Summerhook Golden Rye Ale: An Amateurish Beer Review

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This beer is crisp and refreshing, with just enough hops for character. Some of the bitterness seems to be from the rye used in the mash as opposed to just hops, so it has a unique flavor profile too.

It's only 4.7% ABV, so it can be consumed in quantities comparable to bland macrobrews as opposed to the much stronger beers popular in the microbrew world. It's a solid choice for a summer beer, whether you're tailgating or relaxing in your back yard.

I recommend this one without reservation. A six-pack can be bought for between $7.50 and $9 (averaging $8) depending on your store of choice if you can find it, so the price isn't too outrageous.

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The price is not to bad, Great review!

will try it!

If the price isnt too outrageous and the taste is good then its a winner!

Yeah, what's the point of a good beer I can't afford? If there's something that's actually decent for about the same price as a pack of Budweiser, I have no idea why people keep choosing Bud.

Me neither. Done people just blindly stick to what they know or are told by advertising