Beer Tasting: Barrel Aged

in #beer6 years ago (edited)

Today I buy this. For the 1st time.


Bourbon Barrel Scotch Ale. But I didn't find it at Ratebeer. The nearest was Innis & Gunn Bourbon Pale Ale but that's retired...

Anyway, the beer was good taste with 6.6% alcohol.

Enjoy the rest of the day!
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In most cases, the negative effects of alcohol consumption are directly associated with the amount of alcohol consumed and apply regardless of the form of the alcohol..

Yes, I also read some studies lately that suggested moderate alcohol consumption can have positive effects on brain and cardiovascular health. So, don´t feel bad for drinking 1-2 beers during the week.. Cheers!

Haha, yes, that's true. But anyway, I like beer :)

never saw this cool label around.

make sure you add you #beersaturday post to the weekly challenge post

You find week 37 here

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