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RE: Tutorial on the Use of Fibonacci Ratio & Elliott Waves

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hi ever body
To investors in the currency market here are some tips that may avoid you big loss and give you a lot of profit

1 - Avoid margin buying and short selling because the burden of losing it exceeds your capital and lead to bankruptcy if you missed your expectations.
(Do not trust your expectations very much, because they may let you down)
2 - Do not believe the rumors, because the effect is imaginary and not real.
(Rumors of how much money was wasted, and lost of times)

3 - Do not risk everything you own, when you decide to sell or buy.
4 - Do not rely on one income method, invest to create another source of income (do not put eggs in one basket)


"hi ever body," I like that. Mistakes are lovely.

A good method is know what you are willing to lose. For example, for every $100 you make you make if you are willing to lose 25% or $25 for every $100 then you will be in a good position. In this will you won't have to risk losing the whole $100. Always keep a ratio of losing to winning.

Well said, wise minds , thanks for sharing.

In other words: 'Do not try to make money'
Good advices though ;-)

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