Beer Tasting: Pripps Blå and Mariestads

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Hello beer tasters!

I'm still lost in Swedish beers, if you follow my beer posts, ha. Not that they were so good, but it was an opportunity, I was there and why not try?

Pripps Blå


Brewed by Carlsberg Sverige, a commercial brewery from Falkenberg, Sweden. It's a light beer with 3.5% Alcohol.


Clear yellow color, average foam. Light lager style of beer, fuzzy taste, very low bitterness and very watery. I don't recommend unless it's the only beer available and you have no choice.


Brewed by Spendrups Bryggeri, commercial brewery, Grangesberg, Sweden. The style is a light lager, 3.5 % Alcohol.


Clear golden yellow color, average foam. Dry hops aroma, little bitterness, some malt and sweetness taste in the background. Nothing special but better than previous.

I'd say below average. I bought these two beers in cans in the local store nearby. They were cheap (all beers from this store had a similar price and you can't expect exceptional quality there), 12 and 13 SEK, approx. 1.2 €, a little more expensive than in Slovenia.

Enjoy Your Beer!

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Enjoy the rest of the day!


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Both cans looks great, it is a pity the beers did not live up to the nice cans. Nice post, here is a !BEER token for you.

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Hey @seckorama, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Yeah, sometimes the can looks better than the content inside... Thx for the token a few more and I'll have ten :)

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