Let me introduce my self and ask you a question: Am I crazy for riding my bike to work when it is -25C outside and snowing?

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I've been posting and curating here for a while, but I haven't taken the time to introduce myself yet. So here we go.

I'll start by telling you what I'm passionate about and what I'm planning to be writing about from now on.

Photography and Bicycles.

Just wanted to send this out to the universe before start talking more about my journey. No more rants and complains from me.

My Journey so far.

Me and my older daughter Gabi.

So, My name is Daniel Nobre and I am a 39 year old architect, photographer, dad of daughters, bicycle enthusiast and archviz artist.

I was born in Brazil, lived there for 34 years, but these days I call Calgary home.

Although I am an architect, I have never actually worked as an architect. My interest and passion was 3D visualization, 20 years ago, and I ran a small 3D visualization business for almost 10 years before burning out and giving up. It was just too tough during 2008 economic crisis and I found a new passion on photography.

After leaving my own company, I worked as a photographer for almost 4 years, starting as a family and children's photographer and becoming a ful time wedding photographer. I ended up photographing almost 150 weddings in 3 years and made enough money to be able to immigrate to Canada. You can check some of my work here at www.danielnobre.com. Website was never finished.

We arrive in Calgary, from Brazil's nice weather and beautiful beaches, in may 2011 and I began working right away as a Archviz artist. I wasn't ready for photography here, on a different language and culture. Things went really well from there. We bought a house, I left my company, we had our second daughter, 12 years later, I started a new business with a Canadian friend and now I’m slowly returning to photography as a hobby and side business. Quite a journey.

And what winter cycling has to do with all this?

Cycling is something I’m truly passionate about. I love to talk about it and discuss ideas around urban cycling and commuting.

After immigrating from warm Brazil I had to learn how to bike here in Calgary. Temperatures get really cold during winter and It also gets dark and icy.

My first commute was when I took this picture. It was -25C, there were lots of snow and my commute was 19km each.

So do you think this is crazy? It is crazy to Immigrate from beautiful Brazil to also beautiful, but very cold Calgary and bike to work on these crazy temperatures?

I will write a lot more about these 2 journeys. Photography and my long and cold Bike commute adventures.

Thanks for reading.

Keeping a positive vibe and adding interesting stuff to the community.

Just some crazy clouds Took this picture on one of those cold winter days.

I upvoted You

Hi Daniel! Nice to meet you! In Russia it's normal. I guess so is in Canada.

Normal for 4 months. Right now it is 27C plus.
Thanks for commenting

I am from Novosibirsk (55 latitude and in the middle of the continent). The climate seems to be similar.

I once rode my bike after a snow storm in Boston. It was one of the most beautiful and peaceful rides I had in the city. Good times!

That's it... It is beautiful and it pays for all the extra clothes and preparation.

Hard to explain riding through a city as quiet as a ghost town.

It's not crazy if it keeps you fit and saves you money.

That's what I think too... :) Thanks for commenting.

welcome, interesting introduction! verification photo would be awesome though

How do you verify the photo? Are you talking about that writing Steemit on a paper with the date?

oh, so you know already. since steem is about transparency, little things like that create more trust. silly me, probably you're familiar with steem base foundations

Hi @c3zary I was thinking about this whole verification photo idea and was wondering about the basic presumption of innocence principle. You can't just assume that everyone is guilt of plagiarism or fake accounts and ask them prove that they are not guilt. I'm seeing a lot of people doing it and honestly it proves nothing. We got to be careful with this kind of extreme police.

I get the point and I see a lot of people doing it, but this is by no means a rule of the Steemit community, not even a wide used thing. You prove that the person on the photo is holding a paper, or whatever, saying Steemit and a date. I can ask my cute little sister do do it for me and write a lot of lies on the post. The verification system just doesn't work and won't help in this case.

I am against plagiarism, fake accounts and all this crap. I even wrote a post about this, but let's not go out there flagging people for a missing verification photo that is worthless.

Just my 2 cents on this issue.

maybe you're right. it seems good idea when you post everyday photos like @heiditravels. but verification is only way to develop certain level of trust. so the next best way i can think of is posting videos

I know about that, but I though it was only being used when you have suspicious content... you know, like beautiful girls with big tits on perfect stock professional photos. I can do one of those next time. I'm not the biggest fan of posting photos of myself. :)

Thanks for the tip

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