[BeyondBit Bounties] BitShares Open Source Hangout Needs WhaleTank PromoArt!! [Rewards Worth 1300 SBD!]

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Yes ladies and gentlemen! The art contest HAS BEGUN! HAS FINISHED! Check the results HERE!

There are 1500 Beyondbit Token (worth $1200) in Rewards! So what are you waiting for? A call to the pencils must be done!

1st Place: 800 Beyondbit(@fuzzyvest)

2nd Place: 450 Beyondbit (@fuzzyvest)

3rd Place: 250 Beyondbit (@fuzzyvest)

Winners will be picked in 1 week!

What is Whaletank about?

As many of you already know, every friday many new ideas take shape thanks to the huge community that Steemit (and the great effort of many few) has gathered through all this time. Many talented people have the chance to be heard by the whales thanks to the hangouts organized every week. We will get back to that later. But...

Beyond Bitcoin Hangouts is evolving

Our way to communicate ideas and spread the word is evolving. The team of Bitshares, Whaleshares, BeyondBit and many others took the bet very seriously and decided that it was time for something better and bigger.

That's right, we are getting big, ladies and gentlemen. Really big. But you may wonder how it works? Let's make a step back and make a call to uncle Fuzzy's words:

The Vision of Beyond Bitcoin

The Vision of BeyondBitcoin Hangout Series is to give communities a voice to speak about their favorite projects in the blockchain and disruptive tech space. But more than that we have always aimed to be community sourced and grass roots in a world where you have to pay to even be noticed within media. Though as we grow, the grass roots methodologies have some limitations, we believe that enabling scaling on an individual community basis unlocks scaling potential! For this reason @officialfuzzy and a small band of avid block-explorers have continued working on building tools to help communities grow. Because noone cares how great your blockchain tech is, if it has no community (or just as bad a disempowered and apathetic one), your cryptocurrency cannot flourish longterm.

With these tools the team started out enabling BitShares, then Steem, then WhaleShares and now are planning coverage of EOS and much more. But this means we need to enable more people and incentivize more crypto savvy content creators to be part of something they can belong to, help build and benefit from in a synergistic union. This is where you come in...

You are invited to participate in helping see this Vision Manifest

There are many tasks behind the scenes with coordinating initiatives, devising new conceptual designs for tools needing made and trying to support multiple communities. As Beyond Bitcoin and its allies grow so too will these tasks grow in number and size. However, these tasks do not even account for another kind of work that is often overlooked by those looking in from the outside--reading/responding to messages, coordinating to fix bugs, solving disputes between community members and the list goes on and on.

It is also inefficient to delegate all the work to one person. And as a team, these who we are now will not be able to forever shoulder the requirements of beyondbitcoin alone, so it only make sense to begin crowdsourcing work from qualified members of the community in areas where Beyondbit and WhaleShare tokens can help reward. They are quite powerful tools after all...even at a supressed Steem marketcap. But they are not nearly as valuable if we do not leverage them to mine the Gold from this Community!

I do this for community endeavors I believe are worth my resources. And BitShares Open Source Hangouts are chief among these priorities. Again...this is where people like you come in. ;)
Uncle @officialfuzzy

What are BeyondBits and WhaleShares?

Beyondbits give @officialfuzzy a power similar to the Whaleshares token we started thanks to delegation from @blocktrades only a little over 1 month ago. As whaleshares has quickly become one of the most vibrant and flourishing communities in cryptocurrency because of this token, it has become time for me to start testing a new token in preparation for "The Great Unleashing," when the whaleshares platform is open to multiple whales on Steem. So I now can begin giving my on personal upvote tokens to helpers in much the same way WhaleShares benefit the community. And since I have some whaleshares too, maybe we will see a few winners of those in here as well!

Introducing you BeyondBitCoin Radio!

Artists, get ready!


We are using 1500 Beyondbit tokens to reward the top 3 Promo Art for Whaletank! Open Source Hangouts! What follows are the Rules of this competition:


Make the Promo Art of Whaletank


  • It has to be related to WhaleShares, BeyondBits and BitShares.
  • Has to represent the idea of ideas becoming real after the starter "kick" of the current coins.
  • Can have other Cryptos if it helps to the idea.
  • Preferentially not abstract.

Acceptable Formats:

  • .jpg
  • .png
  • .gif


  • Can be digital, traditional and photobash.


  • I think it's needless to say, but here we go: the image has to be your own intelectual property, your own creation. Stealing will be flagged.

- Non-serious proposals won't be considered.


Post your creation on the comments along with a short description of what it means for you !


Resteem and upvote! Tell to your artist friends! Share the data! The more entries the better !! Everybody win!!!

STEP 4(Optional)

You can make a Post to Steem with a link to your uploaded content with the subject "My WhaleTank Promo Art" and Link to your post in the comments below!

BeyondBits are powerful tokens worth upvotes on Steem, but you need to use BitShares Wallet and follow the instructions on WhaleShares.Net! So make sure you have a BitShares Wallet to receive and send them for upvotes on your steem posts!

Download BitShares Wallet


During the Week you can find us in Our 24/7 WhaleShares Server! (preferably the Adult Swim VOIP)

And of Course you can join Our EOStalk Discord

How to Join the Beyond Bitcoin Mumble where BitShares and Steem were born!

### Step 1: Download Mumble Here

### Step 2: Watch Setup Instructions

### Step 3:
Enter the following information:

Label: BeyondBitcoin om
Port: 64738
Username: Enter your username
Password: w0rldCh@NG3rsUN!t3


All BeyondBitcoin (EOS) content is powered by the Steem blockchain so please join the new social media movement that enables Creative Commons content creators and Open Source developers to earn funding for participating in the community's growth and sustenance. Participate on EOStalk.io to earn Steem and WhaleShares and BeyondBit tokens that pay you and make you trend with backing whales' upvotes!

This post and competition is powered by @officialfuzzy.

Thanks a lot for supporting the community in the way you do!.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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WhaleTalk is the place where small starting minnows with BIG ideas can be heard to make something good, even better.

Bitshares.org Wallet: santiman72


I love it man!!




This is really nice Jose, great job.


Thanks for your review


My favorite!!


Very crisp and clean look :)


This post received a 2.4% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @jsant72! For more information, click here!

I made my submission in the 3d low poly art style and with whales and going to the Moon as the central theme.

I also made two variants:


My BitShares account : spaghetti-1 #372987



Pretty nice ! I really like the concept !



Here's my entry for this contest:

Whale Tank is a place where "Ideas Become Real". The banner above shows how this work. Ideas (Green Orbs) created by Steemians (Minnows, Dolphins, or Whales) are kickstarted by projects like Bitshares, Beyondbits, & Whaleshares (the 3 whales in the photo) to push the ideas beyond their limits and reach 'moon'-like possibilities. The background is a transition from the oceans to space. I've also incorporated the symbols "Follow, Upvote, & Resteem" into the words "Ideas Becoming Real".

You can check out my post for this submission by CLICKING HERE.


Great work Kuya, I like it!

My BTS address: sala-zar (#201342)

What this promo art means to me?
There are so many amazing people in the WhaleShares community. It is always nice to come to the voice chat and hear fuzzy or other people talking about their ideas of how they can promote steemit or help the world with the help of steemit.
I mean project like Hairshares, LFN. SteemTeacher and many more! So many great projects that can make the world better place and also promote steemit at the same time.

My entry is about the whale that is holding the main projects (WhaleShares, BitShares and Steemit) and small minnows with their own projects that are growing alongside the whale - there is HairShare and LFN logo on the small fishes. Those projects were made by normal people like you and me and it means that even your idea can make a difference if it is thorough enough.


Thank you!


I love it man ! Beautiful design!!

I love the idea that all go together, and push each other to get as a community forward and rise until the space !! Beautiful!

Hi. I am a new bot supporting the minnows, and I need the reward money to increase my bandwidth.

That is why I drew this:



I attached it with the best quality I had.
Wish me luck.

P.S. : If you have any ideas how to improve the drawing - tell me.
I can add logos, texts and all sorts of other stuff.


Amazing @resteembot ! Maybe in the future I can even show you my support to your project by making a design for your usage =)

Thanks a lot for your entry !


That would be great!

Here is my entry:

Full Artwork.png

See the link for different variations and an explanation!


It s beautiful and super clean! =))



yeaaaa, more contests!
My post and more info

BITSHARES: maximus3 #97555

This is the simplest idea I had. This idea originates from "deconstruction in graphic design" where the designer uses the negative space for the message or elements. It's slightly tilted upward to represent the whales be movin' on up. The diagonal lines (gills) reinforce this directional movement. This whale is going to the moon.

whale tank artwork comps-01.jpg

This submission is just plain silly. Isn't it hilarious to wonder what it would be like if whales could walk? This particular whale is smiling because he rapidly evolved, got feet and escaped his whaletank...hmmm...LOL

whale tank artwork comps-02.jpg

This is totally my favorite! Here's a whale too big for his tank. It's lookin' like he's splashing around.... or going to jump out of his tank soon? This composition will look great if used as a logo on any background and still be legible when shrunken down i.e. thumbnail or business cards.
whale tank artwork comps-03.jpg


Really nice and minimalistic ideas! I super duper like them !


I really like the first one, Very creative!

Everybody need the TANK WHALE!!

This my entry ^ ^ https://steemit.com/whaletank/@yusaymon/whale-tank-promo-art-design-by-yusaymon thanks Steemians


This comment got a 10.51 % upvote thanks to @yusaymon - Hail Eris !


That's a funny video!

Here is my interpretation...

Wal final.jpg

Click the Image to see the creating process in my Photoshop Series.


really, really nice!!


Glad you like it...The whale symbolizes your project and the people in the foreground are those who turn to you.

Whale Tank, the place where Whales help Minnows grow to their full potential.

Whale tank final 1200.jpg

Here is a link to my post of this monumental project. You can see full design process here - https://steemit.com/art/@jameshsmitharts/whale-tank-promo-art-altruistic-cyber-whale-digital-vector-art
Come check it out!




meeep ^ ^


This is my Submission: Whale Tank - Together We Are Strong
Everybody counts and unity is community is the main message.

This is my entry post for this contest!
The idea behind this image was the following:

Three individual (killer) whales, with the names of
have started to journey as a group called
Their aim is to solidify their rightful place
in this vast undiscovered space,
where no minnows
nor dolphins
even sharks
ever wish to trespass alone.

An undiscovered space,
full of undiscovered dangers
An undiscovered space,
seeken out for it's treasures.

A place for fishes,
to seek their own ocean.
A place for whales,
to create their own ocean.

Thanks for sharing, excellent initiative to grow the community with your challenge.

This post is meant for My WhaleTank Promo Art contest.

created by @bitrocker2020

By having some BeyondBits and Whaleshares I would be able to help grow teammalaysia even more effectively. My previous events and upcoming events are here

another 3 more in the pipeline within the next 1 month.

We have managed to encourage the community in using steemit and sharing their experiences and let their voice be heard.

Hope to serve the community better.

go teammalaysia

Excellent, another Whaleshares/BeyondBit challenge :-) I will add this to my to-do list. Thank you @anritco and @officialfuzzy.


looking forward to seeing the entry!

Let's start the party and see what art we will do , bookmarked this . Thanks for the contest @anritco and you to @officialfuzzy


oh I will love to see your entry! :D

@coquinlimited here ya go. This is right up your alley.

Right, I'm getting on this!


Do we have a deadline for this contest? Mine entry should be delivered tomorrow :)


Yes @jameshsmitharts ! The deadline is seven days after his post was made =)


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Cool. I like this and I'm gonna join! (Needs ideas first...)


no problem! You still have few more days :D


I still can't think of anything. Real life is becoming too stressful, sucking away the creative juices. I need a breath of fresh air first then I'll work on this. I've been joining a lot of these recently. :D It's fun joining.


Indeed! I hope to see your entry soon =))


How many entries are okay?


If they are good quality ones, then post as many as you want =)


I see, thanks. I have submitted one already, also made a post about it.