Beer Tasting Day

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Woohoo! I finally got what I needed for a long time. I'm tasting beers. Right now, when I'm writing this.
But let's go in line.

Mikkeller Peter, Pale and Mary
Pomegranate orange beer with white head, citrus aroma, solid hop, and emphasis on dry, bitter finish.


Style: American Pale Ale
Ratebeer (Overall): 90
Ratebeer (Style): 94
Alcohol: 4,6%.

Brewed at De Proefbrouwerij, Belgium
More details

Tektonik Nor Mal Ölstar Pale Ale
Beer with golden color, medium sweet and sweet, lighter body, with a slightly dry, bitter end.


Style: American Pale Ale.
Ratebeer(Overall): 60
Ratebeer(Style): 55
Alcohol: 5,1%

Brewery: Tektonik, Slovenia
More details

Belhaven Black
This black beer is something completely different. Bursting with roast coffee and chocolate flavors is lightly sweet.


Style: Dry Stout
Ratebeer (Overall): 90
Ratebeer (Style): 94
Alcohol: 4,2%

Brewed by Belhaven (Greene King), Scotland
More details

Of course, a little more style...

**Overall: **
All beers are good :))), maybe Belhaven Black is a little bit exotic for my personal taste...
Sometimes I'm wondering why tasting beer is not my profession :))



     btw: but I don't recommend more than one of these per day...

ahh!! a beer lover !! i do the same , i post about french beer , and all good beer of the world!! beer is the life!!
look my blog!!

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