SteemitBoard World Cup Contest - Results of day 13

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Here are the intermediate results of the contest after 13 days of competition

For those who want to join the contest, Remember that you can enter it at any time of the competition. Better late than never! Carefully read the rules in the announcement post!

To register for the contest, send 0.010 SBD or 0.010 STEEM to @steemitboardpool with wordlcup2018 in the memo.

Spread the word: invite your friends and RESTEEM this post!


TeamsValid betsTeam ATieTeam BWinner
Russia vs Saudia Arabia4613576638Russia
Egypt vs Uruguay4455340352Uruguay
Morocco vs Iran4793059876Iran
Portugal vs Spain56113397331-
France vs Australia5154701827France
Argentina vs Iceland5595072626-
Peru vs Denmark571138123310Denmark
Croatia vs Nigeria56133681123Croatia
Costa Rica vs Serbia598166119313Serbia
Germany vs Mexico6275553339Mexico
Brazil vs Switzerland6205503634-
Sweden vs South Korea63643612179Sweden
Belgium vs Panama6595874230Belgium
Tunisia vs England6562948579England
Colombia vs Japan70151912458Japan
Poland vs Senegal70545215697Senegal
Russia vs Egypt660334176150Russia
Portugal vs Morocco6265356724Portugal
Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia5965303630Uruguay
Iran vs Spain6061931556Spain
Denmark vs Australia689429153107-
France vs Peru6335464443France
Argentina vs Croatia73050414482Croatia
Brazil vs Costa Rica6155742120Brazil
Nigeria vs Iceland708187148373Nigeria
Serbia vs Switzerland680203182295Switzerland
Belgium vs Tunisia5715331721Belgium
South Korea vs Mexico65632106515Mexico
Germany vs Sweden6285484832Germany
England vs Panama6255971216England
Japan vs Senegal653219112322-
Poland vs Colombia62014887385Colombia
Saudi Arabia vs Egypt6492853568Saudi Arabia
Uruguay vs Russia653206135312Uruguay
Iran vs Portugal6552124610-
Spain vs Morocco651630147-
Australia vs Peru746343213190Peru
Denmark vs France6543988527-
Nigeria vs Argentina6169962455Argentina
Iceland vs Croatia61652120444Croatia

Contest top 25 ranking

Big changes in the ranking today.

There are 3 players taking the leadership with 26 badges. Congratulations to @minimining, @stayoutoftherz and @bidbots!

They have 7 challengers with 25 badges. In the second positon group we find @bitpizza, @tychoxi, @vicspics, @chehkuna, @total88, @minders and @kinakomochi.

In the thirs position group, there are 18 players with 24 badges: @correia, @elevator09, @rosmi, @amvanaken, @consciousangel7, @jasiu, @misbahjuli, @cyberyunus, @ascheriit, @carlpei, @vicentelardo, @cranium, @andruto, @damotil, @takosdiary, @georgebush1, @full-measure and @fw206

1 @minimining26
2 @stayoutoftherz26
3 @bidbots26
4 @bitpizza25
5 @tychoxi25
6 @vicspics25
7 @chehkuna25
8 @total8825
9 @minders25
10 @kinakomochi25
11 @correia24
12 @elevator0924
13 @rosmi24
14 @amvanaken24
15 @consciousangel724
16 @jasiu24
17 @misbahjuli24
18 @cyberyunus24
19 @ascheriit24
20 @carlpei24
21 @vicentelardo24
22 @cranium24
23 @andruto24
24 @damotil24
25 @takosdiary24

Tomorrow there will be 4 matches again. We can expect big changes again.

You can now find the complete ranking on the SteemitBoard's website.

Read this post to find out more.

Check out your board to see if you got your badge:

Congratulations to anyone who successfully guessed the result of the last 4 matches.

Good luck and enjoy the World Cup 2018!

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Letssss Goooooo!!!

When will my name come up in this list, i have been working hard.

@freshclass buddy i know that becomes very tough when we work hard and dont get result. but dont get disappointed and keep working hard . one day you will surely get result. @steemitunity

@steemitboard i want to participate in this contest please tell how can i participate..

  ·  last year (edited)

Help me i lost my password kye
Plz help me recovery my kye

Use the account recovery procedure

  ·  last year (edited)

How to use the account recovery process plz. Help
Blockchain sistem not recovery data password kye

Me entero tarde del concurso, me inscribo ayer y acierto los 4 resultados y para más colmo no me dan mis insignias.

Hola @javierven18,
Por favor, discúlpate por la respuesta tardía.
¿Puede decirnos para qué fósforos cree que echa de menos las insignias para que podamos verificarlo?

Wow finally made it back to the competition lol
Anyways good luck to all, may the best predictor win!

I want follow this.. but im confused how to do this

Well done @steemitboard! You successfully guessed the match result.

Group Phase - Iceland vs Croatia
Click on the badge to view your Board of Honor.
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Its was really an intresting matches

Wow !! Number one today. But it will change tomorrow....

it sadden my heart to see Nigeria loosing tonight..... till next four years

i wanted Nigeria ans Argentina out.
Both teams have been mediocre

I want to work warmly and want to head each other.

I am not seeing my name here. But I love football so much. Thanks for sharing.

Perisic gives one badge today and Rojo almost makes another one's gone :)

Just gotta love them numbers, day 13, 13 badges 31 people with 13 badges. Are we ready for prime time or what? I mean seriously who would have thought that on day 13 there would be 31 people with 13 wins. Unless I counted wrong, and I did count twice.

Argentina making us suffer to the last minute almost.

010 STEEM to ***@steemitboardpool** with **`wordlcup2018`** in the memo

I sometimes collect interesting quotes to make a post on their basis. I think that this will be one of them.

I have a question? If we upvote one of the teams and then switch it before the games does the computer not register it? Just curious as I made the mistake and switched it to Brazil before the game but I never ended up getting the win!

As mentioned in the rules, votes switching is not allowed and your vote becomes invalid.

@Arcange please help me out

@Arcange could you please check my badges? i had registered my participation to the wrong place Steemitboard instead of Steemitboardpool.
I later registered at the right one after my friend that introduced me told me about the mistake.

Thank you so much

If you made the right registration, then everything will be ok

it is ok if it is not possible @arcange A friend introduced me so he told me how to enter and he was wrong. I re entered again to correct thats why i was asking for the help.

You are one of the niciest powerful people in the platform so i understand if this isn't something you can help with. I would be happy if you were the first on witness list instead of most of those i see on the top. lol