smartsteem , i love it , thanks for the support @therealwolf

great post! keep it up! :^D

I like that platform very helpful, but some it doesn't work, like in SmartScore Stars, it's not functioning well, it must to have Everyone so you get to sell your upvotes, that's my only concern in this platform the rest it's working fine.

nice bro who i develop my account power plz tell me

Very useful indeed

Smart stem is going places

Informative. Thanks for the share I have learned a lot from this post. Would you please guide a bit that where should I post videos to get credit at esteem?? 👍👍

I'm afraid esteem isn't my area of expertise. I think you might be looking for information on Dlive, try checking there first.

really best post (Lexiconical)thanks

I can confirm the good service of @Smartsteem. Thanks for the contribution.

very good article.

Thank you. Best post🌻

It seems I am already white-listed! But only 2 stars :(
Guess I have to try harder now hahah

Any way, great post here as always. I remember looking at @smartsteem but did not spend time to learn back then. Happy that you wrote about it as it reminded me about the cool service.

Someone pls explain me this high RoIs? How does it work, what are my benefits of using this here?

Thanks for the informations

I think I am to non tech to be using this platform...maybe I should see about leasing my account out to some one who understands this
Who wants to make me a millionaire ...

It's about integrity and this service can promote this on Steemit if used with care. Good work on the post thnx.