Bitcoin is sliding, again. What's causing the drop?

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Another week, another dip for bitcoin.

In the last 24 hours bitcoin has dropped about $1500, and it has dropped about $2500 from it's highs of a few days ago.

This is coming on the heels of relief rally that saw the coin get near $12,800 after it's plunge all way down near $9,000 just a week ago.


What is causing the drop?

It isn't entirely clear what is causing the drop, like is often the case with cryptocurrency price swings.

However, there are some likely potential possibilities that are contributing to the weakness...

For one, an analyst went on CNBC and claimed that he thinks bitcoin is going to lose 90% of it's value from current levels, this year.

He is calling for a drop down to $1,000-$3,000 by the end of this year.


Then of course every major news outlet is running with that headline which is only spreading fear among an alreadly visibly shaken investor base.

Then you have South Korea announcing that they will be taxing cryptocurrency exchanges.

Which shouldn't be that big of news by itself, because any company that is earning money has to pay taxes, but perhaps some of these exchanges are needing to lighten up their crypto inventories in order to spring for the cash needed to pay these taxes?

That is something that wouldn't surprise me one bit and something that is probably happening.


Another point to consider is the seasonality aspect.

I wrote a post on the seasonality aspect a few days back, it can be seen here:

Basically it underscores how the middle of the January has traditionally been a very weak point over the past 4 years, and then how the beginning of the year overall has been a weak point compared to the rest of the year.

That is not a lot of data to go off of, but it's enough to see a trend.

My thoughts:

I think overall, we are just in a very weak point in terms of seasonality, in terms of the price running up so much so fast, and the news turning decidedly bearish over the past few weeks, that it will be hard to gain any kind of upward momentum in the short term.

Given that environment, it doesn't take much to cause already jittery investors to hit the sell button.

However, I think a few weeks from now, perhaps a few months, prices will be higher than where we are today, across the board.

Stay informed my friends.

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Might have to hang out on the sidelines until we get more confirmation of up movement or down movement. Looks like it could go either way at this point. Some people are saying BTC could drop to mid $8000's. If it went that low, I would definitely load up.

I take it as a routine task of bitcoin.It has been doing it since ages lol
Just relax and HODL.
Yes, I agree with some points which you have mentioned, definitely they are playing some role in the decrease of bitcoin's price.


Great explanation of the different reasons. I've written about this myself from a technical analysis point of view. Please check out my other posts. Just recently posted my prediction on Stellar Lumens (XLM):

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 00.14.54.png


I hope you are right


wouldnt that be nice


The main idea is to collect as many bitcoins possible as in the near future the block reward is expected to be halved. While steam might be a good platform there are many others ways to stay well ahead in the crypto race . I shall be covering all crypocurunncices and the easiest ways to buy them. Thank you for your support. Have a blessed day!


Yeah, I mean it cannot go up forever.. Needs to have corrections.


Looks like a trend to me!


That's great! Thanks for the perspective!


Ahah indeed a matter of perspective


And every year this causes the weak hands to panic sell, making the dip worst. I remember panicking on a dip in 2013 and selling out all my BTC. Every last one of them, like an idiot.

Needless to say, I learned. Got back in, and didn't panic sell at any of the following dips or crashes. This feels pretty normal to me now, but it's always sad to see the people who can't handle it. I agree with @jrcornel, I expect BTC and most of the crypto market to be up within a few weeks.


2013???? You are like a dianosue to me. I got into bitcion fairly recently


Yeah I'm still out of Bitcoin ;D
Looking for babies like Salt, Komodo and Enigma to invest.


All of those are great coins to hold! I personally also have Enigma and Salt! :)


The main thing is it gives me perspective when I see the market acting crazy. Yeah it's much bigger now than it was but it's not like the Bitcoin market has never been crazy, you know?


Formal education will make you a living , self education will make you a fortune.


I sold 5 BTC back in 2015 so I could buy a new keyboard. facepalmbear-5804f2af3df78cbc28913ff7.jpg


This is my first January as a crypto investor, so it’s interesting to see the new year trends!


Is there a possibility for bitcoin to go to 0 ?


no, because 0 would mean its free, and everyone would want it if its free, so the price would go up.


I understand what you mean now , thank you for helping .


Yes! My Bitcoin is 0


Just hold lol


Ahah indeed a matter of perspective


Just FUD everywhere.
I personaly HODL EOS. yep. it is good.


Fantastic graph

I dont think the chinese watch cnbc and their analysts from the world of the last century

well said!

it's a hardtime for crypto... hope will end soon

The mainstream does a great job at spreading fear! I saw an article similar to that, but was only 8-10 sentences long. It was laughable that they put that on credible news sites.

I think we will see weakness for a little while longer, but don't think $1,000 or even $3,000 is in play this year.

I could see $6,000 - $8,000 though


Agreed. I don't think those numbers ($1k-$3k) are in play unless there is some fundamental change in the current environment, which there very well could be. If things stay roughly the way they are, I don't see much below $8k to be honest, though I usually tend to be overly optimistic. ;)


I am the same way! I think it is human nature to be optimistic. Unless a new technology replaces blockchain here soon..


LOL @ "credible news sites"

There is not such thing these days. Every so-called news organization is a propaganda outlet with an agenda these days. Just look at the FUD that Bloomberg has been putting out when it comes to cryptos. Bloomberg should be renamed to FUDberg.


And what they're saying is there is no demand... at all.. below the current point to match the desire to sell.

That requires some serious mental gymnastics.

Great article, @jrcornel. I hadn't considered the SK sell-off to pay taxes.


Yes sir. Strap in for a wild ride.


I’m debating on pulling out my money now and buying in at the bottom. Ive seen a lot of suggestions that it could get to $7000. We will see though. The fast run ups always cause steep drops


You are correct about that! It never hurts to take some profits at the table

Very helpful analysis, calm and optimistic but cautious. That echoes my sentiment very closely. I am not selling anything.

Good luck everyone.

Is it possible it’s got anything to do with the lock down with the America government? Cheers mike

Let’s hope it is just seasonal. Thanks for cloning my blog about the CNBC pundit expecting a 90% drop. I think he is an idiot.

OH NO! I just bought more :(

Thanks for composing an informative post that helps investors gain some perspective surrounding current Bitcoin fluctuations. I think the fact that there was a massive surge in mainstream attention and interest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in general late last year brought with it many new, and quite naive, pseudo investors who felt that Bitcoin would rise perpetually. It didn’t and as a result scared money pressed the exit button which I think we will still see throughout the next few months at least.

Given this, I think what is important for everyone to remember is the underlying principles embedded in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies and what role they will play in the future. If you truly believe in it’s innovation then don’t worry about drips in it’s price as it will eventually rise once again. In fact, I would suggest that the majority of us should rejoice when the price falls as it illustrates a phase of greater investment opportunities for future growth.

It might be having some selling pressure since Indian banks are cutting off the end, over any years, there will be more buyers than sellers

the history repeats itself, this is the right time to buy some !

Just buy EOS!

It never stopped falling, just charts painted to look like it had. still looking for the bottom.


Finding a bottom is difficult. Especially with something like BTC that is so volatile. But what does work and is a proven investment strategy is to dollar-cost-average.

Bro! just smoke a good weed, relax and hold

yes also it badly effect steem

The simple answer is that all crypto are in a massive bubble. All bubbles burst, it is never different.

Once the correction runs its course (BTC below $8000, possible $6000), it will be time to begin the buy-in process.

Be patient and you will be rewarded.


Pretty sound advice.


January seems to be the month of government regulations, I'm just happy to keep buying and slowly grow my portfolio at a cheap price !

the safest thing (as always) would be to hold right now, the market can only grow in 2018 with big companies getting into the game and actually building things with/around crypto currencies!


Agreed @thunderdraws, also welcome to Steemit, looking forward to seeing your intro post ;)

Great write up and I agree. I think that previous run up is over and many people are taking profits on top of the exchanges cashing in. There is always FUD when markets tank, so the CNBC guy saying BTC will drop to $1,000 falls into that category, but it's not outside the realm of possiblity I suppose. However, it's highly unlikely and that guy was likely biased against cryptos like many on Wall Street.

What sucks is BTC is driving down the entire market. I don't think ALL of these cryptos would still be going down were it not for Bitcoin. That's a serious problem in this space and effectively means you can't safely invest in any crypto without having to worry about BTC driving down your company's price value. That doesn't even happen in penny stocks, though I know we're talking about completely different assets here.

Bitcoin hasn't stabilized yet either, so we don't know how low it'll go. I'm a long-term hodler, so I watch the weekly charts too and it's important to note that on the RSI over the past year, BTC has never dropped below 50. Since January of 2016, 2 years, Bitcoin has stayed above 50 RSI. It's now coming really close to breaking it. If it does, that's not a great sign but doesn't mean it won't turn back up because it's getting close to being oversold on the daily chart.

Over the past 2 years, when the market got this rebounded hard. We'll have to wait for that to happen.

el futuro

I think the $17,000 hike correlated directly to the media frenzy which has started to tail off a bit.

Although BTC has it's problems and may not be the forerunner in the long term in Cryptocurrencies, I do think that the result of bringing it to the mainstream via media outlets - is that it is ingrained in the psyche that cryptocurrency is the real deal for the future of currency. Hence we will see an increasing no of financial instruments related to BTC and further Financial Institutional investing. So I think based on common sense - although the $17k price was driven by media hype and little substance - the substance of the value of the currency will increase in the short-medium turn and with that - more stability.

The technological developments are causing a ripple effect across the sector. Bitcoin is reflecting a new reality of integrating this technology (Lightning Network), transaction costs falling out, block size many things.

The poor quality of information (signal-to-noise) and lack of true understanding how Bitcoin operates over time in addition to its true nature (It is not a stock) leads people to make hasty choices, in regards to entering and also what the perceive as risk exposure, making an exit.

Of course everyone's condition is different and i'm not telling people what they should do but I feel that too many people are not well enough informed and listen to talking heads that have ABSOLUTELY no idea what they are talking about or worse, are definitely leading people toward bad decisions.

It makes sense that its dropping, there are just better coins out there at a cheaper price. Why would anyone want to pay 25 bucks to transfer 100 bucks that would take hours to transfer? I look at Bitcoin as Myspace, something better will come along and take over the thrown aka Facebook, its just how evolution works.


I think I agree with you on this.


You might be right that bitcoin and blockchain will be replaced eventually with something faster. But on the other hand, what if this is similar to the VHS tape versus Beta tape battle. That raged for years until VHS won. Yet, those who purchased Beta machines were happy too. BTC stands to win as a dominant player in the cryptocurrency space.


blockchain is here to stay, its just bitcoin im starting to fall out of love with. unless bitcoin figures out a way other than the LN I see it falling.

From my understanding the way that LN works is that there are two sides both sides have to open up a private channel and send bitcoins back and forth (outside of the blockchain), in order to open the channel, one or both have to deposite bitcoins into a special bitcoin address. From there they can have as many transactions as they want inside the channel until either party decides to close it which the final balences will be paid out.

But lets say you want to add an additional person to the channel say 3 people, with the middle guy connected to both sides of the table.

Then the person on the left could indirectly send money to the person on the right: the middle guy would first have to pay the left side and then the right side would have to reimburse the middle to reverse the transaction.

It all just seems like a mess and Idk if it will be there scaling solution that everyone is dreaming off.


Well, there is hashgraph as a possible contender to blockchain. I think that now that there is so much focus on blockchain, there will definitely be computer scientists trying to come up with something better, faster, and more reliable than blockchain. But, there is also the problem of getting it widely adopted, which is more of a marketing problem, and not a computer science problem.

I guess it's some kind of correction. The same goes with etherum

A hype can only last so long...

Really helpful!!

It's not always that some news or events are causing the drops.

Sometimes it's a natural cycle and we are experiencing a correction now. Have a deep breath, take a look at technical analysis and relax. Here is a good example:

Dips are as good as tops. Just use the moment wisely. Relax and have another good day ;)

What are your thoughts on USDT or tether propping up Bitcoin? Fact or fiction?

Bitcoins and all altcoins going down is part of the script and trend.
After some months, it will go high again. This dip is the opportunity for a newcomer like me and many others to get into the business. I hope it to $1000-$3000 like you said and I can finally start investing.

Definitely agree, there is a lot of fear-mongering out there and a lot of people investing in bitcoin who have never really held an investment through a dip or a series of dips, so they panic and sell at every opportunity. If you are a seasoned investor and see long term value in the crypto space then a dip , or multiple dips will not bother you. it is just like stock market investing, except it plays out about 100x faster from peaks to troughs! January is often a bad month, but maybe not enough January's have past to make that a firm judgement yet, however I can't see it dipping lower this year than the lows we have seen this last few weeks. This is because there are some real technologies out there linked to the altcoins in particular plus ether and litecoin with some genuine usefulness and value, some of the tech is very exciting and the coins go alongside that. When people say it has no intrinsic value, they may be partially correct for bitcoin, but not for a lot of other great projects and coins. there is a hell of a lot of cash sitting on the sides all over the world right now, people have divested stocks and shares because that market is so overvalued it is a joke, and interest rates are so low in the US and UK that no one is particularly attached to their cash in the bank earning nothing..... so once the stock market dips and once the crypto space smartens its act up a bit, less hacking, more security, more reliable and faster transfers of coins, easier to access cash on exchanges, easier to swap back to fiat etc... then I think we will see the mother of all inflows into crypto in 2018 at some point.... watch this space.... and until then, stop checking your coins and HODL.

Interesting post ! Thanks !

Its important to hold during this drop. Itll be a great buying opporutnity at a lower price then a flood of buyers coming into the market can help it get back to a new all time high in price.

I feel
The year 2018 Clear out
All cryptocurrency scams and
Bitcoin become much more
Stronger than ever!

Bitcoin is born and Brought up in FIRE
So, No affect with a sunray!
Although investment is high risky.

It's here to stay - at whatever level it's stable at.

I think many new investors whos first bought btc now are learning about altcoins and they switching to them cause many of them have big potential. Transactions on altcoins are also faster and cheaper. But anyway there is big relations between BTC and altcoins so if btc is going down almost whole cryptomarket going down too.

What you are saying could be a contribution for these constant dips, This period of every year since 2014 has always had dips and rise always came after. This time those could be some of the reasons. But as usual we a shall experience a rise like it has played out.

it affects almost all altcoins when bitcoin prices is changing. many people will try to bring bitcoin down but i doubt they'll succeed. #HODL

What is causing the drop is the same thing that has caused the prior sell offs. We are reverting back to the mean, i.e, back to the realistic uptrend and letting the 200 MA catch up.

8,500 area is likely the area. Got my buy orders ready :-)

I'm going to have to go ahead and agree with the analyst's prediction of ~$1000, maybe lower. Prices will eventually stabilize to the energy and computing costs required to mine bitcoin.

People are cashing out as fast as their exchanges are letting them. Many exchanges just slap your hands when you try to withdraw and put a hold on your account, or let the sale trade of your crypto go through but don't actually give you your deposit. Search around and you'll find many people who are trapped in their exchanges one way or another. On another note, prices are only being stabilized by huge buys put out by the bid boys.

Why does the ~2 billion in Tethers printed matter so much? USDT is the "backbone" trading pair of most major exchanges. Very few have true fiat pairing. This article sums it up

So when market cap of crypto was ~$300 billion there was ~$6 billion of cash inflows, so maybe $12 billion or so at $600 billion market cap.

Tether has volume higher than its market cap and they printed $450 million or so over the past week alone.

Think for yourself if Bitfinex, the company who basically owns the Tether company, re-opening its doors to new traders but putting a $10,000 cash minimum on new accounts to start trading is shady or not. Their past history is also shady and they were hacked and sold tokens to people to raise funds because of their previous lack of money.

Trade safe, friends. Dangerous times ahead.


Lower than $1,000 bitcoin this year? Wow. You really do see some bearish times ahead. If you truly believe that are you shorting anything currently?


Shorting is suicide, you have to leave your position dangling out there and they can blow you out of the water in an instant with a funny money bid. So is trading on margin. You don't want to really do either if you value your capital when wash trading and insider trading is so prevalent on most exchanges. If crypto isn't blanket banned globally then I think the bear years will be very good to accumulate more crypto and stash them in wallets, I am pro-crypto, but have a realistic view of why the prices are as they are now. Same mentality with looking at SBD/Steem's price and their addition to Upbit on November 21.

Good analysis, crypto is still a very small and thin market, hence the price swings. As more and more investors are realizing that crypto is the future, these price swings will become slower and slower over time. Bitcoin is the future :)

Thanks for your thoughts, I totally agree that after the huge run up in price we really where due for a bigger correction. That Wall Street is also involved now over the CME and CBO is just another sign of professional investors entering the space and they are trying to buy themself in at cheaper prices. I made a pretty good post about it if you want to check it out. Great Post thanks @jrcornel.

Bitcoin!!! like a truck without a brake. :( :( @propofol

Ya it is true that from what history shows is the end of the year is a huge rally and the beginning of the year is really not that great usually.

I am waiting for the possiblity to use bitcoin and other cryptos when shopping on internet. Don't know if this is very common anywhere ( maybe in Japan?) but it should soon be possible in Denmark: (sorry it's in danish, but use translate)

Looks like a good time to buy if you ask me , BTC always goes down in January it will start climbing up again

I Don't Think so it will drop to that lower.
Everyone is witnessing That Crypto is the future.
I Too Beleive That Crypto is the future but we should keep eye on both sides of the story and invest That amount in crypto That you can afford to loose.
if it go high as i'm pridicting to 20000$, you'll cry with joy for sure..
Thanks for your wonderful post dear.
i appritiate your work and research for this community.
God bless you Always.

now bitcoin is the popular on the streem
it is a process to transfar money
thanks for sharing

We need a cryptocurrency that is not fiat in the sense that it is not attached to some real [physical] wealth. We need a cryptocurrency that is attached somehow to gold, silver, or some other precious metal.


Are precious metals not physical wealth?

Anyway, Bitcoin is not inherently tied to any physical object either. People can trade Bitcoin for digital services if others are willing. It's just measured in relation to USD because USD is a very stable, globally-accepted form of currency that's easily transferable.

You could trade it for other physical wealth like gold, but you would have to have gold and transport it to someone, which is difficult and something no one wants to do, or pay for someone else to store it and transport the rights, which is also difficult and difficult to use directly anyway. Not to mention, gold is also a highly-volatile commodity. When the BTC/gold ratio drops, you don't know if Bitcoin is becoming less valuable or if gold is becoming more, because they both fluctuate so badly. With BTC/USD, you know it's Bitcoin that is moving.

Thanks for giving your insights. I saw the CNBC piece and instantly thought of newbie investors who would panic sell - it's not their fault, investing has never had so many "experts" on social media telling people that they are the best investor since Warren Buffett - when an actual analyst says something like this I can see why they are fearful.

Regarding taxes in South Korea, this is something that will continue to affect the markets as more countries introduce regulations, but we will have to deal with it. I also read your post about previous trading patterns over the years!

I think the key to success is to keep holding out when you believe in a coin, but to know where to take profits and _and_where to stop losses.

Thanks for the post!


Newbie investors don't have the capital to affect Bitcoin's price at all though. The daily trading volume is in the billions of dollars. The price is pretty much entirely determined by large investment firms and billionaires. These people aren't really privy to sharing why they're selling as they want to keep their profits to themselves. Any analysis is just speculation.


not true. I know a lot of very well off newbies with a huge collective sum invested. There are also a lot of very well off people investing who are still newbies. Analysis is speculation yes.


I mean, even if you knew 100 people who had $100,000 each and they simultaneously sold all they had, that combined would still only be 0.2% of the daily volume during a big drop.


Yes I agree, but we're not talking $100k when it comes to a lot of people, the deeper you get in to this world the more you will see how much some people invest, I agree that it's mainly firms and some VCs etc., but they aren't the only ones who have a defined effect.. in fact the snowball effect could be produced by very small percentage moves.

This is bad news to lose over $1000 is a big deal.

The freezing of the bank accounts of the stock exchanges caused the confidence in Bitcoin to shake and cause the user to be unable to take action. This seems to have accelerated the decline, which corresponds to the same time interval as the expected bitcoin decline.

It’s likely the Wall Street fellows who are saying it’s going to fail, pumping and dumping to cause panic. That’s just my 2 cents, though.

After reading about the trade bots at Mt Gox I'm thinking everything about the Bitcoin price is fixed

I agree that the drop at the end of the year is likely due to the taxes owed and the natural desire to take some profits. If you are a miner, you have to in order to pay your electricity bill too. But realize that the energy to make a bitcoin is going up as inflation goes up. Thus BTC should track or do better than inflation over the long term.

A dip is commonly found at the start of the year.
Probably because Investors and companies are yet to give a full blow in their investment strategy for the year.
Its a good timing for prospective crypto investors

up vote

To it seems like a temporary effect as country like India, south Korea levied taxes on the crypto time passes bitcoin will gain momentum.

Now that Bitcoin futures are traded you have big investing houses now able to sell bitcoin that they don't actually own doing naked shorting. When people see this happen I think it might spook them out of some of the other cryptos. It's still early though, I think the crypto scene will learn from this and prevent it from happening in the future.

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I think putting a value on bitcoin is like putting a value on gold when we found gold for the first time. Now, let's not forget that until late last year there was no futures on bitcoin. Now, unfortunately, there are futures on listed on the CME. The means Wall Street - the establishment who is so scared and worried by cryptocurrencies - can now short bitcoin in large volumes in a way they are used to. All, we need is a short squeeze to teach them a lesson :-) and they will think twice next time they short. Time will tell us if bitcoin is a big bubble or not. My two cents, crypto currency will not be stopped but there will be only a few winners and may losers. So, don't put all your eggs in the same basket. Diversify your portfolio.


Wall Street is the whole reason Bitcoin is even anywhere near where it is now though. The market cap and trading volumes are so large that basically only large investment firms and billionaires have been affecting the price for a while now. They're just competing against each other, and any non-rich crypto-holders are just along for the ride.

Diversifying is definitely a great idea though. Just remember that buy BTC and Ethereum and Gridcoin is not diversifying, since all crypto prices are tied together. To really diversify, invest in a stock index fund. Maybe some real estate.

i've searched about btcand i love the logic behing it,,i know it will rise again,lets keep praying

I'm new to steemit and i generally get my cryptocurrency information from sites like: cnn, thewallstreetjounral and other orthodox channels. However, it is really exciting to see how content creators on steemit are so well informed. Can't wait to learn from all these intellectual minds

I hope you are right about the seasonality, and then I also hope I remember to sell in December this year to cash in on the drop and subsequent recovery in next January!!

I think is just a january thing since it has been seen every year and bitcoin and other getting back up stronger in february.
and all the FUD from CNBC and wallstreet that it's going to drop to 1K is actually their hidden agenda to buy in huge at the dips when people sell due to panic or to make whales in larger Blue ones.
We gotta HODL and buy the dips from the faint hearted then register huge profits in the next month :)

Agree with you on the seasonality effect. Which altocoins do you like best?

Just ride it out. We got spoiled when BTC shot up to 19k after Thanksgiving and didn't have much correction on that ride. Hey this time last year it was nowhere near the price is today.

Thank you for the great insight, great post

You seem to have forgotten to mention the possibility that people have realised that Bitcoin is ludicrously overvalued and are now desperately trying to cash out before the panic starts.

maybe the fact that bitcoin is slow,has expensive fees,and too much asian mining dominance.. i think there are way better projects in the making that will overgrow bitcoin in the future .

It's a very volatile and speculative market, or people are waiting to see how the lightning network works out, transaction cost have fallen ,nodes are becoming more, lets see how it picks over the next few days.
@jrcornel, what's your take on Bitcoin's Lightning Network?

Good time to buy i think!!

Just people's histarical nature. Its below what they bought in for so they dump it out of fear of loosing it all instead of riding it out.


Pretty simple eh? Perhaps my post should have been much shorter?! ;)

One of the reasons I need bitcoin to rise is because almost all cryptocurrencies seem to rise and fall with bitcoin which is not a very good news for our steem.
I'm sure the fall is seasonal like you said prices will rise and the fall in a way is good for those of us who felt bitcoin had gone beyond our reach about 4 weeks ago.

I always think Bitcoin is high but I have never bought it at ATH.

I agree. Do not have "weak hand" and hold. For the brave one, this might be a buying opportunity.

this days are just bad days for the crypto currency markets , they will past

It is important to be informed about the behavior that Bitcoin has had in recent weeks, and publications like yours allow us that feedback. Although in the particular I consider that it is a media gerra applied to Bitcoin which is triggering its fall by the fearful sales of the Bitcion holders.

this decline was expected as improvements were made at the beginning of each year.It was just a surprise for those who did not know. Those who know it made preparations for investment.
south korea is the most straight. they need to do this to be able to follow the crypto money. if they do not, they can not prevent money laundering.@jrcornel

Personally I think the seasonal trend is definitely at play here, but I think bitcoin is not sustainable for much longer- transaction fees are just too high and it's too slow.

I wonder if we'll see a dramatic change on friday, when CME futures expire?

It is just another pump and dump , I woud definitely rake in some.

I definitely think there are people out there trying to drive this market down, but if you bought your coins for the right reasons they are every bit as valid today as last month. I think crypto is a movement and not just an asset class at its core meaning that it will maintain itself to a degree. To go back in history no one particularly cared about the South Sea Company. It was just a way to get rich quick. Crypto is about decentralization, power, politics, and has actual communities. Hold tight or regret it later.

Amazing post, just followed, Follow me back and upvote my posts as well. Hope we can be good friends.

again shit droping..


i do not know the reason.but its dropping.informational news

Really there is no where to go but up from here!

Btc wont go to 2k for sure...until BIP-148 maybe...

In addition to what you wrote, I would add that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market is going through slowdown because of the likes of the IMF (The Dark Bank) who said they global central bankers should co-operate to clamp down on crypto. Do people think they can do that? Let's see in 2020 how successful they were!

This time the low price point is longer than usual. Though no one has an idea why Jan has to be the weak point in a year. Glad that I'm not panicked like the day I when I was younger in the this crypto world.

Keep buying, keep holding.

It is crazy how people freak out when it drops a couple thousand. Nobody freaked out when it shot up from 10k to 20k everybody was yeah that is what bitcoin does! lol what goes up must come down and the faster it goes up the faster it comes down, but that doesn't mean it will stay down. BITCOIN shall RISE AGAIN!!!! viva la resistance

Looks like the 1/26/18 CME BTC futures contract will expire and this is causing the BTC price to fall further.

90% of decrease is too much to believe but again we can't specifically expect things to go in a particular way especially in digital currencies. i realy hope this never happens though :)

nice information