Cold But Also Warm

in #beer6 years ago

It was very cold that day. I wouldn't go anywhere, but expecting a new year, a party for children, ice skating and finally, a local band playing some pieces. At -5 Celsius.
Well, you can watch the atmosphere here where I posted a clip of the local band Baker Street Quartet playing.
The clip was created with the phone (Asus Zenfone Laser 2), I wouldn't post it, but the sound was quite obedient.

Then beer (IPA) from the local brewery Bakers Brewery. It's rated nowhere, yet.

One beer,


two beers..

three beers...

and then...

I don't know, maybe I should drink a mulled wine in this cold :)

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Enjoy the rest of the day!


cheers happy new year

Cheers, happy to you, too :)


Happy to you, too :)

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