skies in the afternoon

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Hi My Friend in Steemit, How are you today? I hope you everyone Healthy and always smiling. Today i will following my photo to the#contest #monomad
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Subject | #Skies
Camera | Canon EOS 1100D
Lens | Canon Lens EFs 75-300mm IS II
Aperture | f/8
Exposure | 1/1000 sec
ISO Speed | ISO-200
Exposure Bias | 0 step
Focal Length | 75 mm
Metering Mode | Center Weighted Average
Location | Reservoir Lhokseumawe
Taken By | @rickyyolanda86

skies in the afternoon, A title I pinned on this photo. it was clear that the twilight rays of sunlight passed through a large cloud of space. and the sun peeked slightly behind the cloud. What a beautiful afternoon.

and I will include in the contest with Category #photocircle #photochallenge #steemitphotochallenge #photomatic #steemusa #artzone #mypictureday #steemit #esteem #streetphotography #yourluckyphotos #photofeed #aswcontest #wiwcontest #costumnature #colourchallenge #bwphotocontest #blackandwhite

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