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That is correct. You don't lose with BETGAMES.

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I have been having a lot of fun using a service that @BetGames has created here on steemit. I call it a service because you can't really lose if you are a active steemit user. If you don't win the bet they pay you back in up votes. You could say this even better if it gets some extra eyes on your post. They factor in the 25% curation so if you bet 1 SBD and lose you get 1.25 SBD in up votes. So you always win in the long run. I have bet on all the games so far and won a few and lost a few but they have been honest and giving me the up votes. On the wins my payouts have been with in a hour of games ending most time but always fast.

So here is a break down of how it works. They pick one game for a given day but not every day. Right now there is a lot of world cup games and some cricket but they will do more sports in the future. The game lets you bet on any of the options that might happen. So for group stage games there is Team A Wins, Team B wins, Draw. You can bet on as many options as you want and bet 1 to 10 SBD. For my example I am going to say 3 users each bet 1 SBD on each option. They will then take the prize pool of 3 SBD and take a 10% cut this is to power up the account and for a bonus fund they have set up. The 2.7 would then be sent to the user than wins and the two losers will each get 1.25 SBD in up votes over the next few weeks. They only up-vote real post or comments as they don't want to promote anything bad. But the I have had many simple comments up-voted so they are not doing this to get around paying out just to protect them from helping promote anything bad.

Here is a few pay outs from my resent wins.

This shows a few up-votes I have got. Votes onme.png

They also have a google doc where you can tract all the bets and payouts for games you lost. This is manually updated for now but they play to have it automated in the future.

Now if you read this far I will tell you a bit about how I have been doing well on this site. First off you will have to buy some SBD to play. After that you have to be willing to have it paid back over a few weeks. This is a newer project so they don't have the Steem power yet to pay user back fast. I think they will soon enough but just be prepared to have them own you for a few weeks to a months depending on how often you lose. I watch the sheets and the bets as they come in and have been betting for the underdogs or betting on two options or more if there is a lot of action. The reason for this is the way the payouts work. So Mexico VS Germany was a game they did. Almost most all the SBD came in on Germany. So it was like 10 SBD for Germany 3 SBD on Mexico. As you can see this mean that people betting on Germany are going to get a small payout but seemed like a sure thing. They get back their 1 SBD they bet plus around 2.7/10 or .27 more SBD. But the bets on Mexico have a shot at getting much more 9/3 or 3 full SBD for a return of 4 SBD. All will get back 1.25 if they lose so you can see that if one side get lopsided enough and you think the other team has a shot or just want to take a risk it can be a good move. I did this with Sengal over Poland. Or you can just keep betting on the favorites taking home small wins and work towards the bonus. Like I said they take 10% for a bonus pool and to power up account. The bonus account will pay you after you bet in 50 games. Not in a row just 50 games. It will be a 1 SBD pay out a 50 games played and then 2 SBD at 100 and then 4 SBD for each 50 games after that.

This is just a fun way to grow your steemit account if you are into spots betting at all. I really hope you join me and others that will be growing our accounts with this services.

Also a thank you to the guys on Betgames this is a good idea and they have been honest form the start.


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this isn't gambling. It is just a game on steemit that lets you build you account.

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Too good to be true

I posted pictures proving it is true right now. Understand they are not risking much. Steemit wallets are sure to show you the truth. They would not be at 62 if we all flagged them for stealing from us.

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I will look at this, thanks for the info

Not a problem it is fun but you have to be into sports and if you lose a few then take a break till they pay you back and then play again.

I will not get involved yet but will watch it and see. maybe after soccer season is over

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