Laughing Dog 219 Pilsner - An Amateurish Beer Review

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If you're in the northwestern US and want a Pilsner-style beer, your options might be limited. Of course, there's always the macrobrews available nationally, but hoppy IPAs and experimental brews dominate the microbrew scene. I decided to try a pint of Laughing Dog Brewing Company's "Award Winning" 219 Pilsner. Here are my impressions.


Admittedly, that's my opinion of all Pilsners I've tried, and this may be slightly less-meh than Budweiser, Miller, or Coors, but it's nothing I'll be eager to drink again. I don't have a particularly broad sample selection for this opinion, but nothing has yet persuaded me to really explore this style of brew further either.

The Facts:

  • Brewed in Sandpoint, Idaho and named for the address of a local bar in that town
  • It's pronounced "Two-One-Niner"
  • 4.7% ABV according to the can, or 4.8% ABV according to the web page
  • Available in pint cans or on tap
  • The website doesn't even list its availability in cans, instead stating that it's in kegs only

The Opinions

  • It's a step up from Budweiser
  • If I understand the term correctly, it's "sessionable"
  • Meh

Final Thoughts

  • Your mileage may vary
  • Mathematicians must remember this rule: don't drink and derive
  • Recycle glass and aluminum

Just missing the photos @jacobtothe - apart from that brilliant - great #beer post - added to the #beer-trail

I didn't feel like hassling with photo uploads, and I couldn't find an exact image of the product in a quick google search. So I decided to be lazy this time. The brew just did not inspire any effort.

no worries :-) great post still

Is this the pilsner's label?


LOL, but no.