Latest Bitcoin Price And News Update 17-09-2018

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Hi , Traders !! Good morning

How are you all ?? Hope so everyone doing well .

After Bad days bitcoin market looking Green again . Just wait for the good tiem

Bitcoin News

Market Again Stuck between 6300 to 6500 and its not good . Last time price stuck between 7200 to 7500 and price suddenly drop . so may be again bitcoin price down 5500 .

Today Bitcoin Price :

Today 1٦/09/2018 Sunday the bitcoin price 0.33% Down . From $6588 to $6488.

Total Bitcoin Market :

17,271,787 BTC

Total Bitcoin Market in last 24 Hours :

515,773 BTC

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In my opinion, the price of BTC from 6000 - 6400 can be enthusiastic. And it's unfortunate that it has 5800 - 5300 it will also turn up 6400 right. So do not worry.

one day BTC price will be so low that it will be shame to call bitcoin #opinion

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Its a good time to dollar cost average. Its cheap it may not be this cheap ever again

Thanks for sharing... Hope every one will take benefit of it.🙂

Hopefully bitcoin price going up soon.